Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 1 "The Redux

Magical God Redux! 落ち込む男から異世界の神へ!

Why isn’t life fair? That’s what I ask myself constantly. I have black hair and brown eyes with a pale complexion. I’m an orphan my parents died when I was 7, were murdered. I was successful in school popular until one day it all changed. They said it was a suicide but I know the truth.

When I was 14 my best friend died. His name was “Ren Hito”, and he was found in a lake near the school I attended. The police say he jumped into a river but I know he would never do that, he was murdered. The person who did it was my jealous ex-girlfriend. I tried to tell the police but no one ever believed me and I broke up with her and then became depressed because of that people called me cold. They made sure to keep their distance and I was labeled a “loner.” Instead, I decided to focus on my grades and talk to no one except for my grandmother, who I was living with at the time.

For a long time, I resented society for how they treated me. Eventually, I was able to crack my shell but, was it too late? After high school, I went into a regular office job specifically accounting. That’s where I am today I’m now 25 and understand the world more. But, it seems like the more I understood about the world the more my hatred grew.

My boss is a lazy old jerk but, today is a lucky day its Friday my payday. And now world war 3 is more likely to happen than ever. I sat at my desk staring at the clouds through the windows at the office. This is what I do when I have free time at work I daydream about how life could have been for me. A last when duty calls I snap out of my dream world and wake up to a cold reality where tons of people die every single day from overwork.

“Hiroshima-Kun! How are you?”

Then there is Mirai Ishida my hot co-worker. She’s older than me by a year, she has long flowing blond hair with bright blue eyes like staring into the ocean. She has an attractive personality with a smile that can light up the room although, she is a bit moody.

“Fine, you?”

“Well, I-I think I have feelings for you.”

Huh! I’ve barely interacted with her. Although maybe I am a good-looking guy after all. What do I say?

“Umm, I feel the same way about you, Ishida-Kun.”

That was the best I had?

“Umm, well do you wanna hang out after work?”

I have free time but, do I feel like it? What am I saying I can’t mess up this opportunity.

“Yeah sure.”

I’m so nervous.

“Well then meet me at Yamato cafe at 7 PM its a date!”


I can’t believe that worked what does she see in a guy like me?

C’mon, I can’t question a hot girl who just asked me out I gotta waste time quickly! I played random computer games as well as a bit of work on the side to waste time. Before I knew it it was 7 and I was walking into Yamato cafe. When I entered the cafe I looked around and saw Ishida sitting at a table drinking a cup of coffee.

“Hey, Hiroshima-Kun over here!”

She waved her hands in the air to grab my attention although I feel its was a bit excessive. I walked over to the table she was sitting at and sat right across from her.

“Hey, Ishida-Kun, I didn’t keep you long did I?”

“No, I just got here myself!”

Should I ask her why she asked me out? No you idiot, she might not like someone who’s not confident in themselves.

“Hey Ishida, may I ask, why did you ask me out?”

Dang, it! I did it anyway!

“To make you my experiment silly!”

What did she just say!? My facial expression became confused and scared in utter shock. She began laughing uncontrollably as I sat there like an idiot just watching.

“Calm down silly, I got you!”

“What do you mean?”

This girl’s crazy.

“It was a joke silly!”

Oh, that makes sense.

“Hey, Hiroshima wanna come and see my new car!?”

Show me her car? I feel like that’s the most boring thing someone could ever do on a date but, okay.

“Okay sure.”

“It’s in the parking garage behind Yamato’s.”

 Is it just me or is she a bit, odd?

I followed to the parking garage behind the cafe. What I meant by following is dragged because she dragged me there with her hands even though I agreed to go with her. As we entered the parking garage I saw a circle almost like a summoning you would see in a fantasy novel about magic and Gods. The circle seemed to be made of blood which made my whole body go cold.

“Ishida, what is that circle doing here?”

“It's a secret go in the middle of it and see!”

She smiled at me which calmed my nerves a bit.


She let go of me and I walked into the middle of the circle. As I walked into the middle of the circle. I took a step back in fear while sweating bullets.

