Chapter 6:

Log 6

New Books

Damn, delays are shit.

God, I hate them, especially when authors don't announce anything. When you post daily, at least tell me when you won't post on the forms or some shit.


There's this novel I like by jlr, dude has been on a hot streak, two chapters a day easily.

And then?

Boom, nothing for two days, such a cop-out. And to make it worse, he's barely been online so I haven't had a chance to ask him why there have been no updates.

The only thing I've heard has to do with "mother fucking gameday." and "Cats by 90." whatever that means, idk I don't watch sports.

Honestly, what is the point of sports, it's just a bunch of people running around for no real reason, such a bore.

Everyone, I know is obsessed with them, like get a life? making your life revolve around a sporting team is the dumbest shit of all time.

It's something where Ruby and I disagree. Ruby loves sports for some godforsaken reason, like loves loves them, a minority in the community.

I mean, we're not the most athletic bunch here in the community lmao, were writers. I think jlr is the only one who really played sports in high school anyway.

God knows Gweep didn't.

Dang short entry huh, well I'll probs make another today in my diary.

Who knows.

Welp, may the show go on.