Chapter 17:

Season 2, Episode 4



Mi stares at the end of the Tyson’s shotgun. Tyson looks as though he is trigger happy with a dead expression painted onto his face. Mi is cornered…

TYSON: Touch my brother and you’ll regret it.

MI: *sigh* Fine. Put me out of my misery. My dad certainly won’t mind.

Tyson doesn’t understand but does not let his guard down.

DANIEL: Tyson!

Tyson looks over at Daniel.

Daniel holds a mushroom up in the air. Tyson grins a little.

TYSON: Nice. Show it to mom.

Daniel runs into the corn away from Mi & Tyson.

Tyson returns to his composure and lowers his gun.

TYSON: What are you doing on our land?

MI: Nothing. (stomach growls) Quite literally nothing.

TYSON: Why were you watching my older brother?

MI: That was your older brother?

Tyson stands stiff and unresponsive. Mi can tell that Tyson is not kidding.

MI (turns away): What am I doing?

Tyson raises his gun.

TYSON: Hey, I asked you. Why are you on our land?

MI: I smelled food. Can you blame a girl for being hungry?

Tyson sees that Mi does not seem to be lying. He lowers his gun and some of his guard. Mi sees Tyson has lowered his gun.

TYSON: Come on.

Tyson heads through the corn. Mi doesn’t feel like jumping to follow Tyson. 

GROWL Mi's stomach growls. She decides to follow Tyson.


A small little house with a porch, a weathervane on one side, and a single oak tree on the other. A shed, a small barn, and a chicken coop stand nearby. Daniel runs up to the porch.

Tyson comes out of the corn.

Mi pops out and takes a look at the place.

Daniel calls for his mom. SADIE DOUGELL – Tyson & Daniel’s mom, in her early 40’s, with the body of either a veteran farm worker or bear wrestler, can tell she is Tyson’s mom by her hair – comes out the front door. Daniel shows his mom the mushroom he found. Sadie looks at what Daniel has found. Daniel gives the mushroom to his mom. Sadie accepts the mushroom.

Tyson heads for the front porch. Mi follows.


Sadie looks toward Tyson and sees that he has company.

SADIE: Daniel, go inside.

Daniel goes inside. Sadie directs her attention to Tyson.

SADIE: Who’s this?

TYSON: Don’t know. Found her sneaking in the corn watching Daniel.

Sadie does not like what she is hearing, nor does she trust this strange girl in front of her.

SADIE: What were you doing in our fields?

MI: Got hungry. Saw corn growing. Thought “why not.”

SADIE (to Tyson): And what’s she doing up here at the house?

TYSON: Told her I’d get her something to eat and send her off.

Sadie knows a wolf when she sees one & thinks Mi is one. Mi stands there ignorantly thinking that the old lady will have a sweat heart.

SADIE: Tyson, you know why wolves kept attacking our chickens last year? They knew where the food was. Girly, if you’re smart, you’ll find where you came in from.

MI: And then what?

Sadie can tell that Mi is trouble.

SADIE: Smart aleck, huh?

Sadie steps off the porch. She towers over Mi. Sadie’s shadow engulfs Mi out of the sun. Mi looks up at the giant in front of her.

SADIE (CONT’D): Where are you from?

MI: Arrato.

SADIE: What’s a city slicker like you doing out here?

MI: Lunch. That’s what farms are for.

SADIE: Is that what you think this is? An all-you-can-eat buffet?

Mi stands there just waiting for Sadie to give in.

SADIE (CONT’D): Listen kid, I don’t know what life is like in the city, so I’ll just tell you that the cops are not something to worry about. Trespassing is equal in our law books. Found guilty, you’re executed on the spot.

Mi can see that Sadie has had some experience with trespassers before.

Sadie turns & makes her way to the porch.

SADIE: Since you didn’t know, I’ll let you go, if you leave now.

Sadie heads inside.

MI: Nice bear. Keep the animals safe?

Tyson raises his shotgun. Mi just looks at Tyson.

TYSON: You heard her. Now get out before she does this herself.

Mi gets down on the ground and lays out. Tyson sees an idiot right before him.

