Chapter 1:


Mobile Suit Gundam:LINKS

The year is 200A.T.H. 200 years have passed since the hero saved the universe from destroying itself. A young boy who lives in the pluto empire which rose to power after the war to become the strongest empire in the universe. He is sitting on a bench while rocks are thrown at him. The boy is sobbing covered in bumps and bruises cursing the universe under his breath.

The people who are throwing rocks at him leave after getting bored. 

"Everybody hates me for something I couldn't control I know this sounds like I'm being a coward but, I don't care nobody ever cared about me anyways, I should just die like my dumb hero!"

The boy lifts his head from under his arms revealing his short spiky dark green hair with red eyes and dirty face showing no emotion. He sees a truck pull up to the gas station across from the bench he was sitting on. The logo on the truck is the logo of the galactic garbage disposal while the driver gets out of the truck and enters the shop.

"Maybe, this is a sign that should just end it all right now but, how?"

He then notices that the hatch that holds all of the garbage and unwanted trash of humanity.

"I am just unwanted trash after all."

He runs over to the truck and enters the hatch which smells horrible the boy then rummages through the trash bag that smells the worst. He fully opens up the bag and sees a decomposing body. Their skin looked like sandpaper he closed the bag back up not reacting to seeing a dead body. He sealed the bag back up as the driver got back in the truck and began to drive.

"I'm used to seeing dead bodies on the streets at least for as long as I could remember I wandered from street to street looking for food so I would always find random dead people it doesn't faze me it hasn't since the first time I saw one he was an old man that I knew and I found him lying in his old rocking chair he was so cold and pale I ran away in fear and now I just couldn't care less."

He opened up another bag that contained an outdated red anti-gravity suit that had about 7% oxygen left. He then put it on without the driver noticing because he was blasting loud music. The boy put the suit on to feel like the hero even in his death.

The bus driver checks his GPS.

"Almost at the Earth deposit got about 2 more sectors to go."

"It's kind of a fitting fate for trash like me how ironic."

He then sits there in silence until he feels the truck come to an abrupt halt. The driver then enters the truck into flight mode and can fly 200,000 meters above Egypt before it before unstable and hazardous. The driver pulls the main control to the hatch which released all of the garbage including the boy who falls out of the truck and into the sky.

He takes off the helmet to the anti-gravity suit allowing all of the deadly viruses which now inhabit Earth to enter the boy's body. he coughs up blood in pain. His eyes become red and he slowly fades from consciousness as every cell in his body cried out in extreme pain. As he does his whole life flashes before his eyes the one memory that stood out to the boy was when he was at his father's court proceeding where he was given the death penalty for killing 777 people with a stolen military Gundam.

But, that wasn't the thing that stuck out to the boy the thing that he really cared about was when the judge said his name which he had long ago forgotten. "Tsugi Sedai". Which means "The next generation".

Tsugi's mother left after his father was arrested and he had no family nobody wanted him so he lived on his own.

"I have a name Tsugi Sedai I want to live now I'm not just a nameless john doe I'm somebody I won't forget the past I'll embrace it! But, at the same time, the constant hate for something I didn't even do they only saw my father within me. What am I saying I'm going to die anyways! But, if I could have a second chance at life I wouldn't waste it!!!"

At that moment everything went black and his heart stopped beating but somehow despite being completely dead he could still hear his own thoughts. Within the darkness, he saw a small bright green light and then heard a deep metallic but human-like voice in the darkness. 

"Hear me Tsugi Sedai!"

"Who said that? Am I in hell?"

"No this isn't the end, in fact, it's just the beginning. I have heard your cry to live on I am the Gundam known as LINK!!!"

"Like the Gundam of the war hero? Now I really must be crazy talking Gundam's aren't real!"

"This is all too real now tell me, do you really wish to live!?"

"I guess."

"Very well then together we'll do great things!!!"

"Wait, are you saying that I should become a pilot I've never even piloted a Gundam! Let alone touch one."

