Chapter 0:

Prologue: The Mantis

Supesharuda: The Worst Academy in Japan

Seishiro Sadow, 16 years old, living in Japan, starts off his day by getting ready for school, unlike many of the students that live near his home, he prefers to get prepared one hour early since he has some errands to do for his guardian, Otose, "hey Seishiro! Don't forget that you need to finish that assignment that's due today!" Seishiro made sure that he had everything ready, "thanks Otose, I'll see you after I'm done with school!" Seishiro left his home and ran to finish the errand quickly, "hey Seishiro! How's it hanging?" Seishiro bumped into his childhood friends, Aoi and Hifumi Miura, they were step-siblings and Seishiro was dating Aoi, "sorry guys... I have to drop this package off with someone... I will see you in school." Seishiro ran to where he had to deliver this package, he arrived at the location to find a woman who was sitting near a bench.

"ah so you're the one that Otose talked about and you have my package, thank you very much young man... hey... are you interested in transferring schools?" Seishiro didn't know why she asked this out of the blue, "I mean you're in high school... it must be a nightmare there..." Seishiro nodded his head to say no, "I'll tell you what kid... here... sign these papers if you're ever interested in enrolling in the school that I'm working... I promise you won't regret it..." she winked at him and walked away from him, Seishiro looked at the form and kept it in his bag just in case. He ran to school where everyone was going on with their normal lives, he opened up an astronomy book, and he was a big nerd when it came to talking about space.

School has just started, his desk was close to the back door, Seishiro was considered different by his other classmates on how he was super focused on what the teacher was saying, even the higher-ups believed something was wrong, although he didn't like to talk about it, he had been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, at first he didn't understand what it was but as he grew up, he didn't let it bother him in any way, the school had ended and he went to ask Aoi if she wanted to go on a date later on, "oh sorry Seishiro, I can't right at this moment, I've got to focus on my studies, and so should you... but I promise that I'll make it up to you..." he felt disappointed but understood and left Aoi by herself.

Seishiro goes home by himself as Hifumi had practice and Aoi was going to be at the library for 2 hours, as Seishiro got home, he worked alongside Otose in a small bar, and as Seishiro was taking the trash out, he realized that both Aoi and Hifumi were walking together but he saw Aoi holding Hifumi's arm, when they were spotted, they had to come clear that they were going behind his back, "sorry Seishiro... but we had to lie to you since the start of high school... and Aoi does deserve better and who else but me? But don't worry buddy, we don't mind being friends with you... as long as you play nice..." they were both hit in the head with a broom by Otose, "you cheating scumbags, how can you treat someone like Seishiro like that?! If I were you, I would just walk away and never bother coming back! Cursed Malakas!" Seishiro took Otose's broom, "let's go inside, we have work to be done."

Otose looked at them both and told them to leave, she entered inside to see Seishiro looking at a picture of them back when he was a kid, "promise me this son, promise me that until the day that my wife will join me... I want you to watch over her with grace and care." That voice echoed into Seishiro's head, "hey... you're going to be okay?" he nodded his head to say yes, "I should've known..." Otose hit him in the head with the same broom, "how could you have known? you're a good kid... better than they have been... don't beat yourself up... people like them are the reason why I carry around a taser gun." Seishiro looked at Otose with a scared look, "I was going to give this to you on your birthday but... here... my taser gun I call... little Otto." He didn't want to take it but she insisted so he had no choice but took it.

"Be careful with this... you don't want to act too recklessly... you'll end up in the afterlife... why don't you take the day off?" He took Otose's offer and went to his room, he looked outside and saw Aoi and Hifumi kissing. It was already painful for Seishiro so he closed himself off, "what did I do to deserve this crap?" The next day became a living nightmare for Seishiro.

"Well, Well, Well, if it isn't Scumbag Seishiro? How many girls in this school are planning on cheating with?" Seishiro had no clue what his classmates were referring to, "spoken like a true scumbag, we heard what you did to Aoi!" It turns out that Aoi and Hifumi got the whole school to hate Seishiro, everyone except the teachers, "hey guys don't be like that to Seishiro! I know what he did was unforgivable but come on, let's give this guy some slack." they all walked away from Seishiro, "that scumbag is lucky he has Hifumi on his side..." Seishiro asked Hifumi why he was doing this and what he had ever done him, "nothing! you're clean! it's just that... in high school... you always want to make a good impression when you graduate and that's basically what j did... do me a favour and just drop out of high school... it's obvious that you don't belong here... and don't bother talking to Aoi and me..." Hifumi walked away, leaving Seishiro with his head down in class, "Sadow?! Sadow?! SADOW?!"

