Chapter 18:

Season 2, Episode 5



Gale drives the tractor up the yard. Ni & Calif lie out on the trailer. Kobai & Mayla sit up right.

NI: This has been an awesome day.

KOBAI: If you would, please refrain from lazing about back here.

GALE: It’s alright. I’ve lazed out on it a couple of times myself.

CALIF: Can we come back tomorrow, Aunt Gale?

GALE: I’m afraid I got to help out around the place. Y’all can go any time you feel like it. Just don’t go alone.

Calif pouts.

KOBAI (referring to Ni): I believe we have already broken that rule.

NI: I think we should get a dolphin.


Shiro stares at an old combine in the fields. Plant entangle the machine in place and rust paints the surface. A brown stain wraps around the right side of the reel.

Shiro stares at the machine with a look of disdain and distrust about it.

Gale finds Shiro looking at the machine. Shiro turns to Gale.

SHIRO: I see you kept this.

Gale sighs in anguish and comes overs to Shiro.

GALE: Not like I can get rid of it now. Besides, pa doesn’t want to forget.

SHIRO: He knows it’s not his fault.

GALE: You try telling a 60-year-old man trapped in a nursing home that. Besides, it helps me think of Josiah’s safety.

Shiro scratches his head and walks away from the combine.

SHIRO: That’s an interesting way to think about it.

Gale goes with Shiro. The two walk together.

SHIRO (CONT’D): Have you seen Mi today?

GALE: She’s the one with red hair, right?

SHIRO: Take that as no.

GALE: I saw her at breakfast, but not since. I’ve been with… (counts on hand) Mayla… Kobai… Calif… aaaannnndddd Ni.

SHIRO: So Xena hasn’t come out?

GALE: Afraid not.

SHIRO: Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

GALE: I’m sure Mi’s in the house.

SHIRO: I was just there. Wasn’t in kitchen, Nell’s room, or in the living room. I doubt she’s hanging around the place.

GALE: Bit of a homebody, huh?

SHIRO: No she’s just lazy.

GALE: Lazy enough not to be in the house? (pause) Should we go search for her?

SHIRO: She’s been in a bad mood lately. She might have ran away.

Gale hears both Shiro’s words and his tone.

GALE: And you are not concerned about that?

SHIRO: If she’s not back by supper time, then I’ll be concerned. She’s like a stray dog, feed her and she’ll always come back. Plus, she can’t cook yet.

Shiro and Gale make their way to the house.

GALE: Please tell me you’re not teaching her.


Luegon, Gale, Josiah, Mayla, Calif, Kobai, Ni, & Shiro sit down for supper at a round table big enough for 16 people. Josiah sits in a highchair. Ni scarfs down her plate. Mayla’s hands are below the table. Her plate is untouched.

NI (shoving her mouth): AMAZING! I’ve only had Mayla’s cooking so I had no idea other people were just as good. I can’t stop eating.

KOBAI: Then I suggest you speak after you finish eating.

SHIRO: Ni, how many times do I have to tell you not to speak with your mouth full? Your compliment is lost in the cook’s cooking.

GALE: Hey, I don’t mind.

MAYLA: Though it is unsightly.

SHIRO: Kobai-

KOBAI: Before you begin on an unwarranted command, I would like to point out I have not done anything.

SHIRO: I was going to ask you to pass the salt.

Kobai telepathically hands the salt to Shiro. Gale & Luegon watch in amazement.

GALE: Well, I see we have another useful ability person…

LUEGON: Would you mind helping me around the place tomorrow?

KOBAI: I had a feeling such a request would have come about.

SHIRO: Kobai, just answer yes or no.

KOBAI: Fine. I will help you if you need any assistance during our stay.

LUEGON (uncertain): Alright…

Luegon goes about his meal.

SHIRO: Mayla, you haven’t touched your plate. Are you okay?

MAYLA: I’m fine. I just wanted to eat with Xena yet still be here with everyone.

GALE: Well, aren’t you a good sister? (to Josiah) I just hope this little one can be a good big brother.