“Ishida what is this!?”

Her smile gave off a demonic-like presence.

“Silly! Just die!”

Those words sent shivers up my spine. I saw her reach for something behind her back as I turned my back to her in an attempt to run away I heard a loud bang. I felt s sharp pain in my stomach around my liver. I lost control of both of my legs and fell back into the middle of the circle. I saw blood begin to leak out onto my clothing and began to feel lightheaded my whole body went numb.

“Ishida why?”

I said weakly clinging to life as Ishida came into my field of vision.

“Don’t worry Hiroshima-Kun, you’ll die soon as a part of my experiment there is a chance that you could be reincarnated into a fantasy world. So please holy one Bizanaus take this sacrifice and grant me immortality!”

So not only is she insane she also, sacrificed me to an evil god! And we all know fantasy worlds don’t exist I’d be lucky to reunite with everyone I lost.

I am angry no. I’ve wanted to die for so long so she’s just doing me a favor. Everything is going gray so is this death. Everything went black and I felt my soul wander in an empty black void for what felt like forever. But, then something felt strange I felt like I was getting all 5 senses back from when I was a Human.

I then felt a strangely calming warmth and then I heard cries which sounded like they came from an infant. And then I went blank all my memories were erased. So I was reincarnated after all. I opened my eyes for the first time. Wait who am I? what am I?

I feel like I lived a previous life. I looked up I was being cradled in my mother’s arms. My mother was astonishingly beautiful and young at that, probably around, 25. She had purple hair and light blue eyes. She was pale but, her smile was all the warmth I needed.

I looked over at my father he looked like he was 16 except for the fact that he was big and menacing looking. He has light pink hair which is tied in a ponytail with black eyes and he has a tan complexion. My hearing then fully awakened my mother’s voice was ruff and harsh which was the exact opposite of how she looked.

“I’m your mother my child and I’ll protect you with my life!” She then turns me to face my father.

“And I’m your daddy you’re gonna grow up big and strong!”

My father’s voice was soft and gentle the polar opposite of his looks. The rest of my sense came to me all at once it was kind of... Overwhelming. I breathed my first breath of fresh air it felt, amazing. I felt my mother’s touch her hands were soft like a blanket. I was so happy this new strange world was fascinating.

“What should his name be?”

My mother asked my father.

“Maho, Maho Yogen.”

My mother smiled.

“Maho, that's a great name.”

5 years later I have short spiky pink hair with light blue eyes, I also have a pale complexion like my mother. And I’m waking up early because yesterday my dad told me something very

important while we were playing outside.

“Maho tomorrow is very important.”

I looked up at him in confusion.


“Because tomorrow is the day you learn about your fate.”

A new word fate.

“What’s fate?”

“Fate is something that everyone has which is given to them from birth by the Magical Gods who rule us.”

I didn’t like the idea of fate being ruled over by a “higher” being. If anything I would want to become a Magical God myself. Then I got curious what were my parents so-called “fates?”

“Hey, daddy what's your fate?”

I looked at my dad with glee waiting for my dad’s response I thought he probably had a fate full of fun and adventure.

“Well, my fate is to take care of you!”

That's lame. “Dad you’re lame.”

His face changed from a calm face to an irritated one at my words. I don’t understand why he got angry at least at first I didn’t until he explained why he was annoyed.

“Maho you can’t say stuff like that.”

“Why daddy?”

“Because that’s being rude.”

“What’s rude I don’t get it.”

Daddy scratched the back of his head.

“Well, rude is saying not nice things to other people which hurt their feelings and make them feel bad.”

Rude is a negative feeling that someone shouldn’t do, I like being rude. The topic of fate popped back into my head.

“Hey, daddy what do you think my fate will be?”

My dad paused to think.

“I dunno that’s in the hands of the Magic Gods.”

“But, I don’t like the Magic Gods.”

I was just stating my opinion I don’t why dad got angry. Dad used his hands to cover my mouth as he looked around to see if anyone heard me.

