Chapter 30:

Season 2, Episode 17



A storm rolls over the farm. The girls & Josiah sit around the living. Kobai reads a book on the ceiling. Mayla plays with Josiah.

MI: Bored.

CALIF: Bored.

XENA: Bored.

NI: Super bored.

MI: I didn’t expect you to be bored, Xen.

XENA: I wanted to check on Callem.

MAYLA: What’s wrong with Josiah?

XENA: I wanted to see how Callem was doing.

KOBAI: Relax. He’s only partially blind. Your concerns are over inflated.

MI: Is that even a condition?

KOBAI: When applied properly.

The girls continue as they were.

CRACK Lightning strikes nearby. Xena puffs up. Power goes out. Kobai closes her book.

KOBAI: Swell.

NI: So now what? (beat) Hey, let’s see if the basement’s flooded.

Mayla shutters.

MI: May, are you okay?

MAYLA (shutters): Yeah. I’m fine.

NI: Oh, forgot. Whoops.

MI: “Whoops” what?

NI: What? Did you forge- Oh, right. You were gone that time.

MI: What time?

NI: Hee hee hee. Sit back, young sister, as I tell you the tell of “Mayla & the Haunted Basement.” MUWHAHAHAHA!


A pile of dirty clothes lays on the floor. Mayla looks at the clothes with no idea what to do.

Gale hums in the hallway.


Gale carries a hamper downstairs.

MAYLA: Aunt Gale.

GALE: What’s up… Mayla?

MAYLA: Correct. Do you have a washing machine around here?

GALE: Want to try a wash basin?

MAYLA: If that’s what you have-

GALE: I’m only joking. Though we do have one if you want to use it. Come on and I’ll show you.

Gale & Mayla walk downstairs.


Gale walks around to the side of the staircase.

GALE: See that notch in the wall?

Mayla looks at the wall. A small hole big enough to slip your hand into lays inside the wall.

GALE: Let me show you.

Gale puts her hand into the hole and lifts it up.

CLICK Something unlocks.

Gale pulls the hidden door open. Only darkness lies inside. Nothing in sight. Mayla stares down the ominous void. A cold breeze comes from inside.

Something comes up from the void. In sets it sights on Mayla. The thing races straight towards Mayla’s face.



A book flies straight into Ni’s face.

Kobai comes down from the ceiling.

KOBAI: Could you please keep the story to what actually happened?

NI: What? I can’t spice it up a little. I’m sure Mayla-

Ni sees that Mayla has passed out due to scary story. Ni feels sorry for Mayla.

KOBAI: Going back to the reality of the story-

MI: Question: is that hole real?


MI: Okay. Continue.


The door opens, letting light into the grim basement covered in cobwebs and possibly littered with cockroaches. A washing machine and dryer lie at the other end of the room. A few other things in storage lie down here.

Gale struts down the stairs and straight to the machines.

Mayla eases into the musty underground room. The place looks like something from one of Ni’s (good) horror movies, only creepier by the fact that it’s real… and right under her feet each day.

Gale dumps the clothes into the washing machine.

GALE: It’s a good storm cellar. (puts detergent in) We have three. One’s in the barn and the other is in the spare house. (closes machine) Luegon wants to add one in the fields just in case.

Gale sets the washing machine.

Mayla’s face gets caught in a web. She freaks out and falls down the stairs.

GALE: You alright?

Mayla spits cobwebs out.

GALE: Yeah, I know. But no point wasting money on supplies when no one’s gonna visit to see it. Luegon plans to move them upstairs. Figures it might be safer with Josiah and all.

Gale heads out of the basement. Mayla runs after her.


Gale closes the basement door. Mayla catches her breathe. Shiro walks in.

GALE: There you go, sweetheart. Just make sure you close it when you’re done.

SHIRO: Showing her where the machines are?

GALE: Yep.

SHIRO: Well I guess it is about time for them to do their laundry. Thanks for letting them borrow your clothes.

