Chapter 22:

Season 2, Episode 9



Ni bounds in the air using a dirt trampoline she is manipulating.


Ni holds on to a corn stock that is growing at an accelerated rate, reaching 500 feet. The stock shoot Ni into the air like a trebuchet.


Ni slides down a dirt slide.


Ni’s dirt slide is an infinite slide where a column of dirt sinks down into the ground while the slide rises from the ground screwing around the column.

Kobai notes Ni’s actions.


Mayla, & Gale prepare dinner. Shiro sits at the table with Kobai & her notebook. Xena & Josiah play throughout the house.

KOBAI: Judging from all factors I have determined after Ni’s sudden ability change, I have determined that we, the observers & initial family unit-

SHIRO: Kobai, what have I told you about saying that?

KOBAI: “Her family.” -have only observed her while she was in the city, which is heavily entangled in wiring that feeds electricity to every facility & other miscellaneous city aesthetics: street & cross lights every block, underground sewer systems with emergency power. I think that should be enough to support my findings.

SHIRO: Kobai, this isn’t one of your debates. Can you shorten it down as if you’re explaining it to Ni? This is her we’re talking about.

KOBAI: Fine. In short, Ni’s power is not solely electrokinesis. Her power is what I called “Dominant Elemental Adaptation.” D.E.A. for short. Simply put, whatever environment Ni is in, she will gain the ability to manipulate whatever is most dominant in said environment. Out here, it’s earth & plant life.

MAYLA: But what about when we went on that nature trail?

KOBAI: While it is true that I said she adapts to the environment she is in, that does not mean her element will change over immediately, though what I am about to refer to is electricity, which can be store in batteries until use. She only used her ability once when she almost attacked that mother bear. Out here, she has been using it more frequently, given her nature and the open space to use it in.

SHIRO: So you’re saying her ability can store the last element in her until she uses it up.

KOBAI: Hypothetically, yes, but this is merely conjecture as she has spent approximately nine years in the city, so exposure time could a factor into it.

NI (O.S.): So basically-

Everyone looks to the foyer. Ni stands proudly on the staircase.


KOBAI: No. This just means that your power changes based on the environment you are currently in. If we were on a cruise ship, you will mostly likely be hydrokinetic. Possibly metal-kinetic, depending on the ship. Basically, yours is the most versatile, not the most powerful.

NI (in Kobai’s face): But I can still do more, right?

Kobai psychically throws Ni & pours a cup to drink.

KOBAI: This could be similar to how Calif’s ability mutates when she is sick, but the principles are different.

SHIRO: Wait, what’s this about Calif?

KOBAI (disgusted): Please don’t remind me. It was not pleasant.

Kobai psychically puts the cup in her hands.

SHIRO: Well that answers one question. Mind explaining how I just recently found Xena’s ears.

KOBAI: Developmental differences? That’s the only hypothesis I have.

SHIRO: Never mind. It’s not that big of a deal.

KOBAI: Quite frankly, I find this sudden rise in our physiologies very fascinating.

SHIRO: And I’m your dad. I don’t care what’s happening so long as I know you girls aren’t dying.

GALE: Shiro. Do you normally talk to your girls like that?

KOBAI: I believe I have mentioned before-

BOOM Something caused the house to shake a little.


Everyone in the kitchen is thinking the exact same thing.


Luegon, Gale, Mayla, Shiro, Ni with a bruise on her head, Kobai, Xena, Josiah, & Calif eat supper together. Xena feeds Josiah. She sits the furthest from Gale & Luegon.

GALE: Well, it’s good to see everyone at the table. With one exception.

MAYLA: Everything seems fine now.

SHIRO: Xena, how are feeling?

XENA: Still a bit uncomfortable…

GALE: Don’t rush yourself sweetheart. I’m just proud your even in the same room with us. Mayla dear, I hope you don’t mind, but-

MAYLA: It’s okay. I don’t mind if it means Xena is with us.

LUEGON: Want to pick your own room tonight? That old barn ain’t exactly well-kept.

MAYLA: She’s sleeping with me. Sorry for not mentioning it.

LUEGON: It’s okay. (to Shiro) Speaking of not mentioning, have you found your last daughter yet?

SHIRO: Not yet. I haven’t really left the house much to look.

KOBAI: You have the van. Why don’t you just drive it around and find her?

SHIRO: Because most of the roads around here aren’t suitable for it.

KOBAI: Dirt roads and a low chasse are not a favorable combination.

NI: How about-

KOBAI & SHIRO: Even with you at the wheel.

Ni shot down.

LUEGON: If you want, you can use my old bike.