“Maho… you could’ve cursed us all if anyone heard you. Go to your room now.”

Tears began to form in my eyes as I felt an incredible sadness wash over me.

“But daddy I-”

“Go now!”

I rushed inside the house entered my room and lay on my bed crying. I felt angry at my dad for yelling at me. Did I deserve it? I don’t know but, today’s different today I know my fate!

But, I still don’t like the Magic Gods, not one bit. My mother took me to the town center which was filled with dozens of other kids and their parents. We arrived late due to my mother sleeping in so we were the last in a long line but, the other kid's fates were going by pretty fast. Finally after about 30 minutes of waiting it was my turn. In front of me was an old lady who had gray hair with wrinkles covering her face. She and I made eye contact I felt like I was being judged.

“What is your name?”

“My name is Maho Yogen.”

“Well Maho, this may sting a bit but, be calm.”

I nodded trying to be as brave as I possibly could. I closed both of my eyes and bit my lips as hard as I could causing it to bleed. My mother put her hands on both of my shoulders.

“You’re bleeding! Don’t push yourself so hard.”


I felt the old lady press her thumb on the center of my forehead. Her skin was smooth and soft which most people wouldn’t think by just looking at her. I felt her press deeper and harder on my forehead. The more she pressed, the more the pain increased at one point I began to cry.

Then the pain stopped and turned into a feeling of serenity as my brain released dopamine I opened my eyes and a blue light was emanating from my forehead as she pressed deeper. The light was mesmerizing but, the lady had a look of distress on her face. I wondered why she

looked shocked.

“What’s wrong? Mommy, why does she look like that?”

My mom looked down at me her gentle gaze calming me down.

“I don’t know sweetie.”

The lady stared into my eyes it felt like she was opening up a window to my soul as if she

saw my future.

“This child is special!”

I looked at her and smiled that’s what mommy calls me and she says that it’s a nice thing to say. My mom looked at the lady confused which made me wonder if she knew the lady was complimenting me.

“What do you mean by “special?”

“He is… destined to have the power of a Magical God!!!”

A-A Magical God me? I always knew I was destined for greatness! But, if I am gonna become a Magical God then I’ll be the strongest one ever and abolish fate so anyone can do whatever they want!

“Are you sure about that?”

“Yes, my visions are never wrong.”

My mother seemed, different her body language became nervous and she looked like she was having a massive headache like when I fell off a roof but, now it's different. “Can you please tell me what you saw?”

The lady paused for a moment thinking back to her vision.

“I saw a huge labyrinth and an older version of the boy around 19, was surrounded by an adventurers party at least based on their clothes I assume they were adventurers. Anyway, the boy was impaled on the golden life tree. The boy died. But, then out of nowhere he opened his eyes once again returning to life. But, something is different about the boy he was surrounded by a purple aura, the aura felt menacing and the boy's pupils were blood red with killing intent. It seems that the world tree had given half of its power to another being only giving the boy a partial demonic transformation, at that point, the boy was an evil Magic God. It seems the being who has the other half of the world tree’s power corrupted it with evil causing the reaction in the boy making this unusual transformation. Since it was a partial transformation he wasn’t a full Magical God. I guess you could call him a “Demi-Magic God”. The reason this boy is special is that in the history of the universe no Magic God ever was destined from birth to become one. When the previous Magic Gods all had regular fates or maybe exciting fates but, nothing of this scale. They all became Magic Gods later in life after obtaining power that the realm could not handle. When I looked into his soul I saw something strange, I saw visions of what seemed to be a previous life. Almost as if, his soul was not of this world. Well, not entirely one half of his soul is from this realm and the other half is from an unknown place. That may be the reason for his fate. That’s all I know for now.”

This information seemed to overload my mother’s body she began to shake as her legs began to tremble. 

“So are you saying he’s gonna be evil!?”

“I don’t know my vision ended after that.”

“Are you saying that my boy is not of this world?”

The lady said nothing but, my mother understood her silence.

“I can’t believe it I refuse he may be a God but, to call him an alien, I feel disrespected!”

