Chapter 39:

Season 2, Episode 26



Ni runs up to the camera.

SMACK Ni runs into a mirror.

NI: Cursed mes. I cannot hold myself back!

SMACK Ni turns straight into another mirror.

Kobai stands in the center of maze with her reflection staring all around her. She walks left and all her reflections disappear.

Mayla feels her way through the maze. She comes across a few dead ends.

Mi walks through the maze. She bumps into Tyson.

TYSON: Sorry about that. Every been in one?

Mi walks off. Tyson now realizes that something is off about Mi.


The sun has set for the day. The fair glows with lights.

Shiro, Gale, Luegon, Thomas, Sadie, Daniel, Calif, & Xena sit down and eat some fair food.

Calif burps.

LUEGON: Heh-heh. That was a good one.

GALE: Luegon.

LUEGON: What? It’s just a little gas.We’re at a fair, not a ball.

SHIRO: Besides, who are you to argue.

Sadie burps.

THOMAS: Nice one, hun.

SADIE: Thank you, dear. Care to take a shot, Galy Girl?

Gale hands Josiah to Luegon.

GALE: A’right, let’s see what I got.

Gale tries to force a burp out. A small burp comes out.

GALE: Guess I ain’t got much today.

Xena lets one come out. Everybody looks at Xena. Xena shrinks into her hoodie.


Ni stands on top of the maze. A slide awaits her.

NI: Ooh, fun exit.

Ni slides down the slide.

NI (soars out): YES! I am the first one-

Kobai sits on a bench in front of the maze. Ni face plants.

NI: When did you get out!?

KOBAI: Roughly fifteen minutes ago. A simple maze to navigate.

NI: Oh-hoho-ho.

Mayla slides out accidentally headfirst.

NI (CONT’D): You think you’re so clever just because you got out first.

KOBAI: Says the one who ran into her own reflection 564 times.

NI: Oh, this means war.

Mi & Tyson reach the slide.

TYSON: Ladies first.

Mi walks on ahead without acknowledging Tyson.


A giant slide made of five slides. People ride down using sack cloth.

Calif & Xena slide down together. Shiro, Luegon, Thomas, & Sadie watch from the side. Gale watches Josiah fall asleep.

GALE: One down.

Sadie’s right hand shakes. She grabs it with her left hand.

SADIE: Thomas.

Thomas sees Sadie’s hand. Shiro notices Sadie & Luegon.

SHIRO: Everything alright?

THOMAS: Nothing to worry about. We’re just going to the med station.

LUEGON: We’ll keep an eye on Daniel for you.

Daniel slides behind them.

THOMAS: Thanks.

Thomas walks with Sadie. Sadie feels her right arm.


A standard game where you try to knock a pyramid of bottles down. The venue has three: a 3-bottle with smaller prizes, a 6-bottle with medium prizes, & a 10-bottle with the largest prizes.

Ni throws a ball. Misses on the first throw.

Ni winds up for the second throw.

Ni throws the ball. The ball hits the bottles, bounces off the back, and hits Ni in the face.

Mi takes a shot. She throws and misses all three times.

Mayla goes to through. The ball slips out of her hand and hits her on the head.

Kobai throws with ease, hitting the bottles, knocking 3 out of 6 down. Kobai realizes how it’s been rigged.

Tyson tries the 10-bottle one. He throws. The ball knocks all of bottles over.

GAME RUNNER: Congrats, kid. Pick what you want from the top.

Giant stuffed animals cover the prize rack. None of them interest Tyson.

TYSON: You girls want to pick?

Ni holds a stuffed cactus. Mayla holds the armadillo.

NI: I’m good.

MAYLA: You already gave me one.

KOBAI: I find no need for fakes animals.

TYSON: Want something Mi?

Mi ignores Tyson.

Tyson points to the giant penguin.


Daniel, Calif, & Xena play a simple game of picking up rubber ducks to see their number. A sleepy Josiah cuddles up in Gale’s arms.

