Chapter 33:

Millie [ A Proposal For Marraige ]

Uploaded Fairy [ Editing ]

I remembered when my parents were in a similar situation as I find myself as my friends. My and my sister visited them for the last time, hoping this was all a misunderstanding.Bookmark here

That Dantino had not really taken over the castle. Yet after father's remains were sent across the region, and we saw mother's head was on a spike on the castle walls, there was no longer any real doubt. I began to become hardened since then, even perhaps coming to terms with the eventual fact that we might be found again.Bookmark here

It was our poor maid, just our age that helped us escape, and move to this new town. I've never worn wooden shoes before. Or eaten ape-goat steaks.Bookmark here

I remembered when the maid was sent to the head mans block, I always pictured her wooden shoes trembling forever, until she slowly lowered her neck for the drop. It gave me night terrors until my early twenties, visions that would never go away. Dantino seemed omnipresent, almost as if he had the blessing of the eyes of the gods himself.Bookmark here

"Will our heads be on pikes too?" I asked.Bookmark here

"You women will, men? God help you!" Dantino's assistant said, who glared at Nadine, "you look enough like a woman, I can take a small token of your appreciation for a beheading instead of a quartering." Nadine pictured herself blowing the knight, the thought of which made her want to vomit.Bookmark here

"Thanks, but no thanks. You smell like rotten fish." Nadine said.Bookmark here

The assistant to Dantino exited the hallway. It was Malcolm that called us together. "I have a plan." But Nadine had a song of her own, playing in her head:Bookmark here

<i>Bookmark here

Somewhere, something, watching,Bookmark here

In a room, far away,Bookmark here

Somewhere, lurking, everywhere.Bookmark here

Watching, for the night.Bookmark here

</i>Bookmark here

Malcolm and Rassie led the group. "I don't trust Nadine to lead the pack, she'll just mess something up with her own lust and desires, like allow Millie to get caught, and beheaded on a chopping block again."Bookmark here

Nadine was still singing:Bookmark here

<i>Bookmark here

WaitingBookmark here

for the nightBookmark here

to come ...Bookmark here

hauntingBookmark here

the un-litBookmark here

house.Bookmark here

It is watching, watching,Bookmark here

Beyond the door.Bookmark here

</i>Bookmark here

"I would guillotine gun you if I had one." said Rassie.Bookmark here

"And I can warp in one, watch your tongue." I saw Malcolm use his magical powers to warp in a wand that fires decapitation blades. He breaks the bars open in the prison cell for us.Bookmark here

We rushed out of the prison. It was Malcolm that continued to shoot the guards heads off. He cackled as he saw there neck pipes squirt with blood. Squirt, squirt, squirt. Bhahaha!Bookmark here

Rena eventually called for a air ship.Bookmark here

It was filled with a platoon of what she called her dream-scanner platoon. Her evil eye lit if like red fury. I heard an expression less demonic voice. They called this technology, but I didn't really know what this word meant.Bookmark here

"What are they doing here?" asked Malcolm.Bookmark here

"They are our only hope." said Rassie.Bookmark here

"Traitor." said Malcolm to Rassie.Bookmark here

"Jesus, you should say." said Rassie, who tossed herself off the ship. "You guys gone on without me, I'll hold them off as long as I can."Bookmark here

"Rassie! No!" I saw Nadine hand reach out, to try to save her new friend. As she did not want another life to be on her hands again, like poor I had been in a previous life.Bookmark here

"Farewell friends, for it is only a game."Bookmark here

It was the next day, Rassie was released from prison. She was sent to the court yard, and climbed the steps. The headsman ripped open her shirt. She slowly placed her neck upon the block. As she stared into the basket, fear at first came over her. Then realized it was one less soldier working on Tanner's side. She had won.Bookmark here

A sound of metal cutting bone. Blood squirt.Bookmark here

Sound of her head crashing.Bookmark here

Darkness.Bookmark here

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