I felt the tension between the two and decided to defuse the situation with a question that’s been in the back of my mind. The question is when she said “In the history of the universe”, she sounded like she’s been alive forever.

“Hey lady, how do know so much about the universe?”

The lady looked at me and smiled. “It's because I’m immortal!” Immortal? What’s that I’ve never heard that word, not from mom or dad. Mom looked at the lady in shock I didn’t understand why she was shocked.

“What’s immortal?”

The lady’s face becomes one of wisdom

“Immortality is when you can’t die. I’ve been alive since the beginning of Humanity!”

Oh, I wanna be immortal maybe Magic Gods are immortal?

“Dang lady I knew you were old but, not that old!!!”

My mom shouted while holding both of her cheeks in shock. I think mom was being rude. The lady’s face changed from a happy one to an irritated one at my mom’s words. Then I thought how did she become immortal?

“Hey lady, how did you become immortal?”

The lady smiles and looked at me funny. “Well, well, young one, it's because I was a tool created by the Magic Gods!”

“Wow so cool!”

“And this isn’t my true form either.”

Mid-sentence her voice changed from the typical voice of an elderly grandmother to one of a young woman with a gruff voice.

“Because of your fate, only you can see this form so be prepared.”

She disappears in a ball of smoke and when the smoke cleared a young blond-haired woman with yellow eyes who is dressed in a tank top made of Cheetah fur wearing revealing pants made of Cheetah fur. It took me a second to realize the dashing young woman standing in front of me now was the same old lady I saw just seconds ago!


My mother then quickly covered my eyes with her hands. Her hands were sweating she seemed to not want me to look at her.

“I don’t know what you saw but, I don’t trust what this old woman might show you!”

My mom couldn’t see her, unfortunately so now she’s gonna think that the lady is crazy and the lady seemed nice so I didn’t want my mom to be mean to her so, I decided to tell my mom the difference between her old lady form and her true form.

“Mommy, it's not bad it's just her true form!”

“I don’t believe you.”

“I know the difference between her regular form and her true form.”

‘And what would that be?”

They both asked me at the same time. I moved my mother’s hands off my eyes and pointed at the lady’s chest.

“See her regular form’s chest is flat while her real form has a way bigger chest!”

I didn’t know why they had such different reactions. Mom got a flustered while, the lady blushed and giggled to herself. Mom got really angry and I mean really… angry.


“Calm down lady, I just showed him a true form which he’s able to see due to his fate.”

My mom got up and stomped over to the lady and slapped her in the face making a loud thud sound.

“How dare you show a child that form of yours!”

My mom grabbed my hand and began dragging me away.

“C’mon Maho we’re leaving!”

I realized I didn’t even ask her for her name.

“Hey, Lady what’s your name!?”

I shouted because at this point I was quite far away but, I was just barely in earshot.

“My name is Uranaishi!”

Uranaishi huh, that's a nice name I think I’ll meet her again but for now, this is farewell. At this point, my mother dragged me so farther away from Uranaishi to the point where she was out of my field of vision. Mom’s grip tightened and then I looked ahead we were heading toward our home.

“Listen Maho, don’t tell you’re father about your fate or he’ll freak out and panic.”

“Okay, mom.”

My mom told me to lie, but once dad told me not to lie and that it was wrong to lie, I am so confused about what to do!! I and dad were sitting by the lake fishing a few weeks ago, and he brought up the topic of taking what wasn’t yours or “stealing.”

“Listen, son, what do if you take what isn’t yours and someone confronts you about it?”

I paused pondering my answer because what choice I made affected the way my father viewed me… at least that’s how I felt. Then I came to a decision, to deny it even though I know you did it wasn’t the right answer or at least the answer my dad was looking for.

“I know you deny it to save yourself from a lot of trouble.”

My response made my father frown in disappointment.

“Maho… it’s wrong to lie and it's even worst if you are aware of your crime.”

“I’m sorry daddy.”

