Chapter 2:

Log 2

New Books

Mysteries surround the world.

Every corner has some secret to unravel, or so I think. There's this annoying habit I see in tv shows all the time; the heroes are charging along towards the final boss, unraveling the grand mystery lurking in the shadows, yet what about the personal secrets, the small stuff?

Their so focused on the big grand world changing mysteries, that they lose what's really interesting, the small things that make up everyday life.

No one can relate to some cataclysmic event that only they have the power to stop (some chosen one bullshit, my god), Yet everyone can relate to a question like "who wrote that weird message on the board."

It's life, or that's what comes to my mind at least.

This community really amplifies that. According to them, it has to do with Japan. Something about their story structure without plot mountain, because apparently, that's possible.

Somehow, there's no direct conflict in sight either. No man vs nature, man vs man, nothing.

I finally got around to finishing that girl from yesterday's novel, and can I just say wow!


She's super chill as well, whenever I message her she's usually quick to respond, witty as always.

Heck these days she's messaging me more than I message her.

It's weird having someone so open, someone I can trust so quickly, yet there's something special about her. if I was a guy I'd fall in love in a heartbeat.

God, why or why did you make me straight?

There's some other sick stuff on there as well, though nothing compared to hers.

Oh, I should probably put her name down, Ruby!

Dang, it feels good just to say it.

There's one written by this girl named Gweep that interested me, really psychological in nature. Sure it doesn't even come close to Ruby's but there's a certain charm to it IMO. The creativity of some of these authors is absurd.

Honestly, I'm a bit afraid to post after reading everyone's. There just so GOOD!

Man, I really should sleep huh? Mom's going to kill me if I'm late for school.

For the morning, may the show go on