Chapter 34:

Nadine [ Tanner The Dream Handler ]

Uploaded Fairy [ Editing ]

"Don't you care about the fact, that your sister is dead?" I said to Tanner.Bookmark here

"Only as much as one a general to a private, besides her memories -- her important ones, anyway -- are backed up, I have all the meta-data I need. So how does it feel to die knowing you opened a bridge to another universe?" Tanner said.Bookmark here

I felt myself having a lunette wrapped around my neck, blade slicing through my small neck.Bookmark here

I woke up in bed.Bookmark here

"Rassie!" I said.Bookmark here

"Wow, you've changed Nadine." said Malcolm.Bookmark here

"And you haven't?" I said.Bookmark here

"Oh I miss her too, but I know you."Bookmark here

"You remember when we lost Blanci?"Bookmark here

"Yes, I still feel that."Bookmark here

"Then think of the children you could have had, think of what children she could have had. She could have been a great mother."Bookmark here

"I'm not disagreeing."Bookmark here

It was the next month that me, Millie, Elena, and Malcolm met Ellen again. Ellen, was working as a nerve splicer and tattoo artist. For moment felt jealousy creeping in, but managed but to put most of it to the side. But I hugged her tightly, kissing under the glow of the flickering L.E.D. light.Bookmark here

Malcolm dated Elena, missing the long lost Blanci. Almost as if she was another Blanci. Millie and Elena went to go visit Blanci's grave. Peculiarly, it was Malcolm that needed the most comfort.Bookmark here

Elena provided a warming hand on his cheek, and he placed a flower he had picked from Voreth's Promise on Blanci's grave. She will live on in his memories. When I myself went to see Blanci, it was with Ellen and Millie. I remained unhardened despite all the seemingly long years of abuse within the nature of the game, the very realistic game of death. Ever since, I became white as death. As a ghost. Whenever I hear Blanci's and Rassie's name, I say:Bookmark here

<i>Bookmark here

Nevermore.Bookmark here

On aBookmark here

bed, sleeper'sBookmark here

sleeping ...Bookmark here

In theirBookmark here

head, dreamer'sBookmark here

dreaming.Bookmark here

Of aBookmark here

meadow light,Bookmark here

heaven.Bookmark here

</i>Bookmark here

It was the second date with Ellen, that her life became more bearable. Ellen held Nadine's shoulders in a warm embrace, under the glow of the sunset on a distant shore. "Come with me Nadine," she said, tenderly. Then just before the kiss. "where the meadow is always real on the other side."Bookmark here

To the Meadow they went.Bookmark here

I still wish I did not try bringing back Millie, but it wasn't something I could help.Bookmark here

But her mind was erased, and she still loved me. I had pictures in my mind of running through the forest, where the fairy children are jumping rope. Where everything was good and true, and everything was somehow better again.Bookmark here

My new youth song.Bookmark here

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