Chapter 2:

The Tutorial

Shin X Kyoko: Fallen from Grace, but OUR LEVELS will bring US back to the top!

This is not normal, nothing about this is normal. I have no idea what a player is, I can't even comprehend what this glowing box in front of me is! This is all too bizarre, I have no idea what's going on. However, I don't have time to think about unnecessary things. I just need to go with the flow, and figure out things later!

This wretched place I've been plunged into is a pit of execution! Riddled with monsters and hellish beings, I must overcome any adversity and escape! Lest I become food for the depraved that inhabit this place.

I gaze upon the floating neon box again, "Fighter, thief and mage huh?" I begin to deeply ponder my options.

"I'm already quite skilled as a fighter so maybe that would be the best one? But I may also be able to choose something completely different, and learn a new vocation?"

It was a really hard choice, I may regret trying to learn something new, but at the same time, it's also very tempting to explore my other options.

I was then struck with a conclusion, "Wait what if I can do two things? If I learn spells and magic on top of my warrior prowess, I may be able to do a lot more. I think I might just do that..."

I take a long hard look at the "Mage" option, "Learning spells will be useful since I already know how to fight pretty decently." I take a deep breath, and exhale.

"Here goes nothing, I hope I don't regret this later!" I reach out and call to the neon box, "I wanna be a MAGE! Make me into a mage!"

A strange loud chime sounded as I called out my decision, soon the red neon box disappeared and a new one came up.

Congratulations! You have been gifted the <MAGE> class, and have unlocked the following:
- <MAGE> Evolution Tree (Can be viewed at any time)
- 4 NEW spells (Fireball, Chain Lighting, Frigid Wall, Healer's Touch)
- Player Status GUI
- Inventory/Equipment GUI
- Shop

Would you like to view your Status GUI? (You can view your status at any time.)

"What's all this? What up with all these terms? Evolution Tree? Status Console? Inventory GUI?" A puzzled expression streaked across my face, I then read the prompt at the bottom.

"Looks like I can view the status GUI, I should see what that's all about." I then call out to the neon box, "Yeah let me see my status!"

It was then that a much smaller box appeared directly in front of me, but this time the box was a dark cyan blue. "Woah that was quick!" I began to read the smaller blue box.

Level 1 MAGE
Titles: N/A
HP: 50 
MP: 100 
SP: 25

Strength: 5
Dexterity: 1
Intelligence: 10
Sense: 10
Vitality: 5
Luck: 1

Passives: N/A

I begin to scratch my head, I have no idea what I'm looking at but I think I get the gist of it. I then call out to the box, "What does all this mean? What do all those attributes do? At least give me an explanation!"

A small blue box suddenly appeared in front of me as I said this, it read.

Would you like a basic tutorial?
Yes or No

I answered back, "Yes of course I do!"

Soon another small box appeared before me, I began to read it.

Tutorial 1/7:
There are 4 main menus you can navigate through for various purposes.
- Player Status
- Inventory/Equipment
- Evolution Tree
- Skills/Abilities

Each Menu can be opened, closed or navigated by the players will!

Levels are obtained through gaining Experience (EXP)
EXP is mostly gained through quest completion, gaining titles, and slaying enemies!

I nodded my head, "Hmm okay that's good to know, what's next?"

Tutorial 2/7
Player Status Menu: This is where you can view your Status, and raise your attributes as you level up. You can also view your Titles which are gained from accomplishing major feats and victories. 

Your attributes however can only be increased by spending Perk points! Perk points are gained as you level up! You are awarded 5 perk points per level, and 10 perk points every 10 levels!

"Okay I think I got that, what do the attributes do? Next!"

Tutorial 3/7
Attributes and Passives: Attributes determine how strong certain traits are, and how well you fare against enemies or situations!

- Strength: Boosts your overall physical ability and inventory space!
- Dexterity: Increases overall damage and accuracy of bows, as well as how fast/steady your hands are! 
- Intelligence: Increases overall magic damage, Magic Points (MP), MP regeneration, and all cognitive skills! Each point of Intelligence = 10 MP
- Sense: Increases your overall senses, and visual appraisal skills!
- Vitality: Increases your Health Points (HP) and Stamina Points (SP). Also increases HP/SP regeneration! Each point of Vitality = 10 HP + 5 SP
- Luck: Increases your luck! May never know when you may need it!

Passives: These are extra bonuses that the player can equip for extra attributes or stats! Ways to obtain passives vary!

"Sheesh that's a really wordy one, I may have to come back to this later. Anyways next one!"

Tutorial 4/7
Skills and Abilities: This is where you can view all your skills and abilities, as well as your health conditions! Whether blessing or infirmity, you can view all your conditions here!

You can view your class specific skills, as well as read their descriptions!

Make sure to keep this in mind when moving forward! It may just save your life!

"That one was easy, I think I might use this one a lot..."

