Chapter 13:

Hemato [ Part Thirteen ]

Uploaded Fairy [ Editing ]

It was one of those days I had a hard time finishing lines for one of my beheading reference poems. O the short girl walking up the stairs .. but I had no lyrics for the poem, of the tragic life of a fisherman's wife.Bookmark here

I wanted to write a short tale about a fisherman who comes home to find his wife has been decapitated by the ax. I had this way of taking semi-autobiographical elements and turning it into a science fiction and fantasy story, although I refused to associate with science fiction and fantasy magazines and other aspects of that particular culture. Yet I had no experience being on the sea. I had only sailed briefly with my dad, when he would take a break from his work. After all even if he killed my girlfriend and I hated him for it, he wanted to somehow bring me back to his side.Bookmark here

But then I thought of the poor Anna-Marie, something other than myself. I remembered when she told me about the death of her mother, and how it gradually drove her father insane. He would always comment before she died, about how he was never quite the same after her decapitation by the ax in another country she was visiting, and so he never got to return her to France. I suppose criminal intent was a family lineage, yet I saw something in Anna-Marie that wanted her families side to have its story.Bookmark here

And so I tried to think of yet more lyrics: O the short girl walking up the stairs is turning gray, mixed with dirty blond hair. In her wooden clogs that abruptly come to a point, with her arms behind her back, she's offered a joint.Bookmark here

She dies beyond the scaffold stairs.Bookmark here

It wasn't quite what I wanted it to be, but it was something for now. I wanted to come up with even more lyrics.Bookmark here

So I went all out: With a German dress she leans on the block waiting, waiting for the ax to drop. When the blade goes a lop, tumbling curly dirty blond hair goes down.Bookmark here

I wanted something was was more about the husband, so I didn't want to focus on her mother's death for to long:Bookmark here

Here lies the broken thief,Bookmark here

Who stole a coral reef / on a fisherman's boat.Bookmark here

She tossed her husband off the boat,Bookmark here

Not intending him to drown,Bookmark here

Before drowning in her own sorrows,Bookmark here

Becoming a clown.Bookmark here

I felt like I was getting into the rhythm of the poem, though I wasn't exactly sure what the concluding lyrics would be. But I decided, I going to finish it:Bookmark here

Here is the thief,Bookmark here

Whose life came to a stop.Bookmark here

Together they join hands in Purgatory,Bookmark here

Beyond the light in a pop.Bookmark here

The tragic life, Of a fisherman's wife.Bookmark here

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