Chapter 19:

Log 19

New Books

All good things must come to an end. Yet what does such a statement really say? 

What really counts as a good thing? Is it just the good times of the past, the nostalgia blinding us to the truth?

And what about the bad things? Do those come to an end as well, or do bad things continue on unto infinity?

Will I be here long enough to find those answers?

I wonder.

I feel sometimes we get too worked up within our own worlds. We let one minor thing, one little mistake rule the world. And all it really takes is a single misstep.

It can be anything; misplayed trust, a loosely said word, a lack of confidence in a pivotal moment.

Little by little small things roll upon our lives, becoming monsters no human can face.

It was that misplaced trust that got me in the end.

It was this funny trait I had, based on insecurities buried deep down. I found someone who embodied everything I loved, my ideal person.

I couldn't see the faults, the red flags. How could I???? They were supposed to be perfect!

Everything they said was law, my ideal.

It's so easy to say that you'll never fall for their trap. But it's easy, so easy to get entangled in their web. 

For some people, such entanglement will be harmless. Pawns that just serve a single task don't need the commitment to do their part - the queen is a different story.

What do I mean by all this? What does this rambling do?

R.A.F.O I guess.

This story is nowhere over

The Children of all.

If you don't train yourself on the signs, you've already lost.

When Ruby won, I felt a tug on my very soul, but let me tell you how it ended.

After all, were trapped in this hell together. Where the show shall go on.