Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 - Discovering the Challenge

Wonka a la Mode - Virtue vs Sin

The Seven Deadly Sins...spiritual crimes we commit everyday. Nobody is a way we commit our virtues and sins...but not a lot of people watch out for how many times they commit those sins and soon fall under their spells. Whether it is by Lust’s seduction...Wrath’s rage...Pride’s confidence... Sloth’s laziness...Gluttony’s hunger...Greed’s selfishness...or Envy’s jealousy…even one with such sorrow and depression.

But then there are the Seven Heavenly Virtues that will stop those Sins by Chasity’s love, Patient’s calmness, Humility’s honesty, Diligence’s hard work, Temperance’s self-control, Charity’s generosity, and Kindness’s help, along with hope. Five other girls will face five other sins and together the Heavenly 13 will stop the sins before they steal the powers of the Rainbow Sugar Crystal of Virtue.

This is Wonka a la Mode; Virtue vs Sin.

It was a quiet night on the night before Halloween. Leaves have been falling from trees and the weather was more cold and brisk. The sky was sparkling with billions of bright diamonds and a giant silver pearl crescent that was the moon. Dark spirits appeared, all having one color for each of them and leaving what seemed like amulets with a golden border and a gem, correlating the colors of the, orange, yellow, green, blue, cyan, and purple. There was a black one that trailed behind, something was different about this one; one that may not want to hurt anyone. Feeling sympathy rather than the opposite. Hours passed and it was morning. The kids from the Wonka factory are walking to college including some of their friends from outside.

“Man, I’m so not willing to go to college…” Violet sombered. “You’re always like that, Violet,” Veruca responded, rolling her eyes. “Now, none of that talk,” Miranda said, “We have to go whether you like it or not.” Now it was Violet’s turn to roll her eyes as she said, “Here we go again with all the work and no play attitude. Look, can you just drop it for once?”

“Look, it’s not my fault that I want to graduate,” Miranda said, crossing her arms. “We get it,” Veruca sighed. “Now to think about it, do the twins even go to our school?” Taylor asked. “No, last time I checked they were homeschooled,” Nancy answered. “Not this time. I think they are there,” Madeline sighed.

“WHAT?!” the others yelled out in shock and surprise. “You didn’t hear? long were you even in the factory?” Madeline asked, blinking in surprise herself. “Not that long…” Violet mumbled. “Well you sure as hell was in there for quite a while,” Cornelia was quick to say. “Oh shut up,” Violet snipped. “I’m being serious, Vi,” Cornelia said, putting her hands on her hips. “Well this is technically my job,” Violet replied with a shrug.

“A big job we have to do,” Damien said. “But it’s very fun. Plus it’s our new home,” Taylor admired. “It’s unlike any other factory. It doesn’t have the industrial motif that most factories have. It’s more...decorative and home-y,” Charlie chuckled. “Really? Like the cafe?” Madeline asked. The others nodded. Madeline’s, Nancy’s, and Cornelia’s eyes sparkled. “Wow…” they sighed. They now wanted to see what the factory was like, but their train of thought was rudely interrupted by a familiar pair of red twins. “MOVE OVER, WONKA BRATS!” Ivy and Eva yelled, pushing the others. “Hey, stop it, rude!” the others were shouting. “Oh great, it’s you two witches,” Violet sighed. “I’m Ivy,” Ivy introduced herself. “I’m Eva,” Eva introduced herself. “We are the Rouge Twins,” they both said proudly in unison. “And there’s our former ‘brother’ does it feel to be with Little-Miss-Princess and her friends?” Eva asked nastily to Damien.

“Felt much better than working for you two bitches and your mother. And you’re not my sisters,” Damien snapped. “Oh, really?! Even though our mother has practically raised you and you turn around and leave us?!” Ivy asked in mock-sadness. “Don’t even try guilt tripping me. Your mother was practically killing people and you two were making my life miserable. I’m happy with the decision. And you can't change that,” Damien said, pulling Taylor close to him.

"Oh, really? Well, Damien, you better watch your back and the rest of you losers,” Eva chuckled. The Angels and Messengers give them angry looks. “Especially the Angels. Hope you see that there’s this new challenge tournament that’s going on,” Ivy said with a smirk. “What challenge tournament?” Violet asked angrily, but with slight curiosity. “You will see. Now if you excuse us, we have much better things to do than to talk about how your lifestyle is better than others,” Eva clapped back. “Ciao~,” the twins said in unison before walking away. The Pures continue walking.

“Oh...those two make me so mad. They’re as bad, even worse than Marigold Wilson. Right, Cornelia?” Violet asked. “Yeah, she’s the one who ruined our friendship,” Cornelia said, shaking her head at the figurative mess she made. “Wasn’t that the girl you told us about that spread lies about you two?” Veruca asked Violet and Cornelia. In turn, the two nodded. “Mhm.”

“I could tell why you would be so annoyed,” Miranda said. “Don’t worry. She’s just jealous cuz I’m with her,” Mike bragged. “Not yet you are,” Violet said, annoyed, pushing Mike away slightly. “I will though. You love me, you just won’t admit it,” Mike chuckled. “Shut up, Mike,” Violet said, blushing slightly to herself. “What? I’m telling the truth,” Mike said. Violet rolled her eyes. “Whatever.”

Augustus smiles and looks at Miranda, “And I have Miranda.” Miranda now blushes and rolls her eyes, “Yeah, yeah. Come on, we best get going.”

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