Chapter 30:

Rassie [ Eye See You ]

Uploaded Fairy [ Editing ]

I sat in my office, scanning different forms of data about the under regions of THE POTATO DISTRICT. The office is filled with different paper work, and old analog devices. Although most surveillance had since gone digital.Bookmark here

I held up a cell phone, and used to hack into the security camera system in the back of the building.Bookmark here

As it turned out, the barbershop was actually a front for a war dog fighting ring. Behind the section where employees did their cuts, was a mini-stadium, populated by different "War Dog" models.Bookmark here

When I sat at the table, I heard one young man and a young woman chattering:Bookmark here

"So you're telling me, you haven't heard of war dogs?"Bookmark here

"Not exactly, I have always wanted to make robot dogs, but only in the context of having a pet."Bookmark here

"What are you wanting exactly, a video game tutorial?"Bookmark here

"Nah, a run down of how they work."Bookmark here

I saw the opposing gambler's dog attack the other's dog. One thing to give to these kids, was how they could take things the city dumped as garbage, and make something new out of it. The other's dog loses one of its ears, but still has fight left inside the operating system that controlled its movement.Bookmark here

"Lost technology, nobody knows exactly how they were built. And the military wont say anything."Bookmark here

"That sucks man!"Bookmark here

"I know right?"Bookmark here

I called forth a militarized officer. Tanks filled the parking lot till it could be filled no more. I, a dream-scanner, approached the door of the barbershop.Bookmark here

She knocked on the door, not expecting an answer. Then the eye latch opened.Bookmark here

"What's the pass phrase doc?"Bookmark here

"Isn't that a bit overkill?"Bookmark here

"Why use a pass word, when you can use a pass phrase?"Bookmark here

"Let us in, I'm calling your parents."Bookmark here

I'm unable to apprehend a couple of suspects. One ran off limping. But was able to get a recording of one girl limping. Or at least I think that's a girl talking to another one that got away:Bookmark here

"What happened to Malcolm and Slephner?"Bookmark here

"Don't worry, we're going to be fine. What did Rassie mean by your mother was waiting for you?"Bookmark here

"It's a long story, but in short, I came from the city in the sky. You might think I'd want to go back home. But you'd be wrong. ... I'd rather rot."Bookmark here

"But can you trust us, and especially me?"Bookmark here

"It looks like I have no other choice."Bookmark here

This was about a year ago.Bookmark here

It was a chill unlike any other chill I had since. My brother reminded me of my vulnerable position, with my eye ball. I knew his pressure points, yet despite that could not prevent him from binding to my a chair.Bookmark here

"You remember when I took your eye?" Tanner said.Bookmark here

I remembered, all those years ago: "Don't worry ma'am, we'll make sure your daughter never has an eye problem again." The memory of the failed surgery from my eye-ball was something that still provided self-esteem problems for me. Yet I was able to suppress it long enough to speak, to meet the chief of other dream-scanners, my brother for one last chance to apprehend the suspects.Bookmark here

"What I'm saying say sir," I said, "is that a male to female gamer, has broken the virtual reality game. Somehow they have created a bridge to another world." The chief was not sure what to make of what she was saying.Bookmark here

"We need to keep in eye on her, she may be a security risk."Bookmark here

"Yes sir."Bookmark here

I was not sure what it was that made my employer think of the specimen Nadine as being a security risk. Though it was not like I advocated game cracking, at least I hoped that whatever was listening to my thoughts was not thinking I was advocating this. I felt like a demon, somewhere in the silence not quite silent. Yet I wished to no longer be a demon, I a human. Like Nadine. She wanted to meet the bridge maker. For a moment, I was concerned about my appearance. Was my eye patch repulsive?Bookmark here

Though I was the type of woman to wear black arch support clogs with a buckle strap at work, I wanted to at least make our first communication somewhat professional. I had my own personal reasons for no longer wishing to be a dream-scanner. I wanted to not be like my brother, Tanner. It was not the love for Nadine, I went against the order to scan in and of itself.Bookmark here