TYSON: What are you doing?

MI: Dying.

TYSON: You’re going to wait for the sun to finish you off?

MI: Saving you a shot. Don’t know how guns work but I know you need to reload them.

Tyson figures this is not worth watching.

TYSON (walks off): Suit yourself. It’s not getting any hotter today.

Mi lies on the ground.

The day passes by. Mi does not budge an inch. She falls asleep about an hour into her lay down.

Evening nears and Mi lies there asleep.

Mi’s stomach growls. She’s finding it hard to stay asleep with a whiny stomach.

A truck pulls up. The doors open & close. A set of footsteps get closer and closer to Mi. THOMAS DOUGELL – Tyson’s dad, a roughed-up man with a scar down his arm whose spent most of his life farming – stands over Mi. His boots are covered in filth. Mi sees the giant standing over her.

Thomas looks down at the girl in his driveway. He has never seen her before and has no idea why she is out here on his land without out his family in sight. Mi just looks at the figure, not even flinching.

Thomas just stares at the unusual girl.

THOMAS: You Tyson’s friend?

Mi just lies there mute.

THOMAS: Can you speak?

Mi just rolls her eyes.

Thomas tries to figure out something to ask the girl. He gives up and grabs something out of the back of the truck.

Sadie steps onto the porch, seeing her husband and Mi.

SADIE: Well?

THOMAS (pulls out a barrel): No luck. (takes to porch) Everyone else is having the same problem. I couldn’t find a single trap big enough to catch it.

SADIE: What’s the barrel for?

THOMAS (puts barrel down): Thought I might use it to catch the critter. Make my own trap.

SADIE: Well that’s great.

THOMAS (points back at Mi): Do you know why there’s a girl on our driveway?

SADIE: She’s been there all day. I told her to leave but she chose to stay right there. Hasn’t moved since.

THOMAS: What she want?

SADIE: She came up begging for food. Told her she can either leave one way or the other.

Thomas doubts what his wife said.

THOMAS: You say she’s been out here all day?

SADIE: Since this afternoon.

THOMAS: She looks dry as a desert but healthy as an ox.

Sadie does not know what Thomas means.

THOMAS (CONT’D): Doesn’t look like she’s been sweating.

Sadie steps off the porch, gets up to Mi, bends down and feels her face. Mi’s skin is dry untouched by sweat.

SADIE: Yeah, she’s dry, alright. Think she’s dehydrated?

THOMAS: Could be. Never seen it like this before.

Sadie reconsiders her opinion of Mi a bit.

SADIE (gets up): Let’s get her inside. She might leave is she’s thinking straight.

Thomas picks up Mi and takes her to the house. Sadie opens the door. Thomas walks in then Sadie.


Not much bigger on the inside. The living room and kitchen connect. The bedrooms are all on one side. The lightings are dim, and the rooms are mostly wooden. In the living room are a couch, a recliner, a coffee table, and an older television than Gale’s. The front door connects directly into the living room.

Mi lays out on the couch. Tyson sits in a plastic lawn chair on the other side of the table with the shotgun behind him. Thomas stands between the front door & the kitchen entrance.

Sadie walks in carrying a pitcher of water & a cup and puts them on the table.

Mi gets up and pours the water into the cup.

Sadie stands over Mi. Mi pays Sadie no attention. She puts the pitcher down and drinks the water.

The Dougells watch Mi. Mi finishes her drink.

SADIE: Feel better?

MI: I’d prefer a soda.

SADIE: How about we start over? Why were you on our land?

MI: The corn was calling me.

Sadie slaps Mi in the face. It was light compared to how Sadie normally does it. Mi feels her face.

SADIE: We ain’t got time for nonsense. Tell us what you were doing.

MI: I missed lunch. How many times do I need to tell you?

TYSON: Why were you following Daniel?

MI: The corn was moving. Thought I’d take it with me and run with the circus.

Sadie slaps Mi harder.

SADIE: Answer him.

MI: I told you, I saw the corn moving. I wanted to see what.

THOMAS: What’s a city girl like you doing out here?