GALE: You still have that thing? I thought you sold it.

LUEGON: I wanted to at least take Josiah out on it once.

GALE: Why does every guy have that one thing about them?

LUEGON: When he’s older.

Luegon & Gale argue for a bit.

NI (whispers to Kobai): Is this what you’d call a marital fight?

KOBAI: Generally.

SHIRO (cuts in): If you must know, I am looking for a girl who has the attitude of a delinquent, so her falling off would be a good lesson for her.

GALE: SHIRO. Really!

KOBAI: No objections.


Mayla smiles in silent agreement yet feels some guilty.

GALE: Fine. Do whatever you want.

NI (jumps up): Yay! Mi’s going to fall off a motorcycle!

Ni stands on her chair.

KOBAI: Have you?


Luegon pulls a tarp off an old motorcycle. Shiro, Kobai, Ni, Mayla, & Xena see the motorcycle.

SHIRO (walks away): Never mind.

LUEGON: What? What’s wrong?

SHIRO: Simple. it’s great-grandpa’s old war bike. He bought it brand new.

LUEGON: And I tell ya, it runs like it came out of the factory.

Ni sneaks up to it. Kobai telepathically stops her.

SHIRO: When was the last time it was ridden?

LUEGON: Last year.


Shiro walks back & gets on the bike.

MAYLA: Dad, have you ever driven a motorcycle before?

Shiro kicks the ignition. It takes a few tries. Xena steps away from the door.

Shiro hits the ignition. The bike starts.

SHIRO: When was it last checked?

LUEGON: Two months ago.

NI (grabs throttle): Hey, why does this turn?

Ni twists the throttle. The motorcycle swerves out of control. Xena & Mayla flee the chaos. Shiro tries to get the bike under control

BOOM Shiro crashes the bike in a pen.

Mayla & Xena rush to Shiro’s aid. Shiro stands up just fine.

MAYLA: Are you okay, Dad?

SHIRO: I’m fine. (Mayla inspects Shiro) Not the first time I’ve crashed this thing.

NI: THAT WAS AWESOME! You took that thing and- bwoo, vroom, eeeee, shuup-PA! That was incredible! Can you do it again, except without the crash-

Kobai telepathically throws Ni out the barn.


Ni rockets off into the sky.


Ni is out of sight.

KOBAI: Well, that solves one problem.

LUEGON: How does she feel?

SHIRO: Surprisingly well-kept.

LUEGON: You think I’d just let it set here without taking care of it?

SHIRO: Knowing Gale, if she found out how much time you’ve spent on it, you’d need to expand your cow pen.

LUEGON: Just a little maintenance every now and again.

KOBAI: Dad, do you really believe you can handle this machine & procure Mi onto it? (Shiro grabs bike) Is this a vain parenting trap to show Mi you’re cool?

SHIRO (pulls bike out of pen): No, this is called using a vehicle more suited for around here. I’m not going to use some lame parenting tactic.

The girls look at Shiro with a mix of happy, doubtful, and confused expressions.

NI (O.S.) (getting closer): YOU- (girls turn towards door) CAN’T-

In the doorway, a dot careens towards the front door.

NI (O.S.) (getting closer): FORGET-


Ni plummets headfirst through the sky towards the barn.



Kobai psychically arouses Mayla’s hair.


Ni continue to hurdle towards the barn.


Ni crashes into a mass of Mayla’s hair goo that extrudes from the front of the barn.


Mayla feels mortified by the state of her hair. Xena looks at the bigger-than-usual experience.

KOBAI (to Shiro): Please hurry. We need the tank to handle this loose cannon.


Shiro pulls the motorcycle up to the front yard. Mayla, Xena, & Kobai wait for him.

MAYLA: Have you really driven a motorcycle before?

SHIRO: My dad let me use it when I was in high school.

MAYLA: Are you sure you’ll be fine?

KOBAI: I am more than willing to use this moment to test the “forgetting how to ride a bike” expression.

SHIRO: Okay, seems I need to put my foot down. First, where’s Calif?

MAYLA: I haven’t seen her all day.

SHIRO: Alright, listen to me. I know how to ride a motorcycle & I know this area like the back of my hand.

KOBAI: Considering most of these are dirt roads-

SHIRO: I can pull this thing out easier than a van and most of these roads have been run over enough to make them solid. Now I’ve already said this, but I’m going to say again to make sure. Whatever your Aunt & Uncle ask, do it. Got it?

MAYLA: Yes sir.

KOBAI: Understood.

XENA: Okay…

SHIRO (gest on bike): Make sure you tell Ni & Calif.