Daniel picks up a duck.


Daniel hands the Gamer Runner the duck.

DUCK GAMER RUNNER (puts duck back in water): #4.

The Game Runner pulls out a box of small candies.


Daniel grabs a piece of candy. Calif grabs a duck and shows it to the Game Runner.

DUCK GAMER RUNNER: Ah. #6. Very popular one for little ladies like yourself.

The Game Runner pulls out a box of kid’s jewelry.

DUCK GAMER RUNNER (CONT’D): Go ahead and pick one.

Calif pulls out a bracelet.

DUCK GAMER RUNNER: That looks good on you.

The Game Runner notices that Xena hasn’t moved.

DUCK GAME RUNNER (to Xena): Hey, you alright down there?

Xena stands there frozen. She can’t move.

SHIRO: Xena, do you need to go home?

Xena does not respond.

Shiro pulls Xena to the side. Gale sees Shiro & Xena.

GALE: Has she had enough?

SHIRO (to Xena): Hey, you lasted longer than I thought you would. I’m proud of you. You know that, right?

Xena comes around.

GALE (takes Xena’s hand): Come on. Let’s go home. I think someone else has had enough as well. (to everyone) Y’all have a good time.

LUEGON: I’ll bring you back some cotton candy.

GALE: Aren’t you too sweet? I might have to visit the dentist later.

Gale takes Xena and Josiah off the fair grounds.


Mi, Ni, Tyson, Kobai, Mayla, & the penguin plush sit down and eat. Ni scarfs down her food.

NI: Oh man, this stuff is awesome.

Ni barfs in a trash can.

Ni continues eating.

KOBAI: Your actions and your words counteract each other.

MAYLA: At least slow down.

NI: Good point. I might throw up on one of the rides.

Ni scarfs down more. Kobai can never understand Ni.

TYSON: Is she-

KOBAI: Exactly.

TYSON (to Mi): Didn’t know your sister was a mind reader.

Mi ignores Tyson. Tyson feels annoyed by Mi’s cold behavior. Mayla can see something happening between them.

NI: So, what’s next? Oh, I wonder if they have barrels.

KOBAI: The closest waterfall to your standards is roughly 2700 miles east.

NI: Who says you can only use barrels for fun with waterfalls? Hey, isn’t there a rodeo somewhere around here?

TYSON: Yeah. It’s on the other side of the building in the center.

NI: Shall we then?

MI (gets up): I think we should.

Mi walks away from the group. Tyson doesn’t even look up.

MAYLA (to Tyson): If you’d like, I could stay here and watch over our prizes.

TYSON: You girls go on ahead. I’ve seen my fair share of rodeos.

Ni wonders what is going on with Tyson. Mayla’s concern grows more eminent but Tyson pays no attention.

KOBAI (gets up): Well, if that is what you suggest, then we better make for the arena.

Kobai notices that Ni has not gotten up.

KOBAI (to Ni): Have you ingested more than you can tolerate?

Ni strangles Kobai.

NI: Oh no. Our parents told us not to separate. Mi’s walking alone. We’ll go on ahead. Mayla, you probably won’t like rodeos. Mind staying with Tyson?

MAYLA (plays along): No. Go on without us. I’ll clean up.

NI: Okay. (to Kobai) Come on, Ko, let’s go.

Ni dashes off dragging Kobai along.

TYSON: She’s not very subtle, is she?

Awkwardness sets on Mayla.


A nice little crowd gathers to watch bull riders try and stay on. One rider goes on out. He falls after 5 seconds.

Mi, Kobai, & Ni sit in the stands. Mi begrudgedly watches the show. Ni peers at Mi.

KOBAI (to Ni): You are acting more unusually than normal.

Ni shoves a corn dog into Kobai’s mouth.

NI (aside to Kobai): Do you have no idea what’s going on?

KOBAI: Well, I can assume your sudden change in behavior-

NI: I’m fine.