The boy's body then crashes into the hot sands of Egypt.

"With the power of LINK piloting a Gundam is not only based on the user's emotions but also based on their level of experience and besides with me as a partner you surely gonna get leaps and bounds better at piloting!"

"That sounds great if only I wasn't I don't know dead!!!"

"Not to worry, sitting in Egypt for 200 without Human contact I've absorbed a bunch of extra energy from the sun enough to revive you. So do you accept to make the universe a brighter place!?"

"If I do I'll mold the universe how I see fit."

"I just hope you make the right decision for everyone."

"Fine, then I'll become your pilot."

"Alright then partner the heat of the energy should cleanse your body of all the deadly diseases that were rampaging through your body."

Tsugi's eye shutter open as a wave of energy hits him. He checks his body and sees that he was reinstated to his former state. He is also able to breathe in the toxic air that's on Earth.

He stands up and looks around and sees nothing but sand. He then looks up to see that he is standing in front of the legendary Sphinx when suddenly the ground begins to shake and Tsugi then falls to the ground. The Sphinx is destroyed as the 77 feet LINK rises above the ground and lands in front of Tsugi who is still on the ground.

Its armor is mainly gold while its eyes are green it has a magnificent pair of golden wings. When Tsugi first saw LINK he thought he was an angel from above sent by god. Tsugi gets back on his feet.

"So tell me Tsugi are you ready?"

"For what?"

"Ready to LINK to the future!!!"


Tsugi picks up the red helmet which had landed next to him. They both make a fist as Tsugi's small fist collides with the giant LINK.


They both shout in unison. Tsugi's body transforms into bright green energy which goes inside LINK'S cockpit. He materializes inside the cockpit but instead of the outdated red anti-gravity suit, it is replaced with a more modern-day all-black anti-gravity suit with a metallic center breastplate.

"Hey, LINK why do I have a new suit it looks more date like the suits I see in newspapers."

"Well since you were the first Human I've seen in 200 years so I looked back in your memories the moment we linked and created a more modern anti-gravity suit based on your memories. But it also serves a different more important purpose, it allows us to become in sync in mind and emotions. Don't you feel the connection?"

"Yeah, I do in fact now with you I feel as if I could take on anyone now! With this power who knows what we are capable of I don't think you do either right?"

"Yeah, we have no limits as long as we are synced nobody can oppose us!"


At the Pluto command center, a blonde-haired, female Gundam researcher sits back in her chair sipping a cup of tea when suddenly a signal on a monitor pops up. She inspects where the signal is coming from and the monitor reads earth. Her eyes widen in disbelief at a signal coming from the barren wasteland planet. 

"I gotta go tell commander Jeta about this there hasn't been life on Earth in 700 years and let alone a Gundam signal. Wait, maybe it has an up-to-date tracker chip I wonder what model it is this is a big discovery!"

She clicks on the tracker chip of the Signal and the monitor says that the Gundam is LINK-0001.

"Oh my god! How did someone even survive on Earth and found the Gundam of the legendary hero Dante Atlas!"

She gets out of her chair and rushes inside commander Jeta's office. Commander Jeta who is around 60 with gray hair and dark brown eyes is having a phone call with the leaders of the 4 other planets, Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, and Mercury, and their respective kings and queens. They're negotiating the high tensions and the prevention of a second universal war. He notices the female researcher rush in and holds his hand over the phone to muffle out their conversation.

"What is it!? I'm in the middle of a meeting to make sure the extinction of the Human race doesn't happen!" 

"I'm sorry commander Zeta but I come with incredible news! The LINK Gundam has reactivated on Earth and there is also someone alive on Earth!!!"

"Are you insane nobody can survive on Earth they would burn up into the atmosphere even if they had a Gundam the Nano virus would infect them and eat them alive within seconds and that's why we abandoned it long ago!" 

"I know, it sounds completely ridiculous but, you have to see it for yourself!" 