Ni spits.

NI (pause): What does that mean?

Kobai slaps her forehead.

SHIRO: Well, congratulations. How long have you known?

GALE: About a month.

SHIRO: What are you hoping yet?

GALE: I’m just going to see what comes.

KOBAI (casually eating): Plus the earliest a fetus’ gender becomes noticeable during pregnancy is approximately half a year.

SHIRO (to Kobai): When we’re done, I want to have a word with you.

Gale prepares a plate and hands it to Mayla.

GALE: Go ahead and take this to her. I’m sure she wants to see someone.

MAYLA (takes plate): Thank you. (gets up) Excuse me.

Mayla grabs both plates and leaves.

GALE: So, Ni you have lightning…

NI: I prefer electricity.

GALE: And, Kobai, you can fly and move stuff with your mind.

KOBAI: Correct.

GALE: Calif, what can you do?

Kobai & Ni jump from their seats.


KOBAI: Do not ask her to use her accursed powers!

Gale is confused. Josiah laughs. Calif pouts.

SHIRO: How we show you next time we see Mi?

KOBAI (snaps): Dad!

NI: Are you crazy! Even a-

Calif smiles.

Kobai & Ni stupidly smile in ecstasy.

NI (bliss): Rainbow shines in here~

KOBAI (bliss): Don’t they~

SHIRO: She is a natural pacifier.

Calif sneaks off.

SHIRO (CONT’D): When she behaves herself.

Calif freezes with a pouting face.

LUEGON: Sounds like she could be spoiled by her own will.

SHIRO: She’s tried to use it on me. I guess she knows who is dominant in our household. It can be useful in other ways.

Kobai & Ni continue eating in sync.

SHIRO (CONT’D): You can make these two clean up without a complaint.

NI (blissful): Okay~


Mayla opens the front door and enters.

MAYLA: Xena. It’s only me.

Xena pops her head out from the rafters and checks to make sure Mayla is alone.

MAYLA: I brought dinner.

Xena scurries down the ladder.

Mayla puts the plates on a box, pulls a smaller box next to the first box, and sits on the small box.

Xena pulls a box to the first box & sits on the small box.

Mayla pulls two sets of utensils, places one next to her plate, and hands the other set to Xena.

Xena eats.

MAYLA: So what do you do today?

XENA: I explored the barn. I found a pitchfork with tires around it.

MAYLA: That sounds interesting.

XENA: What do you do with Aunt Gale?

Mayla looks up at Xena. Xena looks at Mayla with a very curious face.

MAYLA: Well, we saw some horses.

XENA: I saw them.

MAYLA: Really? I guess you found a window up there to look from. What did you think of them?

XENA: They looked pretty.

MAYLA: They were. And soft.

XENA: Were there anymore?

MAYLA: Six in the stable.

Xena enthusiasm grows on her face.

MAYLA (CONT’D): One of them was a beautiful black one.

XENA: Was it a stallion?

MAYLA (off-guard): Heh? Uh, well… I don’t know. I just know it is pretty.

Disappointment falls on Xena. Mayla frets at Xena’s change in expression.

MAYLA: But I can ask Aunt Gale later.

Xena perks up some.

XENA: Anything else?

MAYLA: We saw a beautiful pond at the end of the farm. We can go swimming there sometime.

XENA: Do you have a swimsuit?

MAYLA: Aunt Gale has some from when she and our other aunt were our age.

Xena tilts her head. Mayla has no idea what Xena is thinking.

MAYLA (beat): How about we go see it tomorrow? Just you and me.

XENA: It’s okay.

Mayla’s nervous expression disappears.

XENA (CONT’D): I don’t mind being on my own. You can have fun with Aunt Gale & Uncle Luegon.

MAYLA: Are you sure?

XENA: This is the most I’ve been out of the house. I’m just not used to it yet. Don’t let me ruin your fun.

Mayla smiles.

MAYLA: You’re my sister. You couldn’t ruin anything.

Xena stares at Mayla, confused and moved by what she said.


