Chapter 0:

Prologue i

Reincarnated as a God without an origin

  "what happened to me?! Is this the after life?!"

I shouted as I abruptly open my eyes to find myself in space.

I mean literal space, I could see stars and some mass of rocks I could not really identify, racking my brain made me remember what just happened to me.

I had been so physiologically stressed that I end up walking right into the path of an incoming bus.

Don't get me wrong, it not like I wanted to die early, I was just to tired from life problems that I couldn't imagine me living my life without my job.

My parents died 7 years ago and I had been on my own. No girlfriend, no wife, no real purpose in life.

I was just living. My boss had finally pushed the button of death for me when he gave me the sack letter.

Remember my body being crushed by the bus send shivers down my spine.

Some how I was relieved to be dead, I count death as freedom from the whole pain I had been enduring while alive.

I tried moving my body to find it stiff, after some few trials I got the feeling of somewhat tiredness.

(I guess this is what is called eternal rest).

I just released my body to the sleep


"Mmm" I said stretching my arms and legs, I could move them easily now, from my memories I had confirmed that I am dead and I should be in the afterlife probably waiting to be reincarnated like I read from some light novels in my spare time.

But after waiting for some time I can appropraite to be minutes, I suppose since there was not a clock here, I tried moving around from my initial position which I found easy but just with a little resistance which I readily overcame.

I could move by just imagining where to move-to and speed of movement.

I was also wondering while I was able to move freely in this situation but thinking to hard about it will surely give me head aches.

If this is indeed the afterlife why I had not meet another dead soul like me?. But later abandoned the idea since nobody really knows how after life works, it not like someone has died and come back before..

I found it strange at first since there was not a physical foothold for me to put my legs.

I stopped experimenting on the movement as I await what i expect to be some sort of god to appear to me, probably to give me a chance at another life since I died to early in my last life, i was just 27 years old.

I tried to remember my name which I discovered was "Genji" I also tried to remember my surname and meaning of my name but my brain gave me nothing.

I guess surnames don't exist in the after life.

I resumed the moving straight forward, fortunately I did not get hungry I was pretty okay, I also did not feel lonely since I was a loner back while I was alive. But the way this thing is, it feels like I am not really in the afterlife..

Well let not think about it much.

Till I got a glimpse of a bright rainbow light coming from a rift in space. It was circular in structure and gave some sort of pressure. I was surprised I was affected by pressure despite probably being a ghost. Looking at it simple made me get a feeling of dangerous and I made sure to avoid it.

I continue moving forward coming across some broken rocks which I assume should've meteorite, I am guessing meteorite exist in the afte life, I tried touching it but surprisingly brittle, a single touch from me crush it througly.

I can't really understand if this is an afterlife or what??!

Ghost are not supposed to be able to touch anything else right?

I pretty much avoided the rocks till I reach a visible end of the "space". The environment pretty much changed and it was so obvious that I could literally feel the difference, I have been coming from a place where many obstacles and object exist but the new area I was was free from any object, I could see everything in a straight line, just stars and some glowing lights.

Basking in joy for discovering a new place. I tried moving forward but I notice some sort of coloured chains were holding me in place.

Looking around to see some fast moving individuals with bright wings and holding spears in their hands.

In less than a second I was surrounded by 3 individuals.

"Do not try to resist, if you do you will only increase the charges against you..."

"Idiot, don't try to provoke it ? I have never seen this before.."

" Contact the sun goddess now, this being is not something we should try to fight, since it is not interested in fighting us, we might be able to talk with it..."

(wow talk about rude, even if I am a ghost(probably) I am still in my last worn work clothes, I am a male, address me as a "he", but wait who are this people they don't look like humans to me, and from what I see they have wings and an halo on their head, let me try to talk with them, probably they can explain what is happening) (Genji)

"Hmm, can you hear me?" I said

"Weelll it talked, this prove it is intelligent"

"What should we say to it, hey you say something"

"I have contacted the sun goddess, she will be here soon, we need to talk with it and buy time if anything"

The three individuals were whispering but I could clearly hear what they were saying. They look more of what I could call angels than normal people.

