Chapter 4:

Log 4

New Books

Sometimes I feel it's easy to lose yourself.

I'm biased, blind to the truth, as everyone is. Sometimes I just need someone to drag me down to earth.

Writing is a lot like that. The second I'm done I feel as if a masterpiece lay before me, the next crime and retribution. Im biased. I can't see the obvious flaws no matter how much I try.

And that's where a fresh set of eyes comes into play. Sure looking at it the day after helps, but nothing beats a different perspective.

Not just any perspective. I love my parents and all, but god their talents do not lie in the world of writing. 

No, I need experienced eyes.

And that's where read trades come in. They are huge in that writing community, it's a great way to get views after all. All I have to do is read theirs and they do the same, easy.

Sure normally feedback is not nessassarry, but most people give it out of the kindness of their hearts. These are experienced authors after all. One read trade and the person had pointed out more flaws than anyone IRL could dream of.

One of the more chill peeps named jlr. And what's worse, he's one of the worst writers in the community, a fact he's weirdly proud of.

Still, they serve a purpose. It was Gweep actually that pointed out how biased most authors are to their own work, something Ruby quickly picked up on.

I'm glad I quickly made friends with Ruby too. She's kind, understanding, and patient. Whenever I say something, she truly listens.

Not to mention the fact she is an incredible writer as well.

I trust her more than everyone else in the community.

Till next time, may the show go on.