Shiro looks out to the fields. Gale walks onto the balcony.

GALE: Well, Ni & Kobai cleaned the dining room, the dishes, themselves, and went out like two lights on a chandelier.

SHIRO: They’ll be back to normal in the morning.

Luegon joins Gale & Shiro.

LUEGON: Mi hasn’t come back yet?

SHIRO: She wasn’t at dinner. Now I’m worried.

GALE: Should we get a search party together and go looking for her?

SHIRO: It’s too dark now and every direction looks the same. We’d be causing more losses than findings. The nearest town is a day’s walk if you know where you’re going.

LUEGON: And she doesn’t know where it is.

SHIRO: She might be hiding in the fields for all we know. If I know that girl, once she finds a place to sit, she’ll want to stay there forever.

LUEGON: I’ll call Dusty tomorrow, see if he can spot her.

SHIRO: He hasn’t crashes yet?

GALE: Surprisingly.

SHIRO: Plus, Dusty? Loose-Eye Dusty?

LUEGON: He’s found a few runaway kids and animals. He might just come more in handy than you think.

SHIRO: Guess any help is worth it. Just don’t bring every farmer in a hundred miles in on this. Mi may be bullheaded, but she isn’t that clever.

Inside, Mayla walks upstairs and sees the adults.

MAYLA: Is everything okay?

SHIRO: Mi hasn’t come back.

GALE: Shiro!

MAYLA: It’s okay, Aunt Gale. I know how Mi acts. It’s nothing new.

Gale looks surprised by a very mature Mayla.

MAYLA (to Shiro): What are we going to do?

SHIRO (heads inside): Call around and search the fields. (pat’s Mayla’s head) All we can do for right now.

MAYLA: I guess so.

SHIRO: How’s Xena doing?

MAYLA: She just went to bed. She’s doing fine right now.

SHIRO: I meant to check up on her today.

LUEGON: If you want-

MAYLA: She’s not ready yet! She still needs to get use to the place.

Luegon is at a standstill.

GALE: Guess don’t pry the support beam out of place? How about we call it for tonight and talk about it in the morning?

SHIRO: Fair enough. (heads for bed) Good night everyone.

Luegon heads on in.

GALE (whispers to Mayla): Is Shiro a good father to y’all?

MAYLA: I suppose so.


Mayla, Gale, Kobai, Calif, & Ni have breakfast. Ni scarfs hers down again.

KOBAI: Quite frankly, to determine if our father is good is based more so on what parental techniques he uses on each of us. With Xena, he uses some similar to a group known as “helicopter parents” after the incident. Mayla is treated more maturely because of her age (Ni guzzles her drink) and her guilt of being the only one of us hatched that was with our biological parents yet is unable to extract any memories of them.

Mayla feels uncomfortable. Calif leaves.

KOBAI (CONT’D): Mi, Ni, & I are treated as “misbehaving teens,” ranging from Mi’s rebellious nature to Ni’s hyper-active incompetence.

Ni gives Kobai a suspicious glance.

NI: Did you just call me dumb?

KOBAI (looks at Ni): Do I need to?

Kobai & Ni have a stare off.

Ni pours another glass and drinks.

KOBAI: I try to alleviate all blame by trying to be an upstanding scholar yet seem to fail in social interactions.

Gale’s face says she believes that.

KOBAI (CONT’D): The only one of us treated under basic parenting is Calif. Though she is also the youngest among us. Given time, that might change.

GALE (pretending to have heard it all): You don’t say…

KOBAI: I suppose Uncle Luegon has already begun work.

GALE: He and your dad are trying to locate your sister. They’ve been up this dawn.

KOBAI (gets up): Understood. It seems I must adjust my waking time in order to meet the requirements to be a farm hand.

Ni jumps out of her chair and blocks Kobai’s path.

KOBAI: What are you doing?

NI: You plan on working, right?

KOBAI: That is the intent and what does this have to do with anything?

NI: I haven’t touched a ball since we got here. My instincts are burning for some competition.

KOBAI: We are not getting into a work-based rivalry.