Tutorial 5/7
Class Evolution Tree!
This is the menu where you can view your class evolutions! Every 10 levels allows you to EVOLVE your class and unlock stronger skills, passives, and even certain titles!

Some Classes even offer extra attributes, and HP/SP/MP!

And in some cases, you can unlock RARE classes if you meet the hidden criteria of the rare class! Plan accordingly so you can discover these!

You can only view unlocked classes and the next locked class, you cannot view classes beyond what's locked!

"Wow this sounds pretty damn cool! I can evolve my class and become stronger! I wonder where I can take this! Hopefully I can become a Arch Spell-sword or.... probably something even stronger..."

"Alright next one!"

Tutorial 6/7
Inventory and Equipment: This is where you can view your inventory and items, and it can be mostly opened at any time. Your inventory space can be increased as titles, strength, and passives are gained, as well as certain classes!

You can store whatever items you have in here but cannot exceed the limit! So choose wisely what you carry!

Equipment is what you wear on your person, whether it be armor or weapons! You can view your equipped items here and see their stats at any time!

"Seems self-explanatory, I think I can remember this one! Alright take me to the last one!"

Tutorial 7/7
Shop: This is where you can buy and sell items! Various items appear in the shop at certain times so be sure to check back frequently!

Shop currency are shop credits (SC). You can gain SC through slaying monsters, selling items and equipment, and quest completion!

You can purchase weapons, armors, potions and quest items at any time UNLESS under special conditions! 

End Tutorial

With that I was finished with the quick but LONG tutorial, honestly it was a lot of information for me to take in at once, but I'm sure I'll become more familiar with it as time goes by.

"Wow okay that was a lot, I guess I just got to focus on the main things for now!"

Suddenly a large green box appeared over my head and let out a loud bugle type sound!

"AAH!? What the hell is that!?" I look up to see the green box hovering over me, it read.

Lucky! One of the Constellations above decided to give you a free gift! Do you accept?
Gift details:
Old Rusty Scythe
Torn Grimoire 
x5 Minor Health Potions
x5 Minor Mana Potions

This completely caught me off guard, what is up with this gift!? And what does it mean that an Admin sent it to me? Is there someone out there watching me? I guess I have no choice but to accept this, just what is going on?

"What? One of the Constellations decided to give me free stuff? I wonder which one did it?" 

I take a closer look at what they actually gave me, "Pfft! Out of all the things they could've given me, they went with a torn spell book and a farming tool! Just my luck..."

I took a deep breath and exhaled, "Yes I accept, thank you I guess, whoever you are."

I reluctantly accepted the gift, and found them in my inventory. My inventory space now read "14/75" Looks like I may have quite a bit of room in there...

I instantly equipped the grimoire and rusty scythe, and saw them materialize right into my hands! "That looked pretty cool, I wonder what magic did that!?" 

In awe, I took a look at the stats:

Old Rusty Scythe: +3 Strength, ???, ???
Torn Grimoire: +3 Intelligence, ???, ???

"Looks like there's some hidden qualities on these items? Well I guess I can't complain too much, beggars can't be choosers." I fastened the Grimoire to my hip, and held the scythe up ready for attack.

"I wonder why I was sent this scythe, it's a very strange weapon to swing around. Plus it's pretty big, I don't think I can swing this around willy-nilly! I should probably practice my new weapons a bit before doing anything too crazy, who knows what else is down here!"

I take a couple practice swings with the scythe hoping to get a more familiar feel with it, but soon realize it's going to take more than just a few swings to get down fully. "I should probably hurry and find a new weapon soon..."

With that, I was all prepared. I think I pretty much understand everything now, I think I should start leveling already, I'm ready for round 2 with these damn spiders!

"Alright I think I'm ready now! I think it's finally time to start round 2!"

I brandished my scythe and readied my stance, before I knew it. All the neon boxes began receding back into nothingness, and time moved again!


Within an unknown constellation that overlooked the dying world, there stood 13 Stars who looked down over the Player as he raised his scythe against his enemies.

One Constellation spoke arrogantly, "I hope those gifts you gave will benefit him! Like what is he supposed to do with that ugly scythe, Hope?"

The Constellation of Hope answered back in a gentle tone, "It's only to bring him hope, you should already know that right Zealous?"

The Constellation of Zeal answered back mockingly, "Pfft of course I know that, who do you think I am? If it was me however, I would've just given the Holy Blade Celestia and been done with it!"

The Constellation of Hope chuckled softly, "Hehe there's more than what meets the eye Zeal, you just have to be patient and see for yourself. Soon it will all come together..."

Then the Constellation of Wisdom chimed in as Hope finished, "Just what on Aria have you given him Hope...? What are the true identities of those gifts you gave?"

The Constellation of Hope replied once more, "You're the Constellation of Wisdom and yet you cannot see? It's simple really, I've just given him hope!"

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