Chapter 40:

Dantino [ Unedited Part One ]

Uploaded Fairy [ Editing ]

Dantino remember when he ordered his men across the bridge to attack the town on the North Western coast, and how the only one he was able to successfully kill was Millie's brother Aldiel, yet this was not as fulfilling as being watch a sharpened ax head be shoved into the princess's throat. He detested the necks of princesses, especially those of long blond hair in pony tails. He found himself hating Millie, as much for her beautiful appearance as her status on the throne. She had rejected his offers of marriage, and he was looking forward to a fellatio from the girl whom was quite prolific with his tongue across the kingdom, giving this as a reward for those who returned royal treasure. Some of whom went onto become prized nights, whom attempted to fight against him. But instead they would always be crushed by the most stupid of heroic accidents. For example, one of them died from collapsing off a ladder and falling on their head, breaking their neck. But do to the circumstances there was no time for laughter.Bookmark here

He thrashed knitted straw cones for target practice, and his mind tricks on the maids in his castle to lend him some fruit inside of the kitchen. Even if perhaps the only woman he ever wanted was Nadine, he wanted it delightfully entertaining lead lead his servants onto his affections. It was one of has many infections, along with his long dark brown hair. When he would walk through the castle with his long black trench coat, the ladies would always glance in his direction, for some cock they may never get to taste. But he enjoyed nibbling on their tender necks.Bookmark here

Making sure that his sword was extra sharp, he remembered some of the companies of which had fought with Nadine and escaped the castle. The only one he was able to catch was Rassie, whom he prompt had publicly beheaded the following day. But the rest flew away in some magical metallic bird. Placing Rassie's head on a stick, he wanted to make sure to remember her face, and the face of the other girls that Nadine had fought alongside with. The guys he didn't care so much, as it seemed apparent that they were only into each other and not Ellen, Millie, and Rassie. His main thing against Ellen was how she reminded him of Millie's sister Elena. If fact, you could always say that they were twins. He wanted to chop them both off, below their chins.Bookmark here

He was nothing but shit eating grins.Bookmark here

All over the floor, he barfed up some gin.Bookmark here

Nadine and Dantino meet each other at the community center. He raised his curved double edge sword boastfully, as if to declare that he has already achieved victory. And to be fair, if it were not Nadine and Millie, this would be reasonable to expect. As he had been one of the King's most prized of knights.Bookmark here

"You have returned Nadine, my bride." said Dantino.Bookmark here

"I'm only into other girls." said Nadine.Bookmark here

"I suppose I could change your mind!" Dantino resisted a cackle, over what felt like a canned video game response, because he knew that she would see right through affectations. "But now, it seems you have brought me Millie. I want her head!"Bookmark here

Even Nadine had the intention of caving in, she was able to keep just enough of a distance, reaching out with his punching dagger, to give Millie the first strike with her long bow. The arrow struck him in the neck. He buzzed in and out like a broken melting hologram, and promptly ripped it out of his neck. He grimaced, but dealt with the pain. After all, it was nothing like the pain that he had first experienced all those years ago, when he could have become living armor.Bookmark here

"You should already be decommissioned." said Nadine.Bookmark here

"Is that your statement to your loving husband?" said Dantino.Bookmark here

Nadine resisted the temptation to vomit. "I'd rather have my head chopped off with your headman's ax."Bookmark here

"I can grant you that wish, after you marry me. But now I must kill Millie."Bookmark here

Millie shot him with a couple more arrows. But each time he was able to slice the arrows in two while in mid air. They would buzz out like broken hologram projections. Technically he didn't even really need the sword, as he could simply beat her to down with his plaited left arm. But he wanted her head to be completely intact as a prized possession, he wanted to take it like a human under demonic posession. The suggestion that someone like him would marry Nadine made Millie want to throw up, but Nadine had more complicated feelings. She knew that Dantino was right, that indeed she partially liked the idea of her bleeding neck being put on a stick.Bookmark here

But she didn't like the idea of sucking his dick.Bookmark here

She wanted her sucked on by Millie.Bookmark here

Dantino brought out the projection of Nadine's former allies. Initially Nadine could not resist the temptation of their mind game, but when Dantino finally sliced off Millie's head, her curly blond locks rolling on the packed dirt floor, suddenly Nadine broke out of her trance he had her under for so long.Bookmark here

But it was no use, Nadine was his exquisite corpse. He bridge to flow of a deranged French waltz, in the background of a slow flamenco. Then Nadine woke up to the reloading of the game. She found Millie beside her, resting under her arm. And gently playing with her belly button.Bookmark here

It was a simply a game.Bookmark here

The next morning, she was called by Dantino, he wanted to met her over lunch. He mentioned that he had a taste for steak, and wondered if her and Millie might perhaps be interested in having some red meat.Bookmark here

"Sure, I'd love that. But don't kill Millie." said Nadine.Bookmark here

"Why would I do that, when she'd sooner die from undercooked beef?" Dantino said.Bookmark here

"Don't be ridiculous Nadine, this is the new Dantino." Millie said.Bookmark here

Indeed, Nadine thought. It was all merely a game.Bookmark here

A game, through all the petrified forests.Bookmark here

Her game, as her tailored nightmare.Bookmark here

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