NI: We’ll just see!

Ni races to the back door.


Ni jumps and uses her electricity to stay airborne.

NI (soaring): Last one to find Uncle Luegon is a- (electricity cuts out) Huh? (falling) Wait WaitWaitWaitWAIT-

Ni crashes face first. Kobai, Gale, & Mayla watch from the door.

Kobai walks out, turns, and heads off screen.


Luegon & Shiro drive up the road. Shiro looks out the passenger side trying to spot Mi.

LUEGON: Sorry he wasn’t there.

SHIRO: I forgot he always leaves around this time of the year. I guess we’ll have to go on our own.

LUEGON: I’m sure she’s fine.

SHIRO: Temperamental Mi in friendly farmland? I’m not so sure about that.

LUEGON: Around here, everyone needs & lends a hand. We all know how hard it is to make it.

SHIRO: I hope so.

LUEGON: Do you know what you’re going to do yet? When you and girls decide to leave?

SHIRO: No, not yet. I worry about that once I find Mi.

LUEGON: Finding a place isn’t easy. Why don’t you focus on finding a place while me & Gale try to find Mi?

SHIRO: You sure?

LUEGON: I mean what’s family for if not to help you when things get tough. I’m sure the girls can help.

SHIRO: You know, Lu, for a brother-in-law, you act like the brother I never had.

LUEGON: Same to you.

SHIRO: Don’t you have three?

LUEGON: Exactly.

Shiro smirks.


Gale & Mayla play with Josiah who seems as if he is having the time of his life.

Mayla considers something.

Josiah crashes in Gale’s arms. Gale smothers Josiah with affection. Josiah somehow has gotten cheerier.

Gale sees Mayla thinking.

GALE: Something on your mind?

MAYLA: You know how to run a farm, right?

GALE: Yeah.

MAYLA: You can do a lot more than me. All I’m good for is cooking & cleaning.

GALE: Don’t go cutting yourself short. I’m sure you can do a lot more than that.

MAYLA: I can sew & I’m trying to take up knitting. I think I’m better suited for being a housewife when I grow up.

GALE: What about your power?

Mayla pulls out a piece of her hair, scrubs an old stain that looks impossible to remove, and the stain is gone.

Gale seems amazed but can tell that her argument isn’t holding up.

MAYLA: It’s water soluble so it’s easy to clean up.

GALE: Mus be hard to walk outside when it rains.

MAYLA: If you want, I can take care of Josiah while you work.

GALE: Are you sure?

MAYLA: I can even do all the cooking and cleaning.

Gale bumps Josiah to Mayla. Josiah toddles to Mayla.

GALE: I’ll agree to you taking care of Josiah-

Mayla catches Josiah.

GALE (CONT’D): But you are not doing all the other chores on your own. …all the tme. Can’t have myself get lazy and depend on you. Sound fair?

Josiah jumps in Mayla’s grasp.

MAYLA: Okay.

Josiah breaks out of Mayla’s arms and runs to the foyer. Mayla chases Josiah.


Josiah runs into the dining room. Mayla chases after him.

Shiro & Luegon enter.

MAYLA: Did you find her already?

SHIRO: Nope. And our eyes in the sky is out of town for a week. (walks down foyer) We’ll just have to do it the old-fashion way.

Josiah walks up to Luegon. Luegon picks Josiah up.

The house shakes. Luegon, Gale, & Kobai look outside.


Luegon & Gale are shocked by-


Their cows are stampede across the front yard. Ni chases the cows while she carries four buckets.

NI: Don’t run off! I haven’t got a good drop out of you!

The cows & Ni run back and forth in front of the house. Luegon, Gale, Josiah, & Mayla watch from the porch.

NI (CONT’D): WAIT! I’m trying to be a good farmer! You’re not helping by running around like this! How am I suppose to milk you when you are standing still!


Luegon looks as though he has been kicked you-know-where, Gale has something similar, Mayla’s entire face has left expression behind, and Josiah just watches.

