Chapter 5:

Chapter 3 (Reira)

ヒドンライス (Hidden Lies)

When you think of an idol, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A big house, fancy clothes, and shoes lined up in a huge walk-in closet. Maybe even a pool. It was shocking to say the least when Mikyu and I finally reached her place. She appeared to be living in simple apartment complex with each unit having one extra floor. At most, it would seem two units would allow people to be living side-by-side with each other. Hopefully, the walls were not too thin. This was honestly not what I expected from a famous idol like Mikyu. As we made our way to her apartment door we were greeted by an old woman that was casually sweeping the walkway.
Mikyu unlocked the door to her place and I was even more shocked then before. Her apartment was completely plain. I figured she would have a more upbeat and cute looking place. However, there was nothing like that in sight. The main room was so bare that one would think she had just moved in today. We both removed our shoes at the door and proceeded into the wasteland that was Mikyu’s apartment.
“You probably thought I would have something more… idol-like huh?”
I nodded. In my mind I pictured pink walls, stuffed animals and other cute things littered around. Mikyu showed me into her bedroom which was just as plain as the living room. The only thing standing out was a large computer. It would be hard to believe Mikyu was an idol with the way her apartment looked. After sitting down in her computer chair and turning on her computer she turned to me.
“Would you like anything to drink?”
What did an idol like her drink? I nodded and after a few minutes she came back with two cans of Koka-Kola. She handed me a can and quickly popped hers open. She downed the can pretty fast and placed it on her desk. Koka-Kola — or more commonly called Koke — was an extremely carbonated soft drink which was believed to be dangerous, stated in news as A Cancer Drink. A little here and there would not hurt but non-stop drinking of the soda would be bad. How many of these did she drink?
“So, have you ever played chess before?”
(No, what is chess?)
Mikyu went over to her closet and pulled out a wooden board with black and white squares on it. Removing the top of the wooden board revealed a hollow bottom with a bunch of black and white pieces. It seemed overwhelming to me with just the pieces alone. How was it Mikyu knew how to play this game? She quickly set up the game with the white pieces being on my side.
“Chess is pretty easy to learn. It is like Shogi in a way.”
After explaining what chess was and the rules we proceeded to play a game. Sadly, I couldn’t even win a single game against her. It was fun though hanging out with Mikyu like this, but there was still a question on my mind. What was the real reason she quit being an idol? I asked her but started to regret asking her. The expression on her face went from happy to sad. She let out a soft sigh as she got up from the floor.
“It is a really long story…”
That was all she said as she made her way over to her computer. Within seconds she pulled up a web page off of the Internet. It was an article on Mikyu and a theory behind why she really left the idol world. The article seemed to have a lot of information and looked well put together.
“The media claims many things, most of which are just flat out lies or false information.”
She sat back in her chair and closed her eyes.
“The truth was the stress got to me.”
Mikyu explained just how hard being an idol truly was. Listening to her made me start question why I wanted to be an idol. After that things were silence. There was not much left to say so I decided to come up with anything I could think of.
(So, how much did you pay for that computer?)
“I didn’t pay all that much seeing as how I built it from the ground up.”
I was utterly shocked that she could build a computer like this.
“Surprised? There are many things that may come to surprise you in time.”
As she got up from her chair Mikyu took another sip of her drink and walked over to her nightstand. She pulled out a case of some sort.
“It is not known in any of the media but I actually wear glasses.”
What else did I not know about her?
“Anyways, you want to play a game of Shogi now?”
Part of me wanted to play but if I wasn’t smart enough to play chess I doubt I would be any challenge for her. I tried to tell her that but she did not seem to care.
“Honestly, I don’t mind. Having someone to actually play a game with makes me happy.”
I noticed Mikyu’s leg was twitching a lot as we played. Perhaps all that koke was taking effect. She had managed to drink six in just a few short hours. As time passed I realized that it was getting pretty late. After packing up the game and placing it on her shelf I realized that Mikyu had a lot of technical and science books. Honestly, it was a bit hard to believe that Mikyu was into this stuff and was a famous idol. Usually, with idols on the news it was always about cute things, make-up, and clothes. There were so many things I did not know about her.
“We should hang out again like this.”
She had a soft smile across her face. I said my good-byes after trading phone numbers taking note that it was around 8:00 p.m. and starting to get dark outside. Being around Mikyu and hearing what she had to say, even just a bit, opened my mind. Once I got home I quickly removed my shoes and changed out of my school uniform. It was kind of a good thing I did not have to worry about walking around my own place in my underwear. After getting a warm shower and putting on more causal clothes I grabbed my laptop and relaxed onto my bed. I wanted to learn more about Mikyu but I probably would not be able to find much. Booting up my laptop I was greeted by the Mindows 10 desktop. Opening up Fuugle Rhrome I searched the web for anything I could but most of the stuff I came across just seemed to be theories and other prevarications. It was sort of bumming me out.
I decided to download some interesting videos off of a porn site. However, after downloading a few videos I noticed that my computer was getting slower and slower. What was wrong with it? Suddenly, a pop up for some random ad appeared. As I quickly closed it another appeared. This was starting to get annoying. My phone suddenly started to vibrate. It was Mikyu asking me how it was going. She wanted to hang out again sometime, which I thought was great. I ended up telling her my problem with my computer, using every emoticon of sadness I could, leaving out the fact that I visited a porn site. Before I knew it she was telling me she would be over at my place if I gave her my address. I gave it to her and was quite shocked that she was going to come over and try to fix my laptop. After a few minutes or so I heard a knock at the door. There stood Mikyu in a black tee-shirt that looked like it had some pink letters on it, but I could not make them out. Over that was a pink zip-up hoodie and a short, pleated blue and black checkered-toned pattern skirt. Her knee-high black socks and pink and white converse completed her look. It made me a bit jealous that she was so cute. What was the biggest surprise was seeing her wearing her glasses while her hair was still in two perfect pigtails. She greeted me with a polite hey after I invited her in.
