Chapter 3:

Log 3

New Books

This place may be more competitive than I thought. There's a contest running right now apparently, and it's huge!

So Donsha, is the biggest Japanese publisher in the world. Huge company. They're doing a contest to publish one of this website's novels in Japan! Crazy!

Screw the 18+ only rule though. The second I turn 18 next year, this website will be shaking in its boots.

Several of the people I've met on the website are apparently there for the contest. Ruby's entry for example is one of the most popular on the website and in the community, who knew.

Apparently, people saw the charm it had, thank god.

Same with Gweeps. Hers makes the weekly like, weekly it seems. Apparently, she was in a similar predicament to me last year, too young to enter. God what a stupid rule that is. Their losing talent because of some arbitrary laws.

Ruby privately has agreed with me 100%, though she says that apparently, it's not a popular opinion, like what? How is that controversial?

From talking to Ruby it's easy to get a different view of the website. She always makes really good points privately, it's almost as if she's a different person when talking to her one on one, a lot more open and honest compared to when she is talking to the community as a whole.

Not that she hates it or anything. She loves the community just as much as I do.

Then on the other side, we have Gweep, is she has issues with the community she doesn't show it, not in public at least.

ofc they are not the only two in the community, there are probably, what, forty or so of us that are active at the moment, though that number only grows by the day. Its the opportunity of a lifetime.

though when you get comparative strangers from all over the world, an asshole or two is sure to appear.

They just lurk all the time, only to come out and start drama. Honestly pisses Ruby off more than anyone else, but it's not like most people like it.

And apparently, the mods are trapped and are not allowed to do anything about it really unless they really cross the line.

Which ofc they never do.

Well whatever, the second I let people like that get to me it's all over.

Man I need to sleep LMFAO.

Good night book, may the show go on.