NI (runs up): WAIT FOR ME!

Ni slides onto the back of the motorcycle.

KOBAI: I don’t think that is necessary.

SHIRO (to Ni): You’re staying here. This is only a two-seat. If I find Mi, there won’t be enough room with both of us on it.

NI: What if you don’t find her?


Ni unwillingly gets off.

Shiro starts the bike and rides off. Kobai, Xena, & Mayla watch Shiro ride off.

KOBAI: He did sell the moped, correct?

Ni laughs manically. Kobai, Mayla, & Xena turn to Ni.

NI (devious): Excellent. Begin the most powerful one, I can begin my scheme to create the ultimate farm-

Boulder crushes Ni.

KOBAI: Since when did you care about farming?

Ni shouts under the boulder.

KOBAI: We can’t understand you. (Xena scoots off) First of all, you are the most resilient, not the most powerful. Plus, your powers have just switched over. You have little control over them.

Boulder turns to dirt and sinks into the ground.

NI: What do you call that?

KOBAI: Just because you can use it doesn’t mean you can control it. Electricity acts different than earth, so-

NI (poses): I just need to keep using it.

KOBAI: You need to master it.

NI (crosses arms): Oh Ko-Ko-Kobai… How naïve of you. I tell you now and only now that I have already devised a plan to use my new powers at the benefit of the family.

Ni gives a sinister laugh. Mayla sees Ni as a crazy villain. Kobai just stares.


Shiro rides along on his great-grandpa’s motorcycle. He keeps his eyes open in case he spots Mi.


Ni stands in the middle of a small garden plot with a seed packet in her hand. Kobai & Mayla stand off the plot.

NI: Now then, you say my power is not useful.

KOBAI: Correction: I said you lack control.

Ni swipes her hand a small hole opens in the ground.

NI: Lack control, huh? We shall see- (thrust pack) With these!

Ni holds out a carrot seed packet. No change in expression at all from Mayla & Kobai.

Ni rips the packet open and retrieves one seed from it. She turns away from her sisters, squats by the hole, and aims her hand for the hole.

NI: Watch, ye sisters, as I begin my master plan.

Ni drops the seed. The seed falls in the hole & the hole covers up.

KOBAI: So you are experimenting.

NI (stands): Not experimenting. Scheming! Totally different.

Ni gets off the garden. She rubs her hands & does some weird dancing. Kobai questions how they are related.

NI (dancing): Now then- (points fingers at ground) BEGIN.

Nothing happens. Ni checks her fingers.

NI (points fingers at ground): BEGIN.

Nothing happens.

KOBAI: Should I find your instruction manual…?

NI (turns around): Scoff me now, twinses sister-

KOBAI: That’s not correct.

NI (boasting): But I tell you, this farm, will be- (points up) The best-

BOOM A giant carrot springs up behind Ni. The carrot is about 50 feet in diameter.

Mayla’s jaw stretches out at the unprecedented sight. Ni turns around and sees her monstrosity. Kobai just looks at the carrot.

KOBAI (to Mayla): This is on the menu, right?

Luegon runs up in a hurry. He slows down once he sees what has happened.

LUEGON (speechless): What the…

KOBAI: Uncle Luegon, your work has affected your niece into creating this eye catcher that is good for your eyes.

MAYLA: Was that supposed to be clever…?

LUEGON: Still…

Ni chuckles. Her chuckling turns to hysterical laughing.


Luegon, Mayla & even Kobai have no clue what Ni just said.

Ni launches onto the carrot and grabs the top.

NI: I can now take over the world with my power of harvestation. (pulls top) I will be crowned by mercy!

Ni tries to pull the carrot out of the ground. It does not budge. Luegon, Mayla, & Kobai just watch.

LUEGON: Is this normal…?

KOBAI: It’s within Ni’s established character. It just took a different form.

Ni struggles to pull the carrot out.

LUEGON: Should we help her…?

KOBAI (walks off): She’ll figure it out.

Luegon & Mayla continue to watch Mi struggle to pull the carrot out.


Shiro checks the time. It’s 4:17 p.m. Shiro turns the bike around and heads back down the road.


Ni continues to pull the carrot out of the ground. It has moved a few feet out of the ground. Calif paint the scene.

Shiro pulls into the back, parks and sees Ni’s creation & her still struggling to pull it out.

Gale walks out of the house and sees the behemoth.

GALE: Wha-wha-wha-

SHIRO (walks to Ni): Well, it seems things don’t change that much.

Shiro walks up and looks at Calif’s painting. Calif blocks Shiro from looking at the incomplete work.

