Chapter 27:

Season 2, Episode 14



Kobai, Mi, Ni, Mayla, & Xena, all dressed in their night clothes, hang out in Mayla’s room. Mayla, Xena, & Kobai wear gowns while Mi & Ni wear shorts and t-shirts. Mi has her hair tied up in a neat ponytail with the necklace Tyson made for her still holding it.

NI: So then I made a jumped out of the house, ready to sprint across the yard, only to come crashing down to earth. It wasn’t until two days later that it finally switched over.

KOBAI: Disproving that her ability was fully electrokinesis.

MI: That explains that morning when you tried to wake me up.

Mayla’s stomach gurgles unusually.

KOBAI: Your stomach still upset?

MAYLA: It usually takes a week to get back to normal.

NI (to Mi): So, what else shall we catch you up on? The giant carrot. The storm. The mutated prairie dogs!

KOBAI: There were no mutated prairie dogs.

MI: Do you think I believe her?

NI: You could at least ask.

XENA: What’s a prairie dog?

Mi feels her shoulder wound.

KOBAI: Simply put: a type of burrowing weasel.

Mi rotates her shoulder.

KOBAI (CONT’D): They prefer to live in dry, hilly areas.

Kobai notices Mi rotating her shoulder.

KOBAI (to Mi): What are you doing?

MI: Stretching my arm. Is there a first-aid kit around?

MAYLA: There’s one in each building. Is something wrong?

MI: Not for long, I hope.

NI: What what? What is it? WHAT?

MI (gets up): Okay, I need to use the bathroom.

MAYLA: I suppose it’s time we call it a night.

Xena falls to the ground & puffs up into a fur ball. She breathes softly.

MI (leaves room): Good night.

MAYLA: Good night.

NI (jumps up): Guess I better check on Shell. (leave) Good night-y.

Kobai stays in Mayla’s room. Something catches her line of thought.

MAYLA: Are you not tired?

KOBAI: Mi’s been acting strange since she got back.

MAYLA: I guess she is acting a little different.

KOBAI: She helped sweep the house, clean the dishes at lunch, and even tried to help you make all our meals.

MAYLA (slow): Yep. That does sound out of character.

KOBAI: Also, Uncle Luegon came in late when Mi returned.

MAYLA: Are you saying Uncle Luegon knows where Mi was?

KOBAI: He did take four slices of cake out after we cut it. Payment, perhaps?

MAYLA: Are you saying Uncle Luegon hired someone to kidnap Mi? (beat) Though who would really want to kidnap Mi?

KOBAI: The better question is “Why did they keep her this long?”

Curiosity overtakes Mayla.


Shiro talks on the phone to Cassandra. Mayla & Kobai clean dishes together.

CASSANDRA (O.S.) (on phone): Are you sure you can’t come back?

SHIRO (to phone): Finding a place to stay that can also house seven girls is not an easy task.

LUKE (O.S.) (on phone): If you want, you can always move in with me.

SHIRO (on phone): Luke, you should try to find your sister before you go asking for strangers to move in with you.

LUKE (O.S.) (on phone): So cruel yet true as always.

CASSANDRA (O.S.) (on phone): Well, just to help you, I put a job post for you to help out in anyway.

SHIRO (to phone): Thanks Cassandra. Bye.

Shiro hangs up.

SHIRO: I’m going to help Gale in case anyone needs me.

Shiro walks out of the kitchen.

MAYLA: Are we going to ask Uncle Luegon?

KOBAI: Not yet. If we don’t figure out how to do it properly, he may not reveal anything at all.

MAYLA: Aren’t you going a little overboard with this? He’s our uncle, not a spy.

KOBAI: True, but we have only known him for roughly a month and for all we know, he could be hiding things from us.

MAYLA: Dad does as well. What could he hide that makes you think that?

KOBAI: For all we know, he’s hiding an oil well under the barn and is secretly a cheap millionaire holding back his fortune until he dies.

Kobai continues washing dishes.

MAYLA (uncertain): You are Kobai and not Ni in disguise, right?


Mi unplugs a cow from the machine. Her left shoulder feels funny. She takes off her shirt. Her shoulder wound is bleeding again.

Mi locates the first-aid kit nailed next to the front door. She unwraps her shoulder.