I wasn’t sorry. Maybe I was wrong but that’s still how I see it. Anyways back to the present, I entered my home to be greeted waving at me. I paused remembering my mother’s words but, then I thought back to what my dad told me back at the lake. I am torn do what my mother said and lying or do I tell the truth and give my dad a heart attack? Never mind that I have to do something!!!

“Hey Maho buddy, tell me what was your fate!?” I looked over to my mom who I could tell by the look on her face was also panicked. I felt that she was going to do something rash… I was correct. My mother rushed over to my side holding my hand tightly. C’mon, mom come up with something believable!

“His fate is…”

She’s gonna fail, isn’t she? I slightly tapped her on her foot with my foot urging her to hurry up and come up with something. She then smiled.

“His fate is?”

It's now than never!

“His fate is, to become a modest farmer. Yeah, that’s right!”

You made it believable and mission accomplished but, did you have to make it sound so lame you could’ve said: “His fate is to become a businessman and make a ton of money!”

But no, I was relegated to a “modest” farmer.

“A farmer huh?”

My father paused and put his thumb on his chin.

“Yeah, that’s right, a farmer!”

Okay, mom, you don’t have to rub it in my face. My father took in a deep breath and closed his eyes.

“Then I’ll bet, he’ll be the best one ever!!!”

My father popped out with excitement and joy at my rather, lame fate. Although, he’s not wrong because, if I put my mind to it I could do anything I wanted… at least that’s what mom tells me every time I don’t want to do something. Now that I think about it, what’s stopping me from changing my fate? After all, I’m supposed to have the power of a Magical God so what’s stopping me from waiting until I get that power and change my fate right now? After all, if you have the power of a God there’s no point in not using that power because if you didn’t, it would just be one big waste.

My mom gets flustered at my father's words while I was relieved that her lie worked although my dad isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, My father put both of his hands on his hips and smirked before throwing both of his hands up in the air.

“Now that we know his fate, I think he deserves a big feast in celebration! Don’t you think?”

“Yes, that sounds like a great idea, honey.”

“Alright, then I’ll whip something right up!”

My father was an amazing cook while my mother… not so much. I realized I never met my grandparents on either side of my family why don’t we invite them over for dinner? So I decided to pop the question.

“Hey, mom dad why don’t we invite my grandparents over for tonight’s dinner? After all, they say it’s good to know your family right?”

 The room went silent I don’t know why though, who are they to not allow their son from seeing his grandparents!? My father face calmed slightly and he managed to smile while my mother’s face remained stone cold.

“See, your mother and I are orphans and don’t know our parents. We had to live on our own. I don’t know about your mother but, I have an older brother his name is “Lucas Yogen” and he’s 27 and he works as a fancy pants magic teacher at some prestigious school in the bordering country of “Tamia.”

Magic teacher, huh? Interesting far more interesting than my dad’s so-called “fate” of taking care of me. I wondered why don’t invite my cool magical teacher uncle over for dinner. I mean he seems to be my only living relative.

“Hey dad, why don’t we invite uncle Lucas over for dinner?” My dad smiled probably not expecting my question.

“Well, you see since he lives in another country I wouldn’t want to inconvenience him by making him travel all the way here in Belouch.”

“Hold on father, and mother if uncle Lucas has a name what are yours?”

“My name is, Yusuke but, to you, I’m dad got it.”

I nodded

“My name is, Fair but, I’m still mom.”

Mom’s body language settled down a bit taking in a deep breath.

“Anyways, Yusuke start cooking dinner I want turkey and cake.”

“Right on!”

My father entered the kitchen and began preparing the food. My and mother sat at the dinner table making sure to be out of my father’s earshot. Orphan, a word that came to my mind when I saw my mother I don’t know why but, it felt so familiar like that word had something to do with me. So I decided to ask my mom what it meant even though, when a word comes to my mind even if I don’t know what it means, I’m naturally able to use it in a sentence correctly just a strange ability I have. But, when I think about orphans I get an extremely sad feeling inside so I decided to ask my mom why that was.

“Mother what does orphan mean, every time I hear the word orphan I get a negative feeling on the inside.”

