Chapter 8:

Log 8

New Books

Ai art has always been interesting to me. All my life it has either been non-existent and then came into existence, but was well, absolute shit.

But now? Now the tech is evolving faster than I can keep track of. It feels like every day there's another advanced engine dropping that expands the boundary of ai art or new heights.

Now there are ones for anime images.

And what's sick is, it's really good.

Obviously, for a community of anime inspired writers, this is huge for us

ofc it is.

Who needs to commission cover art for 100 bucks when I can pay the website 3 bucks and get something solid?

And there lies the problem

IMO, this tech is dangerous and terrible for artists. And I know artists are lowkey getting scared.

There's no soul to the art, no passion. No AI can put themes and desires into its art, at least not at this moment.

Theres nothing that beats commissioned art as well.

Hunting for an artist that you love their style, seeing your vision slowly come to life in their style, that's something an AI can not replace.

Not yet anyway.

This tech is huge, but IMO the question is not now, but on what the tech will be like in iono

5 years

10 years

who knows maybe just a year

this year alone the tech has exploded.

for artists, may the show go on.