She wanted to find the bridge to Voreth's Promise myself. Be the first to try the game. Yet Nadine got there first, from a leaked prototype of the software.Bookmark here

It was a cold wet November, and I had just turned the heater on. my bedroom was starting to make my feel prickly, and wanted to be warm and wet. I took off my black trench coat, and placed my black clogs upon the glass coffee table, relaxing and trying to fall asleep.Bookmark here

Yet instead my mind was constantly brought back to the gamer that had created "The Bridge". If I could find her, maybe she could help me figure out how to go to that alternate universe myself. For I had a feeling myself, that my own thoughts about scanning were being monitored, do my last botched attempt to apprehend her back when she aided Malcolm and the others to assemble lost war dog technology left over from the civil wars.Bookmark here

I also wanted to use some form of magic to restore my lost eye that was taken out in my youth at sixteen. I could not help but laugh at myself for thinking such, as it was surely merely a game world. Not a physical world where one may touch or smell.Bookmark here

I want to plan a meeting with Nadine. Normally most of the people I had observed from the camera's within the floating eye that observed the game, that the locals called the "eye of god", were the type that followed the standard protocol of the game. They were like time rabbits to be slaughtered in the matrix. If I could come to meet Nadine now, maybe I can convince Tanner The Scanner to let her go. She was to entertaining to watch, as she struggled and squirmed trying to fight ape goats and spider-pigs. Maybe I can keep my job, and not be decapitated by a guillotine gun.Bookmark here

Yet one some level I cared not if I lived or died.Bookmark here

So long as I could make her death visible to all. So that the people may see how they treat those who go against big brother.Bookmark here

Eye see you.Bookmark here

I called up Nadine, using the Rune platform. I wondered if anybody was still using that instant messaging system, as recently the people I was observing behind those television camera placed in through a secure location attachment, were using some other system. They were already suspecting something was up with their L.E.D displays, the standard television format for those that were part of the underground culture.Bookmark here

Part of me actually wanted to go on-site, in order to ask Nadine directly. I was no longer enthused by her present line of work, I figured they would probably view her as a traitor if I defect, so for now I played the part of someone after Nadine's head. After all the sand crawler riders were an unruly bunch, and I didn't really want them knowing I was on their side at first. In my mind I pictured one of them taking my head off with a guillotine gun, and placing it on a stick. Did not want to think about that again, that sucked dick. At a moment's notice, I got an answer.Bookmark here

"Who is it, and what are you wanting?" I saw Nadine say.Bookmark here

"I'm here to speak to Nadine." I said.Bookmark here

We were at a sports bar, Nadine ordered us a beer. Though I knew that in this country she was not old enough to drink, I thought it would be unfair to complain sense she was buying us dinner. "So why did you decide to break the game?" I said, with my black arch support clogs with the side buckle strap tucked to her side while she sat at one of the tables by the window glass. "Normally I would have expected you to have saved that fairy girl."Bookmark here

"Well I don't exactly like fairies." said Nadine.Bookmark here

"And your not just jealous?" I asked.Bookmark here

"Well they can change at will, I'm stuck as a human." said Nadine.Bookmark here

"So it is jealously." said Rassie.Bookmark here

"Ok fine yea, but something is different about her." said Nadine.Bookmark here

"Like what?" said Rassie.Bookmark here

"Well, she was counting on me." Nadine said, then took a sip from her overly large bottle of beer.Bookmark here

I wondered why Nadine would be willing to give some personal information to me, as she did not even know who I was. If she did, she did not seem to care that much. Almost like she knew that she was going to die soon anyway, as her jittering robotic arm would suggest.Bookmark here

"I want you to show me the bridge, to Voreth's Promise." I said.Bookmark here

"You mean that game I found and downloaded?" Nadine said.Bookmark here

"I have a feeling about it, that it's not just any game you downloaded.' Rassie said.Bookmark here

"This dark brew is fantastic." Nadine said.Bookmark here

"Don't misdirect the conversation!" I said.Bookmark here

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