Ni sneaks through the cows. She spots Mi. the bandage around Mi’s are comes off, exposing her scarring bite.

NI: Wow! That looks awesome!

MI (places hand on shoulder): It feels terrible.

Mi heats up her hand in an attempt to cauterize the wound.

NI: How did you get it?

MI: I got in a fight with a wolf. (shows her necklace) Got three trophies for surviving it.

Ni looks closely at Mi’s necklace.

NI: This is its tooth.

MI: Yep.

NI: Did you make this yourself?

MI: No. One the guys I was staying with made it as a birthday present. It works well for a ponytail holder.

Ni looks at Mi’s side wound.

NI: Can I touch it?

MI: Just be careful.

Ni feels the wound. The wound feels rough like sandpaper and gooey in some ways.

NI: Oh. This is gross.

MI: Who are you to tell me what’s gross?

NI: It’s still cool, though.

Mi removes her hand from her shoulder. The bleeding stopped. She opens the first-aid kit and grabs bandages.

NI (CONT’D): So what was he like?

MI (holds out bandage): Mind giving me a hand?

Ni grabs the bandages and wraps Mi’s wound.

MI (CONT’D): Basic farm boy, nothing too special.

NI (hinting): So it was a boy…

MI: Finish wrapping.

Ni continues wrapping Mi.

MI (CONT’D): He wasn’t bad. First thing he did was hold a shotgun to my head.

Ni stops what she’s doing and looks up at Mi.

NI: Did he shoot?

MI: He would have if I messed with his brother.

NI: How many?

MI: Boys or brothers?

NI: Boys.

MI: Two. One has some kind of brain problem, I think. Still nice. Calls me “Ladybug” because of my hair.

Ni ties up the bandage.

MI (CONT’D): They live right down the road, but that’s not saying much around here. Down the road is about an hour walk just from the driveway.

Mi puts her shirt on.

NI: Did they see it?

MI: See what?

NI: Your fire. Did they see it?

MI (hesitant): Yes.

NI: *gasp* What did they say? Did they call you weird? Did they try to call some secret underground agency that would dissect you?

MI: I only showed Tyson. I don’t think his parent know.

NI: But he’s their son.

MI: Do I tell dad everything?

NI: But they must be best friends. Think about it. All alone with almost no friends. Who else can you turn to?

MI (walks out): You lost me at “Think.”

NI: I have ideas. Sometimes.



Mi walks outside. Kobai stands outside waiting for Mi.

KOBAI (in Mi’s face): I have some questions about the family in which you stayed with that I would like answered.

MI: Could you get out of my face first?

KOBAI (backs off): Fair enough. Tell me what happened.

MI: Not much. I stayed, I helped a bit… and I showed one of them my fire.

KOBAI (curious): You did? To whom?

MI: The son. I told him to keep it a secret.

KOBAI: Do you really believe he will?

MI: Have you been hanging out with Ni?

KOBAI: Frankly, yes, but that is not my only bases for doubt. Most families that live in an isolated environment where contact with other people is limited creates a stronger bound between family members.

MI: So what you’re saying is… he might have told them?

KOBAI: The odds of him divulging to his parents are about 76%.

MI: So the whole family probably knows.

KOBAI: Most likely.

Mi thinks about that.

MI: I guess it was bound to come out someday. I think it was worth it.

KOBAI: I haven’t factored in 22% of it, but I can suspect that the odds of him keeping his promise are 2%.

MI: Geez, you have high hopes for me.

KOBAI: That and the fact that I lack proper evidence to back up my calculations. (walks off) Now I shall interrogate Uncle Luegon on the matter.

Mi shakes her head and drags behind Kobai.


Luegon tunes a tractor.

KOBAI (O.S.): Greetings, Uncle Luegon.

Luegon finds Kobai sitting on the tractor. Mayla stands at the entrance just watching.

LUEGON: What you girls up to?

MAYLA: I think an interrogation.

KOBAI: Correct. (floats) Now then, (lands on Luegon) Would you care to explain what happened to Mi during her absence?

LUEGON: Would you mind getting off me?

KOBAI: That is irrelevant to the situation. Now then, tell us-

Luegon grabs Kobai’s arm and lifts her off him. Kobai squeals in pain.

