Chapter 25:

~Scene XXV~

Nymphea Vol I: Tale of Two Words

Nafliah tried to stand up but her body sunk even farther to the ground, her fingertips still gripping the edge of the platform. Her ears rung as a large cry filled the room. She covered her ears from the shrieking. Nafliah lifted her head and everything was dark. She could hear the cries coming from deeper in the darkness. She felt as her body was unconsciously moving towards it. The darkness dissipated and before her stood a crowd of people making a ruckus. They screamed;Bookmark here

“Murder! Kill her! Justice for the Queen!”Bookmark here

There was a woman that stood before the crowd in chains. Nafliah moved closer to the front of the crowd. She could see a man in all black holding a sword. The air grew heavy again and could feel the pressure keeping her from going forward. The crowd’s cry grew even louder as the man in all black lifted his sword to the sky.Bookmark here

“The person that stands before us today has committed a heinous crime. Our dear belated Queen was dealt an unjust death." Bookmark here

People randomly shouted in the crowd angrily. Their attention directed to the stage in the middle of a large courtyard.Bookmark here

"We open our home to these monsters and now they have begun to show their true colors. It is time we show them our colors. They destroyed our monarch of peace and left us with nothing but the feeling of grief. In honor of our King, we will bring birth to a new era! We will remove every obstacle standing in the way of his new conquest. Let the reign of Squestia begin with our honored guest. A savage from a faraway land and murder of beloved Queen Diana. "Bookmark here

The announcer lifted the head of a beaten nymphian woman and turned her to the crowd. It was then when Nafilah realized who it was.Bookmark here

Mother?Bookmark here

The man raised the sword higher into the air above her head. The crowd shouted, spit and stomped the earth in excitement. The pressure holding her back released and Nafilah pushed her way through the wave of spectators. Bookmark here

“This woman must pay for what she’s done! Let her be a witness to all those who dare cross the kingdom of Squestia!”Bookmark here

Nafliah continued to push her way through anxiously. Her eyes fixed on the sword hovering above her Mother’s head. Bookmark here

“You’re wrong my mother would never…she wouldn’t.Bookmark here

 Mother! Mother!”
Bookmark here

Tears streamed down her face as shouted helplessly, her voice is swallowed by the people around her. They chanted,Bookmark here

"Justice for the Queen! Justice for the Queen!"Bookmark here

The pressure surrounding her increased once again. This time the air began to get hot and heavy. Sweat evaporated off her skin. Her throat burned intensely. Nafliah clutched her neck as she gasped. Her heart ached, giving her body agonizing pain. Nafliah watched as the man lowered his sword and her mother parted her lips. Bookmark here

“Forgive me, Diana. I couldn’t keep our promise.”Bookmark here

Her mother’s voice ringed in her ears. The world around her began to spin again and darkness covered her eyes from seeing everything that followed after. Bookmark here

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