He saw that almost everyone was looking at him, "that's it... outside now!!!" Seishiro stood up but as he was leaving, he got tripped over by Hifumi, the whole class laughed at him, "oh okay!! so all of you can go outside like Sadow!!!" they all groaned and blamed it on Seishiro, "Seishiro... at the guidance counsellors office... now!!" Seishiro did what he was told and found himself speaking to the guidance counsellor, Miss Yuka Tanaka, "Hello Sadow, take a seat." he sat down and had sweat appearing on his forehead, "do you understand why you're here?" Seishiro's spirit was breaking, "I did something wrong... I know..."

"What're you referring to?" Seishiro explained to Miss Tanaka what happened, "I see... that Miura by has been nothing but a nuisance, I had means of expelling him but then there was you, you're a good student in this school but I believe that your place isn't here... but what's hidden in your bag... don't believe me? look inside." he did what he was told and the only thing that was there was the papers that the woman gave him yesterday, "your place is there Seishiro... not here... take my advice... and sign it." She allowed him to leave, as Seishiro left, he looked at the paper and felt like it could be worth the while but he still believed he belonged in his current school, as he returned, the class had ended but Seishiro was being harassed by everyone that saw him, as he left school buildings, the whole school booed him and that was enough for him to leave, he signed the papers, once done, a guy on a motorbike appeared.

"You're Sadow Seishiro? Thought as much... nice to meet you kid (shakes Seishiro's hand) named Hayate... it seems that Ms Tanaka chose well, I like that, here you go kid, the address, your uniform and just for fun, a wrist band... get in... I'll give you a ride home." Seishiro couldn't leave since he still had to go to school, "Congratulations Seishiro! You're Officially transferring to a better school... Best wishes from all of the teachers! NOW ALL YOU GET BACK TO LESSONS!!!" Seishiro felt anxious about leaving but when seeing Hifumi, he asked Hayate for something, as he got on his bike, Hayate rode close to Hifumi with Seishiro punching him on the nose before saying, "SAYONARA (BEEP)!!" Seishiro felt free when he said that, He watched as the sun went down and couldn't help but admire it, "beautiful isn't it?" Seishiro replied with a yes. As they arrived at his home, he thanked Hayate for the ride, "no problem kid, and a word of advice... don't be afraid to do the right thing... no matter who or what they say, it was your judgement... not theirs." He then drove off with a sense of honour and he couldn't help but admire it, "I'm home..." The house was quiet.

Too quiet, Seishiro looked around Otose's home and found a banner on the top, the dark was hiding what it was saying, the lights turned on, and confetti was coming from the top, "we heard about your transfer to a new school, although I would have made you pick up Caterina's (beep) I'm glad you're able to go to a school that's more worth your time than in that ungrateful (beeps) students that think they should believe everything that is (beeps) said to them, promise me this son that when you get a wife, a decent one that can replace me, make sure she's not a (beeps) or a (beeps) because then I want to disown you... but ignoring that, how are you feeling?" Seishiro looked at everyone around him and asked, "how did you know...." He could see in Otose's evil eyes that she had the information from somewhere.

Otose smiled innocently, "well you know us women... [and the fact that the (beeps) Hifumi got a punch to the face] ... anyway! It's not about us, it's about you... let's dig into the cake." Seishiro said that he was going to his room to sleep early, "that's okay... I'm still proud of you... go and take a nice shower before bed... What I'm glad about is that bitch Hifumi got what he deserved... Oi Caterina! Don't be greedy you (beeps)!!" Seishiro went to his room and placed his new uniform on his desk, he sighed with deep depression. "May you find happiness in your future together... you are corrupting (beeps)" He looked around his room and looked at his memory book, it was showing him with his childhood friends but the strange thing is... Hifumi and Aoi looked different from how he saw them now and realised something, "no way!"

It was his big day, Seishiro was nervous to be transferring to another school, he woke up early at around 4:37 AM where he did Otose's errands early and he realised that it was for the woman from before, he sat on the same bench with his new school uniform waiting for the woman, he realised that the location that he needed to go to was close to where he was, he stood up and went to check if she was there but all he found was a small shed, he looked at the coordinations and it just showed him the small shed, he looked around to see if there was anyone else, he began to believe that he had been made a fool, "hey! Why are you standing there like a fool? You're going to be late" Seishiro turned to see someone who had the same uniform as him.

"Sorry... I was told to come to this address and all I found was..." the boy tsked, "you're supposed to go inside dip (beep)... Amateur!" The boy walked passed Seishiro and opened the shed door, "well you coming or what?!" Seishiro got his stuff and followed the boy inside. "Uhm... what is supposed to..." the floor began to descend into a secret base, Seishiro was anxious about what was happening while the boy was focusing on the enormous academy, Seishiro couldn't help but admire the view of the academy, he realised that he hasn't introduced himself, "I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself... my name is Seishiro Sadow... whats..." before he could say anything, the boy introduced himself, "names Naonobu Nagata... let's get one thing clear... I'm not interested in making friends and (beep) so you best make friends with people that aren't me, I don't need any friends."

