Chapter 35:

Dantino [ Memories Of Dantino ]

Uploaded Fairy [ Editing ]

There were few punishments that intimidated me, least of all having my head chopped off by a sword in battle. When you raise an army of over twenty thousand strong, lining them up in Neo-Roman formation, it was difficult to be intimidated by much of anything anymore. When I had captured princess Millie, I saw nothing but my future under the crown. Carefully, methodically, I plotted on the best way to make sure to completely and utterly break the royal family. Whether that's bringing people to my side, or fighting completely on my own.Bookmark here

Generally, beheading was mostly reserved for nobles, although the old king was generous to expand the swift demise to those who were of the merchant class, and eventually peasants were able to place their necks on the block rather than inside of a noose. But they were still forced to wear uncomfortable wooden shoes, stuffing them with driest of straw to keep themselves from getting splinters during the cold Winter season. I remembered when I had first started for the goal to kill the King.Bookmark here

It was one of those campaigns anyone of good conscience would dread, for to be a soldier was already only those with the strongest of stomaches. A small group of thieves ransacking an ancient temple would be no match for the kind training meant for a Knight. But we needed to be strong to fight the invasion of the infected regions. Every day there was the thought that none of us would go home, reverted to revanents that hungered for human flesh to much off the bones of the children born under the reign of the King.Bookmark here

On the mount, we apprehended the leader, thrusting her neck on a chopping block after extracting a confession through exploiting man's evolutionary fluke designed to protect their body.Bookmark here

The ax tore through the flesh and bone of her neck, but it two four swings. You would think with all the executions I had carried out on behalf of the king, the executioner would have enough experience to get it in one block. But there was something about this one that seemed almost deliberate. Almost like they made an extra effort to make the decapitation painful. There was something in the eyes of this rogue leader, that almost made me reconsider all the desires I had to kill the king. But I knew that, unlike the thieves, were who out gunned, eventually the royal family would come for me if I come, and if I struck now then I might have the chance; they anguish of the beheaded thief girl hounded me in my sleep.Bookmark here

I tried to request Millie's hand in marriage, but to no avail. I supposed I couldn't blame her, as I had chosen to behead her mother, and hang, draw, and quarter her father. But there was desire or even a mild pleasure I had in drowning most of the rest of the royal bloodline in my greatness! Until recently. I knew that, as someone who had a sister myself who was unjustly accused by Millie's father, it was no fun to grow up without someone to replace your parents because of dead family. For Millie, Ellen, and Aldiel my instincts would have complete mercy and benevolence if not for Millie's stubbornness! I demoted their status to the level of peasants, sending them on their way out of town, and stripping them of their rights of having bodyguards, and making them my own servant for the slaughter of the innocent!Bookmark here

Yet now, Millie has stolen something from me, that makes reconsider what amount of remorse I had for killing them, and letting her go on her way. Millie, that Millie! She stole what was mine! A picture of my darling big sister! Who was beheaded by the king! Smirking, she accidentally knocked a crack in it, then tossed it into the wall to make a point to highlight how much she didn't want to marry me! All those memories I had, that single image of my sister, broken into millions of pieces.Bookmark here

There was nothing left, I wanted to kill their entire bloodline.Bookmark here

At the village over the mountains on the north east sea, my gathered force of one hundred thousand strong are employed as the best of naval special forces. I also gathered bomb gliders pilots. But there was one woman, a woman who seemed much more like a goddess than a human being, who was able to employ magic with her fingertips to manifest things in the air I could not dream of in all the kingdom that I had come to rule with an iron ist.Bookmark here

It drives me mad to try to figure out how it is she is doing this, as she had no apparent curses and hexes upon her armor and clothes. I saw the tattoo on her body that reminded me of a pentagram seen only in the most obscure of Satanic churches. It seems my arch nemesis has come from the world beyond the eyes of god, that split off from our own universe. Very few us knew what actually lay beyond the eyes of god, except for my most devote of preists. Various theories about simulation theory proposed that that was where our creators lived.Bookmark here

She would be the ones to know the best about it. And yet part of me wants to see this world for myself.Bookmark here

I had been taught about the humans from early age, though I wasn't sure if it was just a myth. I didn't recognize the other symbols that she evoked, however Nadine carried around a pair of head prods that allowed her to foresee my methods hours in advance.Bookmark here

It was almost as if she played this game before.Bookmark here

Almost as if she had no fear at all, as it was simply playing another level. She was just trying to make it through, because to fight me was merely tedious, and I was merely nothing to her. And that was the most maddening thing of all. While I rested in my bed with my replacement arm, that being a slightly rusted gauntlet and band of metal sheets, Nadine treated fighting my men like it was a game, rather than something that was completely real.Bookmark here

I was simply nothing to her.Bookmark here

I wanted that power, and after quartering the king, after murdering Aldiel in the same fashion. I had nothing else to lose but whatever regrets I still had in keeping them alive. There was another lady, that stayed behind when they left in that flying machine built by the humans, carrying multiple godlike fire archers into the seen like a flying house. I knew what intelligence gathering was, because I had employed the same practice against the royal family, and it was how I was able to gather support for eliminating the royal bloodline. With a musket in hand, I tried shooting her from behind. But the gamer Nadine sliced open my cheek. I was blinded from the festering of that wound, leaving my good eye the only thing I could use to see until I arrived in Nadine's world. She is full of surprises.Bookmark here

But this other woman I managed to apprehend. I wanted to make her an example. Rassie's severed head now rests outside the castle gates on a stick, although at this point the peasants have likely given it a soldiers burial with the highest honors that one may give to the fallen on a battlefield.Bookmark here

I still remember the metallic arm that Nadine gave me, when I was almost cannibalized by the skull-fair resistance, and I would have died for the length of two years. It was my first month, and so far I seem to be in the clear.Bookmark here

I wish there was a way to get to the human world before this process takes its course, I don't have much time, as I think my old soldiers are after me, an army employed by the new Queen Millie. I knew that soon the peasants would come after me again. Even if Millie was more merciful, the crowd was not.Bookmark here

I needed a way to cross the barrier between this universe, Voreth's Promise, and the real world Nadine referred to as mother Earth.Bookmark here

I found it, but I needed to hurry.Bookmark here

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