GALE: Hey, they were just sitting there anyways.

Shiro sees the terrified Mayla catching her breathe.

SHIRO: Of course.

GALE: What? Something wrong?

SHIRO: Mayla’s not the biggest fan of scary places. Or of scary anything for that matter.

GALE: Really?

SHIRO: Remember that old marionette mom painted herself?

GALE: Don’t remind me. (to Mayla) Sorry I didn’t realize, dear. If you want, I can do y’all’s laundry myself.

MAYLA: It’s okay.

GALE: Are you sure? It wouldn’t be much of a hassle.

MAYLA: It’s okay. I mean you’re doing a lot of for us: letting us stay here while we have no place, letting us borrow your clothes & eating your food-

SHIRO: Mayla, it’s okay. I used to live with her so it’s fine. (to Gale) See. It will help her if you just let her help around a bit.

Gale considers. Mayla stands there with a naturally innocent look.

GALE: Okay. If it’s too much for you, you can wait until Luegon has moved it upstairs. Okay?

MAYLA: Yes ma’am.

Mayla heads upstairs.

GALE: Never seen a child determined to do laundry before.

SHIRO: It’s best not to fight her.


Ni with her cyan hair darts around the barn looking at everything in sight. Xena, Calif, & Kobia watch some piglets in a pen in the barn.

NI: This place is amazing. Hey, Xena, do you mind if I spend the night in here sometimes?

Mayla walks in carrying a hamper.

XENA: Sure.

MAYLA: Xena, do you have any clothes I can wash?

CALIF: Is it laundry day?

MAYLA: I thought it was about time.

Xena scurries over to the ladder and climbs up the rafters.

NI: Where is the washing machine?

KOBAI: Fair point. I haven’t seen it at all.

MAYLA: Aunt Gale showed it to me. It’s in the- the- the-

NI: THE what?

MAYLA (nervous): Th-the-the b-b-b-b-b-b-

NI: B. B b b b b… Bouy? Banks? BIKINI?

KOBAI: Bathroom, bedroom… basement.

Mayla nods nervously.

NI: That was going to be my next guess.

CALIF: You kept naming beach stuff.

Xena comes down with a pile of dirty clothes in her arms and puts them in Mayla’s hamper.

NI: What? No one else wants to swim? (to Mayla) Do you need our clothes?

MAYLA: I’ve already got them. (turns around) Well, better get started.

Mayla stands fixed to the ground holding a loaded hamper. She does not flinch a muscle. Kobai, Ni, Calif, & Xena look at their statue of a sister.

NI: Aren’t you going to get started?

MAYLA: That’s what I’m doing.

CALIF: But the machine is in the house.

MAYLA: That’s where it is.

KOBAI: You’re scared of the basement, aren’t you?

MAYLA: Sc-sc-sc-scared? Wha- what gave you that idea? It’s just a basement. I should be fine.

Kobai just gives a look that says, “You are a terrible liar.” Ni seems excited, possibly about fighting something.

NI: Ha ha. Fret not, dear sister, for we, your four daring sisters-

Xena has fled to the rafters.

NI (beat): Okay three daring sister- (beat) Shall help you in your quest to vanquish the beast of the basement. (beat) Oh, I like that. “Beast of the Basement.” That sounds nice. Someone right that down.

KOBAI: Simple put, we shall assist you in venturing into the basement.

MAYLA: You don’t have to. Really.

NI: Sis, we’ve got your back, even if you should since you’re the oldest-

KOBAI: Not helping, Ni. Aside from the decaying tangent, we will help you.

Mayla swallows.


The door opens. Kobai, Ni, Mayla, & Calif look down into the bowls of the Tulsen farmhouse. Ni looks ready to fight. Mayla looks down in fear. Calif is disgusted by the décor. Kobai just sees a room.

CALIF: I see why you don’t want to go down. This is-

NI (walks in): Amazing.

Kobai steps in.

KOBAI: You coming?