The lift opened, and Nagata left the lift with Seishiro following him, "ah! you must be the last recruits... a pleasure to meet you... call me Nino... I am the headmaster of Supesharuda Academy. I am pleased to have you joining us for thenext 9 years." Seishiro was surprised when Nino said that he was staying in the Academy for 9 years, "didn't you read the enrollment form? Of course, you didn't... dumbass kid!" Seishiro looked at his shoes with disappointment on himself, "oh don't be down young man... you're not the only one that didn't read the enrollment form but that's a story for another day, come... I will take you to the classroom that you will be attending. Seishiro and Nagata followed Nino inside and saw how the area looked green and empty. He felt a sudden feeling on his shoulders, it was seriously creeping him out.

Nino showed them the class they were attending, "Class 7-D." As he opened the door, the other five turned their direction toward Nagata and Sadow, "your homeroom teacher will be arriving soon... make yourselves comfortable and enjoy your first day!" The Headmaster pushed Naonobu and Seishiro inside their class and took their seats. Seishiro's seat was close to the window, and Naonobu's seat was next to Seishiro's, he looked around and saw that there were different sets of people, "Hi newcomers! I'm Chihiro Takanashi! I look forward to getting along with both of you!" Seishiro could tell that he was going to get along with Chihiro but Naonobu didn't care about making friends, "so what's your superpower?" Seishiro didn't know what Chihiro was talking about when the homeroom teacher arrived, "Greetings class... I am Ms Yuki Tanaka, I'm going to be your homeroom teacher... yada yada yada... work hard everyone!"

Seishiro recognised her as the woman that gave him the papers, "ah... We have newcomers and... Well if it isn't that nice adorable boy that usually gave me my parcel... Anyway... It's nice to have you in my class for the next 9 years... I hope this school can provide you with a better experience than your previous school..." Seishiro realised that she looked similar to his guidance counsellor and called her out about it, "oh well you've met my twin sister, and before you say anything else, yes I am the cuter sister..." Seishiro wasn't going to say that but he did want to know something, "why is it that you chose me to enrol in this school? I mean there are better people qualified to..." Ms Tanaka threw her heel at him, "that's where you're wrong, like the others, you were carefully selected by yours truly, Ms Tanaka!"

"Of course, someone like you wouldn't understand... You might as well drop out on the first day!" Naonobu was being negative toward Seishiro but he didn't seem to feel discouraged, "hey Naonobu! Don't be like that!" Chihiro looked at Seishiro with an encouraging eye, it felt funny to Seishiro how he was fine towards people like Chihiro and Naonobu, it was like as if he knew them before, "Alright class if you will all introduce yourselves to the class to help understand the people you will get to know for the next 9 years." Chihiro started first, "Hello Class 7-D, my name is Takanashi Chihiro, I look forward to getting to know all of you equally!" Chihiro's tone was cheerful and energetic, the guy next to Chihiro stood up, "my name is Yashima Tsukasa, please forgive me if I wish not to interact with all of you, but I am willing to get to know you all better as a person..." Tsukasa's tone was nice and formal, The girl next to Tsukasa introduced herself next, "Aoi Shizuka, please don't take my kind tone as an advantage, I am willing to stick a pen up someone (beep) and let them suffer."

Her tone was calm and scary, and the name Aoi made Seishiro jump, the boy behind Shizuka didn't stand up and introduced himself, "names Haoshi Hifumi, please excuse my current position due to the fact I have Cerebral Palsy, I wish to make wonderful memories with you all." Despite his state, what he said was nice and comforting unlike Shizuka's and the fact that Hifumi was his name made Seishiro again but slightly less. Naonobu stood up next, "Names Nagata Naonobu... Just to make things clear, I'm not here to make friends and (beeps)." There was one more girl before Seishiro, she looked at him and stood up, "I am Nakama Asuka, the niece of the headmaster, I would like you all to be aware that I have a certain hatred towards men... But for the sake of my uncle, I'm willing to be friendly, thank you all for listening."

It was Seishiro's turn, as he stood up, he looked nervous, the whole class looked at him putting more pressure on him, "m... My... My... My... Name is... Sadow... Seishiro! Shadow Seishiro and I hope to get along with you all! Thank you!" he then sat down looking like he ran a marathon. "This is what my life is going to be like... Can't say I'm excited but... Even though it's 9 years... I hope it will be worth the pain when I graduate... I'm not going to let anything get in my way! My name is Sadow Seishiro and..."