Chapter 32:

Malcolm [ Nadine's Personal Jesus ]

Uploaded Fairy [ Editing ]

I remembered when I barely survived being attacked by wild-dogs; I recoiled from the flickering lights buzz that formed a foam around around the edges of my eye. Then squinted in pain. ... Static.Bookmark here

My vision formed into what could possibly be perceived as television noise, buzzing my brain. Now partially man and machine. Yet there were no other aspect that distinguished me from any other human being. Except that my sensory perceptions were slightly different than I grew up being used to. It had been a a couple of years since I had been on the emergency room table. I, or what was left of me, saw a computer database in my right eye.Bookmark here

"Merging with the flesh interface, initiated." It flickered images of Blanci being apprehended by militarized police guards, and eventually shot with a guillotine gun. Her severed head rolling onto the pavement of Purgatory Road. "Take a few weeks to get used to the new network. Not many made it out. You were lucky." Blanci still felt alive somewhere in cyberspace, yet I saw her bloody neck before my eyes.Bookmark here

I wasn't sure where the voice was coming from, all I knew was that it was not his own. It was an auto-tone voice that mirrored the tone of Alexa and Siri.Bookmark here

I had finally began to get used to my new apartment. The hospital gave me a decent level of compensation money from the experiment. Although I could not feel my head completely, he found myself able to do things I was not before. I used my hands to make the objects within the room float. This was recorded into the database. Bookmark here

"Memorization of objects initiated." the brain-interface said.Bookmark here

I browsed with my finger tips to find any trace of my old existence on the net, but there was no records of me in my middle, high school, and college classes. I had been effectively erased from the internet. I was no longer there. For me, I was a disembodied ghost on the net.Bookmark here

As I slept that night, I began to have nightmares again. Visions of my own apartment began to fade, into what felt like a large dark tunnel. I looked as if it would go on forever. But I walked on and onward into the abyss.Bookmark here

In my memory: "What was the experiment, why am I having these visions?"Bookmark here

I felt like I was beginning to develop a head ache as I slept. Then sat on the edge of the bed, kelt down, and wept. For the pain from my head was to great. Tempted to use some sort of pain medication, instead the computer told him:Bookmark here

"Don't try to use any pain medication. I can provide a map for a suitable prescription, if only you will wait for about a week."Bookmark here

I slammed my fist on the lamp table. It shook violently. "You think I can wait a week!"Bookmark here

"Your not used to your new brain yet, and might trigger a rejection." the brain-interface said.Bookmark here

I didn't understand why the new part of my brain was talking to me. I barely remembered anything that came before the surgery. What I saw before was no so much remembered as flickered before my eyes. I wondered if I would be able to work. In my current state, this was not possible. I wanted to get over my head ache soon, though I was afraid to take the drugs in the kitchen. Who cares if the left hemisphere simply would not cooperate with the other half. I tried to watch television, as the early morning gradually eased into an early sunlight after the dawn. My vision blurred, I passed out again. I woke into what felt like a dream. I rode in the back of the car, with his friends I barely remembered. They were only silhouettes.Bookmark here

I heard a voice in the dark. "So your still alive man, how in the hell did you survive those dogs mauling you?"Bookmark here

"They didn't, but they took Blanci! Yet I still feel her presence on the web somewhere."Bookmark here

While I rode through the car, I remembered suddenly all those years again when I nearly died in the street. I was laying upon the pavement, staring longingly upon the emotionally empty glass of the meadow of gold. Back when I still trusted in its genuine promises of a better life. I was not able to remember the face of the man in silhouette I was riding with. "I'm going to pick you up. We need to find Ellen, I'm concerned about her." I only just barely remembered the voice. The car covered in shadows had a flickering display screen.Bookmark here

"So where are we going to go tonight?" I said.Bookmark here

"Try not to hold onto the past, focus on the future." said the voice. I understood just how easy this was to do. Yet I wanted to remember why the war dog matched happened, as most of what I know now is primarily second hand information. We both needed some way to make a living, maybe even go to college in some state where nobody knew who we are.Bookmark here

As soon as we found Ellen, we ghosted out. Payed for a semester in a university where nobody knew who we were. Changed our names on the webs, pursued a new life.Bookmark here

I called up Rassie, who had worked as an undercover dream-scanner selling drugs on the street.Bookmark here

"It will be one more day. I promise, then I can send into the three fifty." Rassie said not to forget the interest, it was up a dollar amount a day.Bookmark here

I shook my head, then pressed the button to hang up.Bookmark here

I was at it again, doing drugs. I had to pay a drug lord to make my head ache never come back again. My mind reflected back to the car ride with Nadine, that I had remet after about a couple of years since we were swatted by militarized police. Over the last few months there was no direct back and forth, only the unsaid between two lovers walking away in opposite direction forever separated by a speeding train.Bookmark here

I called Nadine.Bookmark here

"Hey Nadine, can you do me a favor?" I said.Bookmark here

"Sure ... but you owe me." said Nadine, then hung up.Bookmark here

When we got the drug store.Bookmark here

"Your fifteen under, but I will move it to your next payment." said the drug lord, shuffling the coins into her purse. "Don't work yourself to hard." said the woman on the other end of the window, smoking her cigarillo. Causing the screen to fog heavily.Bookmark here

That was close. "Thanks Nadine."Bookmark here

"You need to break your habit." said Nadine.Bookmark here

Whatever pain I experienced then, would be nothing like this.Bookmark here

I was the only that hadn't given up. Nadine wanted to play the game again, and be back to doing her own thing slaughtering different Ape-Goats and Spider-Pigs.Bookmark here

When we were was given the cell in the castle, at first I was unaware of what law we had broken. So Millie, took it upon herself to ask what we had done. "What, sir knight in shining armor, have we done?" said Millie.Bookmark here

"You wandered off into the purple slime." said the night of the dark knight. "Your presence in it is a contagion that that will infect the rest of this island."Bookmark here

"So why were we not sent here before?" said Millie.Bookmark here

"You were hell hard to find, your brother is something." said the knight.Bookmark here

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