Chapter 10:

Log 10

New Books

The drama really is a pain in the ass. What convinces people to stir up needless arguments about the most useless of topics? All it does is cause headaches and strife, just so one person can say they were right.

You wouldn't think a writing community would be so drama filled. I swear, everyone here has the will of a flower, one insult, and they wither.

What causes someone to transform into such an ugly beast? Is it the ideas spinning through their heads, the words written in ink? Error after error plain on the page for everyone to see.

Why are people so protective of their fragile words? Blood sweat and tears are meaningless if you don't set out to improve, staying in your little echo chamber where your gods gift to man. Where is the passion, the drive? Such a low ego.

Yet the other side is worse. Their defenses are top-notch, stronger than Alcatraz. The second you bring up the smallest of defects only spite awaits your future. Who cares how bad the fallacies are, how idiotic they sound?

Ruby straight up said it, she is the only one that is right, she is the only one I can trust.

She mentioned moving away from the community and bringing me along with her. 


I can't trust anyone, as long as the show goes on.