LUEGON: If I say get off me, I mean get off me. Got that?

KOBAI (in pain): Yes sir.

Luegon puts Kobai down. Mayla sighs at Kobai’s actions.

LUEGON: Your sister, Mi, was at our neighbor’s place. As far as what happened, you can ask them yourself.

Mi & Ni walk in.

KOBAI: And how long would it take to get to said neighbors?

MI: About an hour by foot. Maybe two.

NI: How about we go visit them? Just knock on the door and say “Hi, we’re the neighbor’s family. Sorry that our sister ended up on your front lawn.” And they’d be like (old, cranky man) “Oh that girl was nothing but trouble. We fed her to the wolves but even they wouldn’t take her.” (normal) “You have wolves? Can we see them? (old, cranky man) “Them wolves hadn’t had a good snack in a while. Go ahead.” (normal) And then, once we get into the cage, we’ll go commando on those wolves, whip their tails and say to them “HOW DARE YOU TRY TO HAVE OUR SISTER FOR DINNER?” Take the place and build an amusement park nearby. It’s genius!

Everyone in the barn just looks at Ni with questionable expressions, mainly trying to figure out how to response.

KOBAI: Wolves are nearly impossible to raise.

LUEGON: It might be worth it to go by and tell them thanks for taking care of Mi.

MI: I talked to dad about it yesterday. He agrees with that.

NI (jumps around barn): Yeah! Field trip! A literal field trip!

Ni rambles into a tangent as she jumps.

MI (to Mayla): Do you think you can help me make something?

MAYLA (off guard): Okay…

KOBAI: Are you planning a bribe to make sure the son has not told his parents about our powers?

Mayla is lost.

NI (jumping): Penguins in the fields!


Sadie sweeps the front porch. The Tulsen’s van pulls into the yard. Shiro gets out of the driver’s side. Mi gets out of the passenger’s side carrying a plate.

SADIE: I thought I saw the last of you a few days ago. (sees Shiro) I’m guessing you’re her father.

SHIRO: Nice to meet. I’m Shiro, Mi’s dad & Gale Herron’s brother. I just wanted to say thanks for looking after my daughter.

Tyson & Daniel come around back.

SADIE: Thanks is one thing. This one here gave me some problems.

DANIEL (runs to Mi): Ladybug!

Daniel rams into Mi with a hug.

MI: Woah. Daniel. I’ve got a hot plate in my hands. I don’t want to drop it on you.

SHIRO: My girls wanted to say thank you to you and your family. Is that alright?

SADIE: Are they all like her?

SHIRO: None of them are identical in personality.

SADIE: Fine.

Ni blasts out of the van and rapidly shakes Sadie’s hand.

NI: Hi. I’m Ni. Mi’s triplet sister. I like soccer. I like all sports. Do you have a wolf pin? Are there any rabbits sleeping under your bed? Do you believe in pixies?

Sadie looks at Ni as if she is a rabid animal on her leg.

Mayla, Koabi, & Calif come out of the van. Mayla spots Tyson beside the house.

SHIRO: Ni, down.

NI (lets go): Nice to meet you.

Daniel takes the plate and runs it up to Sadie.

SHIRO: Sorry about it that. She’s the loose cannon of the group.

SADIE: Boy. And I thought she was hard enough.

SHIRO: You get use to it after ten years.

Daniel sees something in the back of the van.

SHIRO (CONT’D): Is your husband around?

Daniel crawls into the van.

SADIE: He’s out in the fields right now. Should be back around dark.

Daniel sees Xena in a fur ball.

SHIRO: Long day, huh?

Daniel reaches for Xena.

SADIE: Our tractor has been acting up. He’s running it slower just to make sure it stays together.

SHIRO: I think my brother-in-law can help him with that.

Xena jolts out the side of the van and makes for the corn stocks. Daniel comes out of the van.


Mi, Ni, & Tyson rush into the field.

KOBAI (loosen shirt): No point now.

Kobai lets her wings out, flies into the sky, and soars above the corn field.

Sadie drops her broom. She freezes in disbelief.

SHIRO: I guess nothing interesting did happen.

Sadie stands frozen like a statue.