Calif sits on the floor.

MAYLA: I’ll just wait for you two to finish looking around.

KOBAI (grabs Mayla): Come on.

Kobai pulls Mayla into the basement. Ni watches a spider make a web.

Kobai brings Mayla up to the washing machine.

NI: This place is amazing. Though, I can see why you don’t want to do your laundry down here. Kind of ruins the point of cleaning it.

KOBAI: It’s close to the water line and out of the way of everything else.

NI: Still covered in spider webs and dust. I kind of wonder if there’s a skeleton down here.

Mayla shivers.

NI (CONT’D): Let’s see if there is one.

KOBAI: Ni, you are not helping. Besides, why would someone hide a skeleton in their basement?

NI: It’s the countryside. How often do murders get reported?

Mayla shivers more.

KOBAI: Murder is not the only way a skeleton could be down here.

Mayla cannot handle the thought of a skeleton down there.

KOBAI (CONT’D): Another reason that a skeleton might be down here is because-

MAYLA (explodes): Can I just do the laundry!

Kobai heads upstairs and out of the basement. Ni follows.

KOBAI (O.S.): We’ll be upstairs if you need us.

Mayla puts the hamper on the floor.


Calif runs upstairs. Ni & Kobai head out through the front.

NI: So what are the other ways a skeleton could end up in a basement?

Ni closes the front door behind her.

Silence take over on the house. The door to the basement remains open.

Josiah comes out of the living room. He sees the open basement door and runs to it.


Mayla puts a load of clothes in the washing machine.

Behind her the door slowly closes.

Mayla pours detergent in and starts the machine. The sounds of water flowing through the pipes echo all around. The sounds leave Mayla uneasy.

SLAM The door closes.

CLICK A latch locks.

The sounds of the basement send chills throughout Mayla’s body. She slides her feet and makes her way to the door. The creaking of the flowing pipes seems to get closer with each gallon that goes through.

Mayla reaches the steps and makes her way up. The stairs squeak with every step.

Mayla finds the door closed. She tries to open it. The door is locked.

MAYLA (calls out): Hello. Hello. Hello.


Josiah sits in front of the door to the basement.

MAYLA (O.S.): Hello.

Josiah laughs.

Mayla tries to open the door to no avail.

The creaking of the pipes stops. The washing machine stops.

Sound seems to have disappeared.

The ominous quite of the basement starts to take hold of Mayla. She begins to hyperventilate. Every second she remains inside the room feels as though someone or something is approaching her.

The room appears to get smaller and smaller. Mayla reaches for the handle on the door but can’t find it.

Mayla’s panic triggers something.


Vague clips of Mayla’s memory play in her head. Unclear… distorted… only darkness…


A familiar voice. A young Mayla, calling to her mother.


No response. Absolutely nothing. All that exist is nothing.

WOMAN: …un away…

A stranger’s voice pops into Mayla’s head.


A light fades in.


The light grows brighter and dingy as it grows, almost as if something is burning.


From the malice light, a giant dark hand reaches towards the screen.



A grasshopper sits in the driveway in front of the porch. Calif tries to get a good angle of the grasshopper. An easel stands next to her.

Ni & Kobai sit on the porch. Ni lays upside with her head off the porch. They watch the artist at work.

Calif’s pristine talent for perfection keeps her fixed on the grasshopper.

NI: Do you think it’ll fly away before she even gets a brushstroke on it?

KOBAI: Grasshoppers can stay still for a long time if left undisturbed.

NI: Like Mi when asked to do her homework?

KOBAI: Very fitting comparison.

Calif seems to have found the right angle. She takes her time to make sure everything is perfect.

KOBAI: Did you know there is a type of cricket that puts itself in a state of suspended animation when it hibernates?

NI: Really. What does that mean?

Calif begins her painting. Shiro walks out.

SHIRO: Has Mayla finished the laundry yet?

NI: No.

KOBAI (checks watch): Now that you mention it, it has been over three hours. By this point, she should be done with at least two loads.