My mother paused for a moment although, she seemed to have a hint of sadness in her eyes like that word gave her bad flashbacks.

“Or-orphan is a name or rather an insult given to a child when they don’t have a family. It was something me and your father were called by other children growing up. So because we only had ourselves we strived to make our own family become, happy.”

“Orphan is an insult given to a child without a family? But, doesn’t everyone have a family?”

He looked me straight in the eyes.

“Listen Maho, you are lucky and you need to remember that, always. Not only do have a family who loves you very much but, you’re destined to have the magical powers of a Magic God. Most kids don’t have a lot of the things you have. Some people have, to live on their own without a parent to feed and provide for them, every day is a fight for their very existence. Having a family is great and you should always cherish that one day when you have your family remember my words and then pass them down to your kids. Understand?”

I nodded although the idea of my own family flustered me a bit. Then I realized that if me and my mother I both hid my true fate from my father it might cause problems in the future. I felt that if we discussed it sooner than later the consequences would be far less harsh and that I and my mother would have to discuss it in a private conversation such as now.

“Mother we need to discuss something of importance.”

“Like, what?”

I paused wondering how to phrase what I was going to say next.

“We need to tell father about, my true fate soon.”

“But, if we did he would faint, and besides we already lied to him so if we told him now he would be angry.”

I saw a hole in her argument.

“Mother I didn’t lie to him I stayed silent, you were the one who lied to him and he says that lying is wrong.”

My mother became annoyed.

“Furthermore, it wasn’t my decision to come up with a fake story it was yours you forced me to go along with your plan. And if I didn’t you would have accused me of picking sides and if I pointed out to dad what my true fate was he wouldn’t be able to trust you anymore which would have caused problems in the house.”

You know, I don’t mean to be this wordy or technical it just comes to me naturally which makes me sound smarter than I am.

“Fine, then I’ll tell him during dinner is that good with you?”

I smiled and nodded.

“You know sometimes you scare me with your intellect.”

It's not my fault I wish she knew that.

“It's just how I am.”

“Hehe, I know I got you silly!”

Those words sent a tingle up my spine and my blood ran cold like an ice cube.


I heard a ringing noise come from the kitchen. The food was ready.

“Food’s ready!”

Suspicions confirmed. I smelled the sweet aroma of the turkey coming straight out of the oven. My father sat down with us at the dinner table giving me and my mother a piping plate of turkey. The steam coming off the turkey was heavenly and caused my mouth to fill with drool. Then my father joined us at the dinner table with his plate. The dinner table was silent for a moment as we all tried our food.

“The food is delicious, honey.”

“Thanks, babe I’m glad you like it. Now, what about, you Maho? How’s your food?”

I cleared my throat. The turkey was delicious, but it's a bit dry. Since that was my only complaint and to tell the truth and make it sound sincere I decided to tell my father my true opinion of his turkey.

“To be honest father, the turkey is delicious.”

“I’m glad you like it-”

“But, it's a bit dry and not moisturized enough.”

My father’s eyes narrowed but, tried to hide his hostility toward me.

“Feedback noted.”

My mother giggled but, tried to contain her laughter but, she failed and my father noticed her laughter. My father’s face turned red with frustration.


“Oh, it's nothing dear.”

I remembered that my mother was going to tell my father about my true fate. So I decided to remind my mother about what she said earlier. I tapped the top of her foot with my heel and then I nodded. I and my mother made eye contact in understanding.

“Listen, honey, I have something to tell you.”

C’mon mom you can do it!

“Knock, knock.”

My father approached our front door and opened it I wondered who it could be since we don’t get many visitors. Standing in the doorway was a burly man with short, light scruffy pink hair and yellow eyes he also, had a tan complexion and he slightly resembled my father. The man wore a black and white tuxedo with a bandage covering his right arm. He wears thick round black glasses and has a carefree look on his face.

My father's body language looked like he was ready to attack this man. The man’s demeanor stayed carefree as he smirked.

“Long time no see, little brother.”

“Little brother?” This man was my dad's brother and my uncle, Lucas.