Mayla, Ni, Mi, & Tyson scour the field trying to find Xena. Kobai keeps an eye in the sky. All call out for her.

BOOM Ni enlarges corn stocks to let her travel across field faster.

Mi searches the field. She & Tyson bump into each other.

TYSON: Are we always going to meet in the corn field?

MI: Not now, Tyson. Have you seen a ball of fur running about?

TYSON: I take it that’s your sister?

MI: You seem very calm by that.

Overhead, Kobai soars by and Ni launches herself.

TYSON: How tall is she?

MI: Almost 4 feet.

TYSON: Is she the one who’s scared of strangers?

MI: Gravely. If you find her, don’t approach. Just yell out.

TYSON: I’ll just stick with you in case you miss her.

MI: Okay. Let’s hurry.

Mi & Tyson continues searching together.


Shiro & Sadie sit on the porch. Daniel plays with a stick and a caterpillar.

SADIE: So one of them breathes fire, one can fly, one can clean with her hair, one is hair, and one is a chameleon…

SHIRO: Basically.

Daniel has the caterpillar on the stick.

SADIE: That explains that night with the tub.



Mayla calls out for Xena.

MAYLA: Xena! Where are you! Xena!

Elsewhere in the field, Mi & Tyson search together.

MI (calls out): Xena! It’s okay! Tyson won’t hurt you!

TYSON: Should I call out as well?

MI: Don’t. She’ll only run the other way. (calls out) Xena!

Ni leaps over the tops of the field with giant stocks of corn that go back to normal once she gets off.

NI (in the air): Xena!

Ni falls back into the corn.

NI (in the air): Xena!

Ni falls back into the corn.

NI (in the air): Xeny! Xeny Xeny Xeny!

Ni falls back into the corn.

Mayla, Mi, & Tyson meet up.

MAYLA: Did you find her?

MI: Nope.

MAYLA: Who’s he?

MI: Right. Mayla, this is Tyson. Tyson, this is my oldest sister and mother figure, Mayla.

TYSON: “Mother figure?”

MAYLA: It’s a long story.

Ni lands.

NI: Nothing. Not even a hair. How hard is it to find someone in corn?

TYSON: I’m guessing you’ve never tried to find a needle in a haystack.

MI (at Tyson): Don’t say that. She’s never heard that expression before.

NI: Wait, you can lose needles in haystacks? (beep) What’s a haystack?

Kobai lands.

TYSON: She’s the ditz.

MI: Yep.

KOBAI: Well, now that that is settled, I propose a new strategy that should be thirteens more beneficial to your farm, Mr. Tyson, and help us find Xena faster.

TYSON: She’s the smart aleck.

MI: Yep.

MAYLA: Great. What is it?

KOBAI: First, Ni, Mi, boy-

TYSON: You just said my name.

KOBAI: Vacate the field.

NI: “Vacated” what?

MI: She means “leave.”

NI: How is that going to help?

Kobai grabs Mayla’s hair and telepathically agitates it. Ni shudders and launches herself, Mi, & Tyson out of the field.

At the house, Shiro & Sadie can see Mi, Ni, & Tyson flying through the air.

Ni creates a dirt slide that guides her, Mi, & Tyson to the house. Sadie is in shock by the sudden slide in her yard.

Ni jumps off the end and tries to do a spectacular landing. Mi & Tyson slide off.

MI: Hey Dad. This is Tyson.

The slide disintegrates.

SHIRO: Where’s everyone else?

In the field, a gigantic blob of Mayla’s hair rises over and through the field with Kobai flying just about it. Mayla acts as the peak of the blob.

The blob covers the field, picking ears of corn of the stocks and sliding them to the front of the house.

Mi, Ni, Tyson, & Shiro watch. Sadie can not keep her eyes away from this unexplainable sight. The blob peaks out.

Kobai looks around the blob. Mayla lays facing up.

MAYLA: Should I try to move?

KOBAI: I wouldn’t advise it.

Kobai finds Xena floating in the center. She dives into the blob and swims towards Xena.

TYSON: Is this normal?

MI: Not on this scale.

Kobai catches Xena and swims to the side of the blob. Corn continues to flow to the side. Kobai & Xena come out the blob near the house.

KOBAI: Found her.

SHIRO: That’s good but what about that?