Mi thinks of a lie that won’t get her slapped.

MI: I got bored. Wanted to stretch my legs and see the world.

Sadie peers at Mi’s words. She doesn’t trust them.

SADIE: And how did a little girl like you get all the way out here?

MI: Ever heard of hitchhiking?

Sadie whops Mi across the face. Mi falls to the ground. This is the hardest she has ever been hit. Sadie grabs a shotgun from underneath the couch and places it on Mi.

SADIE: Smart-off like that again and you’ll be moving into a six-foot hole! Now tell us what you were doing.

Mi gives up and decides to lay it all out.

MI: All right. I ran away from my dad.

Sadie is not convinced by Mi’s vague answer.

SADIE: A city girl? Running away from her papa and ending up all the way out here?

MI: We’re visiting family.

THOMAS: And you decided now was a good time to run?

MI: It’s complicated.

SADIE (clocks gun): I’ve got all night.

Mi wanted to run away from what she did. She feels mad and wants to keep running but is pinned down. Tyson & Thomas watch Sadie, waiting to see whether she will put the girl away or let her go. Sadie gazes at Mi as if she is the animal getting into their chicken coop.


Sadie turns to see Daniel outside his room. Daniel stares at what is going on with a sense of confusion but oblivious to the cruel nature.

Sadie drops her hostility.

SADIE: Daniel, go into your room.

Daniel goes into his room without question. Sadie turns back to Mi with less hostility.

SADIE: Listen, I don’t want my boy to come in here and see the floor decorated with your blood. You can answer now…

Mi feels the gun sink into her skin.

SADIE (CONT’D): Or you’re going on your last walk.

Sadie’s eyes return to their steel look. Mi feels more than Sadie’s gun sinking into her back. She can feel Sadie’s gaze on her… almost too familiar. The pressure in the room grower heavier and heavier with each second. A feather could float forever from the tension.

Mi closes her eyes, attempting to ignore the mood, and decides to dump everything out.

MI: I ran away from my dad. He’s been getting on my nerves.

Thomas finds what Mi said worrying and intriguing. He gets up from his spot and get down next to Mi.


Mi sees the giant down beside her. Thomas seems more understanding than Sadie.

MI: Flunked my grades. Glued his eyes shut one time.

Mi chokes on the next one. It bares the largest burden.

MI (CONT’D): Burnt our home.

The room goes silent. Time seems to have stopped. Everyone in the room seems frozen where they stand.

Sadie loosens her grip on the shotgun. She’s still doesn’t trust Mi but can tell that she has been through enough. Thomas stands to his feet. He gestures to Sadie that they leave the room.

Sadie looks to Tyson. Tyson keeps an eye on Mi. Sadie & Thomas leave the room. Tyson keeps an eye on Mi who is still on the floor.

TYSON: You can get up now.

MI: If I do, will you put me out of my misery?

TYSON: Is what you said true? About burning your house?

MI: Why would anyone lie about that?


TYSON: What are you going to do?

MI: I don’t know.

TYSON: I can tell you one thing you can do.

MI: I bet you can.

Sadie & Thomas walk in.

SADIE: What’s your name?

MI: Mi.

SADIE: What’s your last name?

MI: If I tell you, will you call my dad?

TYSON: Phone’s out. The company said they’d fix it soon.

THOMAS: Here’s the deal. You can eat here tonight, but once you’re done, you head on home. You got that?

Mi sets up on the floor. She looks Thomas & Sadie dead in the eyes.

MI: Fine.

Sadie & Thomas see that they have a deal.

SADIE: Tyson, keep an eye on her. We’ll get supper ready.

Sadie & Thomas leave into the kitchen.

TYSON: One question. Do city girls not sweat?

MI: Their pores are blocked off from all that makeup they wear. Drowning rates are high in the summer.

TYSON: You don’t look like someone who wears makeup.

MI: Heat doesn’t affect me.

Each thing Mi says leaves Tyson more & more curious.


In the kitchen, the Dougells clean up their meal.

In the living room, Mi puts her shoes on and makes her way to the front door.