SHIRO (to Ni): How’s it going up there?

NI: Dad! What do you think?

SHIRO: You’re not allowed to use your ability to help Luegon without his permission.


SHIRO: That’s what I’m talking about. Get down and go take a bath already.

NI (pulls): I’ve almost got it.

Ni kicks the carrot. The ground shoots the carrot up into the air. The carrot falls and lands right in front of Shiro. Ni face plants into the ground with her head buried.

Ni struggles to get her head out of the ground. Calif stomps inside with her easel and paints. Shiro watches Ni.

Ni uses her ability to widen the hole. Her head comes up with ease. She closes the hole up.

NI (smiling at Shiro): What do you think?

Shiro looks at the ginormous carrot.

Ni smiles bigger.

Calif stomps back to where she was painting.

Calif stomps back to the house with a wet canvas.

SHIRO: How do plan to store this?

Ni clearly has not thought about that.

Mayla steps outside and sees that the carrot is out. Mayla steps back inside. Mayla comes out with a knife and goes up to the carrot.

Mayla cuts a piece of the carrot and taste it.

MAYLA: I don’t taste anything.

Ni crashes to the ground in defeat.

NI (defeated): All my work… wasted.

MAYLA: M-Maybe it needs to be cooked. Yeah. It just needs to be cooked. That will make it taste better.

SHIRO: Better make it dessert.


Mayla puts a carrot cake on the table. Gale, Luegon, Josiah, Ni, Kobai, Xena, Calif, & Shiro sit at the table.

KOBAI: I assume this is the only thing you could make with it.

MAYLA: It was the first thing that came to mind.

Gale cuts the cake.

NI (overdramatic crying): I couldn’t have thought of anything better to make with it. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!

A hand holds a piece of cake in front of Ni.

KOBAI: Just pass a piece, okay?

Everybody tries the cake. The room is silent.

GALE: It’s…

KOBAI: Pretty bland.

XENA: How much sugar did you use?

MAYLA: As much as I normally do.

Awkward silence.


Ni falls to the floor.

NI (dying): I’m a failure at life. I’m a failure at life. I’m a failure at life. I’m a failure at life.

KOBAI (over Ni): I heard the soccer game has been moved up by an hour.

Ni disappears off to the living room.

NI (enthusiastic): MIKEY. Don’t let me down!

Josiah eats his cake. Everyone else pushes their plates towards the center of the table.


Xena, Mayla, & Gale clean the dishes. Luegon, Kobai, & Shiro look at the giant carrot.


The carrot is already rotten.

LUEGON: My guess is that it didn’t absorb any nutrients.

KOBAI: Logical: She did just plant the seed. 6 hours isn’t enough time for any plant to create any harvestable vegetation.

The carrot disintegrates into dirt. Luegon closes the door. A rush of dust slams the side of the house.


The house shakes at the force of the dust.

KOBAI (CONT’D): Another one of Ni’s failed attempts at being helpful. (heads to staircase) Fair results. I shall begin working out of to alleviate that problem. It might be more helpful that it seems.

SHIRO: Sorry about that.

LUEGON: Come on, brother. You know it’s not too different from when we were their age. Though not with giant vegetables.

SHIRO: It’s not just that. Ni get more eccentric around this time of year.

MAYLA: AH. I used the last of the sugar.

GALE: Hey. It’s not that bad. We need to go shopping at some point anyways.

LUEGON (to Shiro): Tell me. Just how much spunk does Ni here have?

Shiro smirks.


A ranch designed specifically for handling riding bulls. Ni, Luegon, & Shiro watch a practice ride go on.

A rider practices in the field ride now. He gets thrown off in three seconds. The bull has him pinned down. Other riders & handlers take care of the bull and get the rider out of there.

Ni has fallen in love with bull riding.

LUEGON: So, what do you think?

Ni stares at the majestic beast flailing about.


Ni lands in the pin and runs straight up to the bull. The bull knocks Ni. Ni crashes into the wall.

NI: I’m loving this more.

Ni springs off the wall back to the bull. She gets thrown back onto the wall a couple of time. Luegon thinks he should be concerned but has no idea if this is right.

LUEGON: Is she going to be okay?

SHIRO: Luegon, you just became her favorite person.

Ni laughs and continues to conquer the bull.

SHIRO: Okay, maybe second favorite.

Ni rides the bull & gets thrown off the back. The bull runs off & Ni tries to chase him.



Kobai in a pinhole writing in a journal.

KOBAI: Thus, Ni has done what she normally does. Pointlessness. Wasted days I shall never get back: 3270.