Chapter 9:

Chapter 2: The Boy and The Revenant Wing

KurtzPel: <Bringer of Chaos>

Meanwhile, Luke was nestled in the young woman's arms sleeping peacefully. The Valkyrie laughed lightly as she then took a moment to look around her.Bookmark here

It was empty, void of any color aside from their own which made it clear to her that their situation can be at risk though as to what that risk is she did not know for sure. Stroking his hair she again spoke to the child.Bookmark here

"Luke, you need to wake up. We need to begin shou-"Bookmark here

"GRISSSAAA!"Bookmark here

"?!"Bookmark here

A hand suddenly appeared in front of her eyes with its target clearly being the child she deflected the blow with her armguard effortlessly. Caressing him in her arms she swiftly dealt a kick to the mysterious figure who merely absorbed the impact and looked at her with a grim smile.Bookmark here

'Eh? This energy.'Bookmark here

Quickly retreating a distance from her attacker, she held Luke closely as he still continued to sleep as if nothing happened. Taking her cloak, she made a makeshift cradle for Luke to rest in as she kept her eye on her assailant who only then crouched in a stance.Bookmark here

"I know not who you are, but I will not let you harm this child for he is mine to protect."Bookmark here

Stretching a hand forth, light illuminated the area as a blade appeared ever so calmly along with a shield adorned on her back. Taking a stance she readied herself.Bookmark here

"Gri...Grii...GRISSSAAA!"Bookmark here

"Face my resolve!"Bookmark here

The figure spiraled towards the boy with grotesque form as the valkyrie then responded with a leap above her foe and plunging her blade towards her intended target only to be alarmed by the figure's twisted movements looking at her from below as if knowing she would make such an attempt on it as it then reached out for the boy as the blade entered its chest.Bookmark here

However, in the spare moment a soft glow appeared from the figure's chest as the symbol of Bellatos was faintly revealed.Bookmark here

"Gri..."Bookmark here

With the blade inside it, the figure had its hand on the boy's head though not in fury as the valkyrie realized, but in love. She did not realize until the last minute that this was no random monster...but an abomination of Bellatos.Bookmark here

"Be at peace, your son is safe with me."Bookmark here

"...*sobs*..."Bookmark here

The figure caressed Luke's head once more as the blade continued to spill its blood. It soon looked at the valkyrie and nodded as it then grasped her throat all of a sudden.Bookmark here

"Geh...what...are you..."Bookmark here

All of a sudden, memories flashed in her mind as the figure soon dropped dead from exhaustion with the valkyrie left to collect her thoughts. Rubbing her throat, she could only finish the deed as she turned to the corpse as the crest diminished and the figure's appearance reverted to a young man's smiling face with tears streaked across it.Bookmark here

"So, you left a part of yourself at the last moments of your life...even if you were corrupted by Bellatos you still wanted to see him."Bookmark here

Letting her weapons return, she turned to the boy who began to open his eyes only to see her.Bookmark here

"Well, you're awake aren't you?"Bookmark here

As soon as he awoke, the area was soon filled with a grove of trees and a cottage in the midst as if his home was recreated in front of them. Luke was amazed at what he saw and then looked at the valkyrie with a grin.Bookmark here

"Right, let us begin."Bookmark here

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