Kobai looks at the blob. She looks up at the clear sky.

KOBAI: I guess this would have been better to do when there is even a remote chance of rain.

Mayla pulls herself off the blob.

POP The blob’s surface tension disappears, and the goo disperses, flooding the field. Shiro, Kobai, Xena, Calif, Ni, Mi, Tyson, Daniel, & Sadie get engulf by the goo yet stay put.

The goo dissipates, leaving behind a few patches of it and leaving the yard sparkling clean.

Mayla falls to the ground. She lands on her hair which rebounds and surrounds Mayla in a bubble of goo.

SHIRO: Well, at least everyone’s safe.

Sadie passes out.


The goo melts all over the yard. Shiro, Sadie, Mayla, Kobai, Mi, & Tyson sit on the porch. Xena, Daniel, & Ni play in the yard. Calif waits next to the van.

MAYLA: They seem to be having fun.

KOBAI: I can assume the reason that Xena is enjoying playing with Daniel is because of his childish nature, similar to Josiah, making him less threatening to her.

MAYLA: Yeah… That makes sense…

SHIRO (to Sadie): Nice little farm you got here.

SADIE: It’s not much. We’ve been wanting to grow more besides corn & cotton.

SHIRO: Do you have any animals?

SADIE: Just some chickens in the back.

SHIRO: You need to keep an eye on them. Chickens attract anything. (beat) Even wolves.

MI: She told you, didn’t she?

SHIRO: Show me.

Mi takes off her shirt, showing her bandaged shoulder & side wound that is scaring. Mayla & Kobai see the wound.

MI: It’s not as bad now.

SHIRO: And why didn’t you tell me?

MI: I just got back. I didn’t want to worry you anymore. Sorry.

Thomas drives up on tractor.

THOMAS: Why didn’t someone tell me we had company?

SHIRO (stands up): It’s okay. I’m Shiro, Mi’s dad. I just came by to say thank you.

THOMAS (grabs Shiro’s hand): Nice to meet you. You sure got a fine daughter, there. She’s been helpful around here.

SHIRO: Really?

KOBAI: I believe you just said a paradox, sir. “Mi” and “helpful” never appear in the same sentence unless-

NI (runs by): Peeper hands!

SHIRO: My oldest and Mi made y’all something.

THOMAS (walks to Sadie): That’s mighty nice. What is it, a pie? (checks) Keesh. Now that’s fancy.

Shiro unlocks the van. Calif climbs right on in.

SHIRO (calls out): Okay, Tulsen girls, say by and get in.

Mayla & Kobai get up.

MAYLA: Thank you for looking after our sister.

NI: Thank you for looking after our sister! I hope we can come again! (bolts into van) BYE!

Xena runs to the van.

KOBAI: Farewell, Mr. & Mrs. Dougell

Mayla & Kobai head for the van.

MI (gets up): Well, it was good seeing y’all again.

Shiro eyes Mi.

TYSON: Anytime. Just don’t be a stranger next time.

MI: I won’t be. (heads to van) Bye, Thomas. Bye, Sadie.

Tyson heads inside.

THOMAS: Sorry you couldn’t stay long.

SHIRO: It’s all right. We were only planning on dropping the keesh off, anyways.

THOMAS: I hope we’ll we get to see you around.

SHIRO: I think we’ll be seeing each other more often than you think. (walks to van) Nice meeting y’all.

THOMAS: What does he mean by that?

SADIE: Hon, I need to tell you something.


Mi, Ni, & Kobai sit in the back. Calif & a sleepy Xena sit in the middle.

NI: They seemed nice. Hey Dad, can we go back there sometimes?

SHIRO: Just be home by 10.

MAYLA: Hey, Mi. Why did you want to make that keesh?

MI: Caused them enough trouble. Thought I’d say sorry.

MAYLA: But how come you didn’t tell us about the wolf?

MI: It’s fine now. My shoulder still bleeds but it should be fine in a week. Everything’s fine.

SHIRO: I’m sure it is.

MI: You’re not mad at me, Dad?

SHIRO: I’m just glad that you’re okay.

MI: Thanks.

Shiro looks back at Mi in the mirror. He knows something is going on that Mi doesn’t want to admit yet.


The van drives on home.