Chapter 38:

Nadine [ At The Community Center ]

Uploaded Fairy [ Editing ]

I waited at the community center, sharpening my curved sword with an edging stone. The sword, though double edged, was closer to a Katana than anything else produced in the west. I enjoyed lopping off heads at a fairy girl's behest, this, after all, was what I did best. The sharpened protrusions give me a mixture of pleasure and discomfort; discomfort because I had also fought along side the princess with this blade that I had inherited from so long ago. But the edge was a constant companion, far more loyal than my most noble of fellow knights. As I walked through the enchanted forest in search of the digital fountain of youth, I remembered how my body had been modified with a robotic replacement to my old left arm, that had itself been disfigured do to gradual replacement of real limbs with segmented of plaited armor. The tale of amour to more armor.Bookmark here

I had waited for this day for two long years, the first of which had been of the most excruciating of pain. By the time Nadine had first achieved her victory, I had been initially sentenced to a fate far worse than hanging, drawing, and quartering for me having quartered the king. My death over the course of two years, gradually being turned into a living suit of armor. But I managed to get away just in time to reach the portal to the real world, before it had collided with the world of Voreth's Promise. I had long waited for the day to take Millie's head, once again. Initially my attempt to have her publicly decapitated was successful, but Nadine had resolved to repair the game she had broken, and then I could not achieve my final dream. To get back at the princess that had refused to marry me. I had wanted to become ruler ever sense I could remember long before I became a knight, compounded by Millie's father slight. He wanted to replace me with a man my junior.Bookmark here

But I wanted to be the best.Bookmark here

But now it was simply a vague memory.Bookmark here

I knew Nadine's secret, and I could use this against her, because I assumed that Millie did not yet know that Nadine found it as much of a turn on when short girls are beheaded by the ax. For they we both Vampires of a sort, though for me far more explicitly. My time on the throne enabled me to be considerably less in the closest, with most people to afraid to say anything considering what I had done to the king. Part of me thought, if I were to have any successor, it would be Nadine, because she is the most like me compared to anyone else. I had nobody else besides myself, as I would recline her back inside of his royal bed, and gently bite into her tender neck.Bookmark here

I was the King, and Nadine my Queen.Bookmark here

For the people, freedom shall never bring; life would bring only death and decay. But I would feed her all the rare grapes into the kingdom. And slowly drip myself below the belt line. She would be my exquisite lady in waiting, as my vision gradually faded into a constant tunnel into the light. Tonight I would wait, and would wait for Nadine to come. Because I knew that she would be my mistress, and Millie my curly blond severed head stuck on a stick.Bookmark here

Yet I was an elaborate fugitive, being provided shelter by only my most loyal of companions, who had remained by my side throughout the time we had fought with the King, and as the direct guard for myself sitting on the throne, ordering strikes on distant villages. The girls in wooden shoes being decapitated by the ax, their heads on sticks, and the men sold into perpetual slavery as members of my armed guard. Non loyal soldiers would be dressed as a Deck Of Cards, and the loyal would be used for different kinds of poker matches. In a sense, it was a game within a game. An extra chance to win big against the life of perpetual frost.Bookmark here

Losers shredded their cards.Bookmark here

It was all merely a game.Bookmark here

I arrived at the community center, with Millie in front of me wielding a bow. Part of me contemplated the idea of using the arrow heads to punch me in the throat, but I found that distance was a far better companion. The distance for Millie in her Birkenstocks began to make her feet sore, thus we took a break at the nearest pub, where we partook in various kinds of darkly brewed beers. Along with the drinks, would be bangers and mash. Something that I had always wanted to try, but simply had never gotten around to in my younger years, when all I could eat were bad chicken nuggets at a fast food joints made from some conconction not quite meat. I felt myself becoming stiff in my pants looking at Millie's birkenstock sandals.Bookmark here

"After we kill Dantino, want anything else?" asked Millie.Bookmark here

"What specifically do you have in mind?" I asked.Bookmark here

She stuck out her tongue at me, moving it up and down. "What do you think I have in mind? I know what you like on a bedroom cushion."Bookmark here

I finished my beer, sharpened my punching dagger with a sharpening stone. "I suppose we shall see." After Millie winked at me, I could feel the bottom of Millie's sandal rub against my pants.Bookmark here

"Another drink for me!"Bookmark here

"Wait are you sure, what about tonight?"Bookmark here

"That will be a ways later, I want to get used to not having a sore throat for a while. I still need training to properly do it."Bookmark here

"You did great last time."Bookmark here

"Shush."Bookmark here

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