Shiro heads inside. Ni & Kobai follow. Calif paints.

The grasshopper flies off. Calif pouts.


Shiro finds the basement door closed. He opens the door.


The door opens, revealing Mayla passed out at the bottom of the staircase in a pile of her goo.

SHIRO (rushes down): Mayla!

Shiro picks up Mayla, sets her up, and wipes the goo off. Mayla’s face is covered in tears.

SHIRO (wakes her up): Mayla. Mayla, are you alright? Mayla.

No response. Shiro picks up Mayla and brings her out of the basement. Ni & Kobai look down.

NI: Mayla!


Shiro takes Mayla to the living room.

KOBAI: Is she okay?

SHIRO: I don’t know.

NI: What should we do?

SHIRO: Get me something with a strong smell.

Ni runs down into the basement.


Shiro lays Mayla down on the couch. He checks her forehead. Kobai walks in.

KOBAI: Does she have a fever?

SHIRO: She’s warm but not feverish.

KOBAI: Do you think she passed out due to overstimulation?

SHIRO: You mean she was scared to death? I don’t doubt it.

Ni runs in holding a very stinky sock.

NI (hands to Shiro): Will this work?

Shiro goes to smell but the stench is strong enough to be smelled from arm’s lengths.

SHIRO: Plenty.

Shiro holds the sock up to Mayla’s face. Mayla reacts and wakes up.

NI: Mayla, are you all right?

SHIRO: Give her some time.

Mayla opens her eyes. She finds herself on the couch in the living room. She finds that she is surrounded by Shiro, Ni, & Kobai.

MAYLA: Dad. What’s going on?

SHIRO: You were passed out at the bottom of the basement steps. How do you feel?

MAYLA: I don’t know. I remember seeing something… Something familiar… yet I don’t know what…

KOBAI: Should I make some tea or something?

SHIRO: That might help. There are tea bags in the cabinets.

KOBAI: Which ones?

SHIRO: Just look and you’ll find one.

Kobai makes for the kitchen. Shiro looks after Mayla. Ni stays by Mayla’s side.



Everybody in the room has a cup in their hands. Mayla sits wrapped in a blanket with Xena. The storm sounds as if it is lifting.

KOBAI: After we found Mayla, Shiro talked to lugeon about going ahead and moving the machines upstairs. The room was already built. All of us would were able to pull them out from down there helped and Mayla has not been down since.

MI: So there was no monster down there. Just spiders and such. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. You do get scared when we watch on of Ni’s Zombie Bore Fest things.

NI: ZOMBIE HORROR PARTY. And those are amazing.

MI: -ly bad.

NI: Don’t make me put Zippy on you. His zipper hands can crush you faster-

KOBAI: Zippers are ineffective as a compressive weapon. The few ways one good be killed by one are practically impossible.

NI: You just don’t an amazing thing when you see it.

MAYLA: I bet it is…

MI: Do you remember what caused you to pass out?

Mayla looks at her drink. Xena, Kobai, Ni, Mi, & Calif wait for Mayla’s answer.

MAYLA: Not really.

KOBAI: I’m not surprised. Most people who pass out usually forget up to a minute of what happened before they passed out. For all we know, it could something as simple as a spider crawling down on a new thread.

MI: I’m just fine with the fact that you are okay. Sorry if I wasn’t here to help.

MAYLA: It’s okay. We all have our problems.

NI: Isn’t that what we are here for?

KOBAI: In your case, you are more so the instigator of problems rather than a solution.

NI: Take that back and tell me you love me as a sister.

MI: We can’t. We lost the receipt.

MAYLA: Don’t you hate when that happens?

Kobai, Mi, & Ni were not expecting Mayla to join in. An awkward silence breakout between the four of them.

Evening sunlight breaks into the room.

CALIF: Pretty.

The girls look out the window. The sky is painted with the breaking clouds of a finished storm. A nice view to end the day on.