Chapter 24:

Hemato [ Part Twenty Five ]

Uploaded Fairy [ Editing ]

As I allow her decapitation to happen I am in a state of shock, the angled blade cutting through flesh and bone reverberating across my junk. I have a mixture of sexual feelings and depression as I say goodbye for the last time, watching blood spill into the basket.Bookmark here

My digital cyberspace dream girl was gone. Originally my feelings of Anna-Marie were that of shameful reluctance for love. She would become my Anna-Marie. Cyberspace girls cant be hurt or broken. There is only digital innocence on the web.Bookmark here

I wondered when the dream scanners caught her, I just needed somewhere to be.Bookmark here

Glad I wore three extra layers of jeans. A mixture of some horrible eroticism and sadness.Bookmark here

Dating girls had always been a tricky prospect for me, after all I had issues with girls ever since I first came out as trans. In my mind I wanted my own cyber pet dream girl, yet I always had one girl who would always follow me around to talk me as I felt down about Anna-Marie's death. She was a short girl, a little under five feet, yet her proportions were like that of a smaller person rather than someone who was suppose to be taller.Bookmark here

I never could quite tell what region she was an immigrant from, but it almost definitely was not France or Ireland. She had the longest black curly hair, and black eyes you could stare into all night on a lunar evening under the stars. Looking back on it I should have taken the opportunity to date. Yet I was so lost in my personal sorrows without a worldly care.Bookmark here

Yet she was always there.Bookmark here

"So what's your name?" I asked.Bookmark here

"They call me Dog, Dog Snacks. It's a long story."Bookmark here

"Oh I love those."Bookmark here

She rested on my shoulder, her bare feet dipping her toes in the artificial lake, artificial in the sense that it was a lake crafted by engineers when building this here hotel. "Well I once accidentally ate dog treats confusing them for cocoa puffs when I was a real young girl. Family hadn't been able to let go of the idea sense."There were many aspects of Dog I didn't know. I just saw her as some annoying cute girl that would follow me everywhere she went.Bookmark here

We would go everywhere together, she would notice my boner when girls tap danced. It seemed to take a lot of will power for her not to masturbate me on stage nights. But one day she went missing. She kept hoping, hoping, and hoping I would rescue her. She got angry when she scraped by being guillotined.Bookmark here

And yet she stood with me till the end. Forgiving me for not going to games.Bookmark here

She became the girl that would eventually lose her head in the arcades.Bookmark here

No wonder she never told me about her family.Bookmark here

Her family sucked.Bookmark here

And yet here I am feeling like I failed Anna-Marie and my girl named dog. My dating life would never be the same.Bookmark here

"She sounded like a great friend to you." the wine glass washer said.Bookmark here

"Yea she sure was." I said. She was more then a, friend.Bookmark here

She a girl named dog.Bookmark here

Devoted until the end.Bookmark here

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