"Who are you?"I stated again more confused.

"we could say the same to you? we are Arc-Angels guarding this section of the divine Realm, the place of the Olympian Gods"

"You are not part of any identified being we know of"

"the sun goddess will soon be here, please do well to wait peacefully"

From what I understand from the conversation, these people are Arc Angels serving gods in the divine Realm.

What are gods? And divine Realm is that this place?

I don't really understand anything that is happening here, I am supposed to be dead and currently should be in the afterlife.

(... From what these angels said, i don't know where I currently am, but I can say I am not in the after life, I wonder what will happen to me now...) I think?

"Haha she is here"

The voice of the angel made me remember that I was still in a questionable situation, bring me back to reality.

"What do we have here? is this the emergency situation you reported? very well I will take it from here go back to your work post"

A beautiful woman wearing armor and holding a spear like weapon was standing near me before I noticed, I also noticed that the angels? I was talking with has disappeared.

"Hmm should I introduce myself first or..." I said not feeling hostility from the new comer.

"where are my manners? I am Athena, the first daughter of the God king Zeus, leader of the Olympians," says the woman as she introduced herself.

"Well, I am Genji, I don't really know what I am but nice to meet you" 

Looking closely at the woman made me realize she was a very beautiful woman, if I want to describe her, one in a million world class beauty will not work here. She had a gentle face but I could also feel some sort serious personality from her.

"I have confirmed that you are not lying, you don't really know what is happening, I guess we can let you go for free now, but we need to talk, talking here is a bad idea, let me take you to my temple" she said.

Immediate she said those words I experience a mild sensation of floating and before I realized we were in a different place. To describe it in words is simply elegant.

We were in a private room like place, the walls were golden in color, the ceiling was high and painted white.

I could see a pair of Sofa with a table in between them. Though the design table and chairs are things have never seen before in my life, I could see it was clearly made of some superior material.

"You look like you are used to space teleportation to me, you are not surprised" she asked

"What is space teleportation?"that word sounds like what you read from light novels and manga, probably when the MC get transported to another world.

I could reason that the method she used to change our locations most likely be "space teleportation" but I could not really understand it, but I guess it was magic. Being in space for a long time has made me feel some sort of resistance to the teleportation she talked about.

"You really don't understand anything, I can hardly believe you are not lying, if I am not using my skill to confirm it myself, so let start from the top, what is the first thing you remember?" She began as she sipped some coffee? or what from a cup, I did not notice when the cup appeared.

"I remember finding myself in space and that all, I started moving and I found myself here with the Angels stopping me..."

I told her the truth since she said something about confirmed through a skill whether I was lying or not.

"So to make you understand faster, let me help your body to adapt to the rules of the divine Realm!" she declared


After a snap from her tender looking fingers, a small rainbow coloured ball appeared in her other hand and she stretched her hand giving it to me. Indicating I take it from her.

I stretched out a hand and received it from her but immediately I touched the ball, series of information flowed into my brain, I was frozen for almost 10 second.

"I see" was all I could say 

The ball she has given me was called the "knowledge circle" it contains all knowledge of the universe, but the surprising factor is that it only gives you the information you need, meaning the whole information that was imprinted in my memory was just everything I need to know for now.

I now understand that I was in a place where The rulers of the Multiverse lives, and luckily for me I had been confused enough to just follow the instructions she gave me without even arguing. As this goddess had the authority to deliver judgement on anybody who attacked her.

I also got some information on how things work in the divine Realm like how angels work as messenger of the gods.

"Have you finally taken it in, i am waiting here" she said interrupting me.

"Indeed, I understand what I need to know"

I returned the "Knowledge circle" to her and she made it disappear with another snap.

"So from what I have seen here, you are a god, Welcome to the Divine Realm God Genji!" she proclaim

Uhh what?!! me a God, I think you are joking. 

Chiba Ritsu