Chapter 13:

Log 13

New Books

Everything must come to an end one of these days. No one can life forever. The earth will one day get absorbed by the sun.

And the contest is another one of these examples. It's the first year they had ever run this contest apparently to my surprise. People on the website had talked about another contest, but I guess that was a different contest entirely?????????

Whatever I guess.

The winner was a shock to us all, a school romance novel no one expected to get this far. I guess that shows the power of shilling after all. Quality is fine and all but getting people who never read on your side is just an invaluable resource.

I was talking to Gweep the other day in Ruby's group chat that we were both in. She just laughed when I complained about how unfair it all was, and I wasn't even an entrant into the contest.

She laughed, apparently this was what everyone expected. 

I'm just shocked that Ruby didn't win. Everyone loves her, and I mean everyone, and for good reason

She is perfect, and an idol to look up to.

Whatever Ruby says is law, especially to those of us close to her. If she says to read a novel, I'll read it. If she says to skill school to talk to her, ill sneak out as soon as I can.

I trust her more than I honestly trust myself.

I really hope I can meet her in reality soon.