Removing her converse at the door she asked me to show her my laptop. I lead her to my room as she removed her hoodie revealing the letters that I could not see before. The words on the shirt were Broken by the Scream which I had to guess was a band or something. After handing over my laptop she sat down on the floor against my bed, stretching out her legs. Part of me could not help but stare and admire her feet as she slowly rubbed them together.
“Ew… Mindows.”
(What is wrong with Mindows?)
“A lot.”
(Then what should I use?)
“Iinux is easier to use, faster, and honestly, things like malware are pretty rare.”
(But I heard that it is super confusing to learn.)
“Where did you hear that? Iinux is far easier to learn.”
There was not much I could say to that. Most of the information I was had was from random articles where people would talk about how hard Iinux was to use and how bad it was.
“Do you want me to install Iinux and help walk you through how to use it?”
(That would be nice.)
Part of me only said that so Mikyu would stay longer. However, maybe it was possible for her to teach me how to use something like Iinux. She was actually good at explaining things to me in an easy to understand way.
“If you do not wish to use Iinux it is fine. I just need to know, so I can help with backing up your data.”
I was a bit worried about that. While I did not have anything important on there I did have a… private folder that I wanted to save.
“Oh wait, maybe I can back up everything on this spare flash drive I have with me. You want to save all these idol pictures and… this folder…”
Before I had a chance to stop Mikyu, she suddenly clicked on the folder named Untitled Folder. Well… shit! I quickly covered my face deep into my chest; blushing as red as an apple.
“You have a lot of foot pictures here… and videos. I take it you got these off of some porn site?”
I didn’t look up.
“It is fine if you have foot fetish. Nothing wrong with you having your kinks. In fact, I can use this to keep you motivated with science and math.”
(That isn’t fair!)
“Think of it as getting a reward for doing good.”
She smiled a heart melting smile and playfully started petting my head. It made me blush a bit as her hand slowly stroked my hair for a brief second. Once she had plugged in her flash drive and clicked some random buttons she placed my laptop on the bed.
“And now we wait for your files to back up onto my flash drive.”
Mikyu laid back on the floor and before I knew it she suddenly propped her feet onto my lap. I was at a lost for words… well, if I could even form words.
“Better enjoy it while you can.”
What could I do? So many things I wanted to do yet so little time. Wait, why was she so okay with this? Overwhelmed with mixed emotions I decided to simply massage her feet from the heel and slowly working my way up to her toes. It seemed a bit odd to me, I thought she would think I was a creep but she was okay with me doing this. After a few minutes had passed Mikyu took the laptop, still laying just as she was but placing it on her chest. Sounds of her typing away was the only thing I could hear. She seemed completely focused on what she was doing. Maybe I could get away with sniffing her socks if I was careful. Slowly bringing her left foot to my face I breathed in the sweet smell of her sock. How many guys would be jealous if they saw me doing this with a beautiful idol like Mikyu? Suddenly, her toes curled, grabbing my nose.
“No need to be shy about wanting to sniff my feet.”
Even though she was still staring at the computer screen she seemed completely aware. I started to slowly remove her socks revealing her flawless, small feet. Her pink toe nail polish was the perfect shade of pink to match her skin tone. It was applied so perfectly it put my own to shame.
“Okay, I got all of it set up. I installed Iinux Mint Nihongo and installed some basic things for you.”
As Mikyu sat up from the floor she placed the laptop in my lap and walked me through how to use Iinux. Surprisingly, it was not all that different from the Mindows OS I was using. Why did I ever think this was hard before? I noticed there was one thing wrong with the clock. It read the time as being 23:59 which seemed odd to me.
(Why is the clock messed up?)
“Huh? It looks fine to me… oh, do you not know how to read military time?”
I shook my head. Like lightning Mikyu hit a few keys which made an odd black box appear with green text. After typing in some keys in the box she changed the time on my laptop to the time I was used to.
(What is that black box on the screen? I never saw that before.)
“That is your terminal. All Operating Systems pretty much have them. You do not have to use it but I just find it faster to use than a GUI.”
While it didn’t make sense to me, I was thankful that she helped me out.
“Okay, well, I need to go home and sleep. We have school tomorrow, you know?”
Crap, I forgot that it was a school night. I was a bit surprised that Mikyu decided to let me keep her socks. After she left I looked over my computer and found that I enjoyed it. My computer was faster and seemed a lot more responsive. Mikyu was a nice person, she was always great when I watched her interviews. It was nice to know that she was also kind in person too. Before going to bed I decided to watch a music video of Mikyu when she was sixteen and at the height of her idol career. She was the idol that every young girl wanted to be. She stood out among other idols for many reasons, having long blond hair was uncommon as most girls had black or brown hair. However, I think the main reason girls wanted to be her was for her voice.
Mikyu had a voice blessed by Benzaiten. As I listened to her voice it made me wonder… had I not failed the audition could I have been like her? Would I have had a beautiful voice as her? My mom would always tell me my voice was like that of a goddess but was it really? After finishing the video I decided to check out another video that was seen as rare in the idol world. The music was meant to be a mix of Japanese Pop and Metal music but most people did not seem to enjoy it. To be honest, I did not like the music either. Watching Mikyu sing and dance in a beautiful tone while another girl danced, backing her with a screaming voice just felt off, and it was kind of scary. Once the video was done I shut off my laptop and placed it on my desk. I settled into my bed and tried to fall asleep.Bookmark here

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