Jeta takes his hand off the phone.

"I am so sorry but, I have an urgent matter to attend to so I must leave the meeting early." 

He follows her into the research room. 

A young purple-haired lady walks around a huge library in search of something. A book catches her eye and she grabs it the cover says "The Book Of Prophecies". She smiles and flips to a blank page but, suddenly words begin to be burned into the blank page. 

"Hmm let's see what this new prophecy is about. It says here that when the universe is at its worst 7 heroes will appear and bring light to the dark and depressing universe. It interesting not just one hero but, 7 will appear one day 7 the average size of a Gundam team. I'm excited I can barely wait!!!"

The female researcher points out the signal on the monitor which shows one Human and one Gundam. 

"So what it could be any Gundam how can you prove that the Gundam is LINK-0001? But, I'm extremely interested in an alive Human on Earth."

"I can prove it by its tracker chip. While quite outdated it still used the same processing systems as we do with modern Gundams if it was 16 years before I wouldn't have been able to track it."

She then clicks on the tracker chip ID which reads Gundam unit LINK-0001.

Jeta's eyes widen he smiles intensely. He falls to the floor in shock.

"Never did I think that a pilot would be able to go to Earth without and would pilot LINK! This is a miracle I must tell King Leo immediately!!! In the meantime, tracker beam the Gundam up to ship right now!"

"Yes sir! The more I think about it they must've got there by sneaking into a garbage disposal truck that was headed for Earth which is technically illegal but I'll ignore that for now."

She presses the control for the tracker beam and chooses LINK.

"LINK is your launcher almost ready we've been here for 10 minutes!"

"Well, I've gotten a bit rusty after just collecting sand for 200 years ya know!"

"Fair point."

LINK is hit by a bright yellow light from the sky above them. In flash, they are suddenly on the LION the ship of the pluto main military command base.

"LINK where are we?"

"I think we were hit by a tracker beam but, I have no idea where we were teleported."

"What the hell is a tracker beam!?"

"A tracker beam is used by the military to teleport Gundams that aren't in a battle to the nearest military base of that planet although, my memories are a bit foggy after that."

"I don't like the idea of being sent somewhere against my will."

"Neither do I but, now that I think about it this place seems familiar but, at the same time it doesn't strange, strange indeed."  

The same female researcher runs up to LINK and stands in front of it gripping her lab coat tightly.

"Oh, great hero who wields the Gundam known as LINK my name is Maria Kurino and you are currently at one of the main command centers of Pluto!!!" 

LINK staggers back in shock.


"Ah, I've heard that LINK had the ability to speak but, I always thought that it was simply a myth. Now to hear it speak with my own two ears I'm amazed!"

Jeta is in a meeting with King Leo at the Pluto royal palace. The two men sit in chairs across from each other the King stroking his dark red while sipping tea. He has red hair and red eyes and is around 38.

"So, Jeta what do you want to discuss?"

"Recently, one of our researchers has discovered something spectacular that could change the tide of the whole universe!"

"What is it?"

"She found a Human on Earth on one of the monitors."

"How is this even possible? Wouldn't the nanovirus kill them instantly?"

"Yes, somehow they seem to be immune but, that's not the best part. They seem to be a Gundam pilot and the Gundam they were piloting was the legendary Gundam of the hero LINK-001!!!"

"Are you sure it's LINK?"

"Yes, 100% positive."

King Leo grins.

"Hahahahahahahaha!!! When I was young I was next in line for the throne to be King I had a dream. That dream was to become the next hero which you should remember as my combat tutor. But now if that pilot is indeed the new hero then I'll use him as a weapon. A weapon so strong that I'll unite all planets under my iron fist and anyone who tries to stop me will be killed. Notify all other planets that I refuse all negotiations of peace and I declare the second Universal war!!! Contact Kite then we'll see if a new prophecy has appeared in "that book". 

Jeta nods and leaves for the universal communication center to inform all other planets of the impending war.