NI (O.S.) (continue): You’re farm animals! Behave like farm animal! This is not becoming of animals such as yourselves! Get back here!

Kobai glides in.

KOBAI: Oh dear.

LUEGON: What is going on?

KOBAI: In her compulsive behavior to up herself in our so-called “competitive working,” Ni decided to milk the cows. However, she mistook a cow for an ice cream dispenser. And a bull from a cow. Short version: Ni doesn’t know cows.

MAYLA (face back): And why are you letting the cows run free?

KOBAI: Ni has the more appropriate power to subdue charging animals.


The cows run across the yard. Ni stops and tries to stop the cows.

KOBAI (O.S.) (continue): Though I have barely seen her use it since this morning.

The cows trample Ni.

Ni passes out on the ground.


Luegon & Gale look anxiously at Ni. Mayla sees this as another sport’s injury. Kobai has no expression.

KOBAI: Now I will intervene.

Kobai flies off. Luegon & Gale are transfixed on Ni.


Shiro enters.

SHIRO: Xena, you around?

Xena pops her head out of the rafters.

XENA: Daddy.

Xena scurries down the ladder to Shiro.

SHIRO: Sorry I didn’t see you yesterday. I was busy helping your Uncle Luegon.

XENA: It’s okay.

SHIRO: Are you enjoying the family farm?

XENA: I’ve only been in the barn.

SHIRO: Is that so? Do you want to go out & see it?

Xena hesitates to answer. Shiro can tell that Xena is still not used to Gale & Luegon.

SHIRO (pets Xena’s head): It’s all right. You take your time. I bet that fire was pretty hard on you.

Xena enjoys Shiro petting her.

Shiro feels something unusual in Xena’s hair. He keensl down and feels around and pulls an ear out of the top of her head. Shiro feels around on the other side and finds another one.

SHIRO (feels her ears): Well looky here. So that’s where your ears were. (takes hands off) I wonder why I just found them. Do you feel them?

Xena places her hands on her head, searches, finds her ears, and feels them for herself.

SHIRO: How do you feel?

Xena tries to cover her ears back up. The ears pop up.

Xena flattens her ears harder. They stay down.

Xena’s ears pop back up again. Xena does not like them. And tries to scratch them off.

Shiro grabs Xena’s hands. Xena does not try to resist.

Xena looks at her father with a worried look on her face. Shiro tries to change her feeling by smiling.

SHIRO (let’s go of Xena): They look fine on you.

XENA: Really?

SHIRO: Really.

Xena looks at her father still uncertain. She feels her ears, trying to get use to them.

SHIRO (gets up): I’ll see if your sisters want to eat in here tonight. Sound fine?

Xena feels her ears, paying Shiro no attention. Shiro walks out.


Shiro closes the barn door.

NEIGH Shiro looks over at the horse stable.


Three of the horses are in the pin. Calif climbs up the fence.



Ni runs around the house spinning her arms around.


Kobai leads all the cows back into the pins.


Mayla cooks dinner.


All the adults lay around exhausted.

LUEGON: Is this a normal day for you, Shiro?

SHIRO: Mayla, Kobai, Ni, & Xena: yes. Calif is taking a new direction. Unfortunately.

GALE: And Mi?

Josiah walks in.

SHIRO: Still debating.

Josiah tries to climb onto Gale. Mayla walks up to the entrance to the living room.

MAYLA: Dinner will be ready in half an hour. Do you want me to set the table?

GALE: Sorry, dear.

MAYLA: It’s alright. I don’t mind.

SHIRO: Can you girls eat with Xena? I’ll try to be out there.

MAYLA: Sure.

CRASH Ni crashing through front door rotating arms.

NI: I can’t feel my circulation! (heads to kitchen) I think something’s wrong!

Mayla sympathizes with Shiro, Gale, & Luegon. Josiah laughs.

MAYLA (sulks to kitchen): I’ll go tell them.

GALE: How do you do it, brother?

SHIRO: Even I want to know…

Josiah laughs.


O.S. Josiah laughs.

Kobai telepathically fills the hole in the front yard.