SADIE (O.S.): Hey. (Mi stops) If you come back, make sure your pa’s with you. I want to have a word with both you two.

Ni opens the door and heads out.


A calm, nearly summer night. Almost too calm…

Mi steps onto the porch and closes the door.

POV Something looks at the porch. It spots Mi stepping down from the porch.

Mi walks down the driveway.

The chicken coop riles up and catches Mi’s attention.

Mi rolls her eyes at the coop and continues down the driveway.

RUSTLE Something moves in the corn.

Mi rolls her head back.

A rabid wolf jumps out of the corn and tackles Mi. Mi lies pinned down to the ground. Her arms are held down by the wolf’s paws.

The wolf snares at Mi. Mi struggles to get out of the wolf’s grasp.

The wolf bites Mi on her left shoulder. Mi screams in agony. She has never felt pain this intense.

The wolf has Mi in a vice grip. Its teeth seem to sink further in without letting up.

Mi tries to kick the wolf off.

The wolf pushes its back-right paw into Mi’s chest. Mi feels helpless under the wolf’s power as she feels only able to scream.

BANG A shot fires out. The Wolf’s back explodes.

On the porch, Tyson, Sadie, & Thomas each aim shotguns at the wolf. Thomas charges up to the wolf.

BANG Thomas fires a shot. Shot misses.

The wolf’s attention turns towards Thomas

THOMAS: You costed me $1200, ya mangy mutt!

The wolf flees.

BANG Thomas fires another. The wolf goes down.

Mi shivers. She has a hole on her left side and a bite mark with a tooth stuck in it above her heart.

Thomas & Tyson rush to Mi’s aid. Sadie rushes inside.

Mi’s pain tolerance does not exist as she feels as if a thousand needles are inside her.

Thomas examines Mi. Tyson stands by and keeps an eye out.

THOMAS (picks up Mi): Come on. Let’s get you some help.

Thomas takes Mi to the house. Tyson watches his dad’s back.


Mi’s side is wrapped in bandages. Sadie tends to Mi. She picks up a pair of tweezers and moves in to the tooth.

SADIE: This is going to sting a little.

Sadie clasps the tooth and slides it out of Mi’s shoulder. Mi hisses in pain.

Sadie removes the tooth, places it on the table, and bandages Mi’s shoulder.

MI: I’m guessing you’ve done this before.

SADIE (wrapping Mi): When you live two hours away from the nearest town, you learn to pick up useful skills. (finishes) There we go. Sorry if we saved your life.

Sadie puts the bandages in the first-aid kit.

Thomas & Tyson walk in through the front door.

MI: I appreciated it.

THOMAS: That wolf has been causing us problems for months now. Must have been abandoned by its pack. Something had been getting to our chickens. We’ve had a rough year already.

MI: Then I guess I saved you some money.

SADIE (hands Mi a pill): Take this. It will help you sleep.

Mi swallows the pill. Sadie closes the kit.

SADIE: We’ll go see if Doctor Allen will come here to check you out. You’ll just have to sleep here until we get him.

Sadie takes the kit into the kitchen.

THOMAS: Get some sleep. It’s been a long day for all of us.

Thomas turns in with Sadie for the night.

Tyson sets his shotgun next to the window.

MI: Your dad’s a good shot.

TYSON: He’s just glad to get that wolf out of here.

MI: Took him a few tries. I guess two out of three is good if someone is in your way.

Tyson sees how far Mi’s knowledge of guns goes.

MI (CONT’D): I guess that barrel was going to be part of the trap he was talking about.

TYSON: He didn’t load his gun.

Mi looks perplexly at Tyson.

TYSON (CONT’D): Shot guns can only hold two shots at a time. It takes a few seconds to reload, but my dad’s gun doesn’t open fast. It’s getting pretty old.

Mi looks at Tyson and then to his guns, wondering if it was Tyson who made the first shot.

Mi’s eyes can hardly stay open. She falls asleep before she knows it.

Tyson pulls a blanket over Mi, takes his gun, and goes to his room. Mi sleep soundly on the couch, exhausted from today and from the medicine she took.