KOBAI: Debatable.

NI: It’s not me, it’s Mi. Have you not noticed that she & Tyson are silently going at it like a cat & dog in a box?

KOBAI: Your analogy does not fit the scenario. A more fitting one would be to use the silent treatment, which has an efficiency rate of 13% in soothing any argument as compared to a more vocal argument in which both sides are able to quell out their views to assimilate a proper understand of each other sides to end an argument, though it depends of whether both parties listen to each other.

Ni just looks at Kobai.

NI: How can you be so smart & so oblivious?

Kobai looks at Mi.

Kobai gets up and walks out of the arena.

Ni turns to the rodeo.


Mayla sits with Tyson & the giant stuffed penguin. The two sit in silence as Tyson drinks. Mayla has no idea what to say to start a conversation.

TYSON: How do you like the countryside?

MAYLA: Oh, it’s nice. Clean air, fresh veggies outside my door. It’s been nice.

TYSON: You miss anyone from back home?

MAYLA: Well… I guess Michael.

TYSON: Your boyfriend?

Mayla knocks her head on the table.

TYSON: Sister’s pick on you too much because he isn’t?

Mayla moves her head on the table to say yes.

TYSON: Is he good looking?

MAYLA: I just said we’re not dating.

TYSON: Never complimented him?

MAYLA: What about you? Do you have anyone you like?

TYSON: Not really.

MAYLA: Not even at school?

TYSON: Don’t go to school. There isn’t a special needs program at the high school & my folks have it hard just trying to keep the farm up.

MAYLA: So you’re helping them?

TYSON: And looking after Daniel. Probably will till I die.

MAYLA: Do you want to meet someone?

TYSON: I hope so. I plan on farming. And it ain’t easy to run a farm when there’s only one of ya. You’d make a great wife, I can tell.

MAYLA (misinterprets): Ah- Tyson- you’re sweet- but I- I- I-

TYSON: Woah woah. Slow down. I didn’t say I was interested in you. I just said you’d make someone happy someday. You act like one who’s already raising her first one & gets her kicks out of having her man compliment your cooking.

MAYLA: I guess I do come off as that. I guess with only our dad raising us & being the oldest, I just wanted to look after my sisters the best I could. Do you want to know how our dad found us?

TYSON: Go ahead.

Kobai stands right behind Tyson observing him. Mayla jumps back in her seat. Tyson turns around and sees Kobai.

TYSON (to Kobai): How long have you been there?

Kobai stares at Tyson. Tyson looks at Kobai and wonders if she plans to harvest his brain for observation.

Kobai walks off.

TYSON (to Mayla): Does she normally do that?


A caricature booth with examples hanging all over. Calif observes the art, looking deeply into the lines that make the art pop out. Daniel stands next to her.

LUEGON: Yep, that’s your mom’s grandchild.

SHIRO: Like looking into a time machine. All she needs is black hair & a kimono.

Thomas walks by.

THOMAS: How’s Daniel enjoying it?

LUEGON: He looks like he’s having a good time.

Daniel looks at a drawing.

SHIRO: How’s Sadie?

THOMAS: Good for now. A doctor’s looking at her in an ambulance.

LUEGON: That bad?

THOMAS: Worse than normal but not too bad. We might leave a bit early.

SHIRO: I’ll call the girls to let them.

CARICATURE ARTIST: Eh-hem. You just gonna stand there or are ya gonna get ya picture done?

Calif stares up at the Caricature Artist.

CALIF: Want to have a draw off?

The Caricature Artist looks down at her little challenger.

CARICATURE ARTIST (to the men): Is this one of y’all’s?

CALIF: Best one to make my daddy a cop wins.

The Caricature Artist just looks at Calif.


Another rider goes down. The bull has him pinned down. Rodeo clowns try to get the bull off.

NI: Ouch, that must hurt.

No comeback.

NI: Are you imagining your worst enemy being trampled by it right now?

No response.

NI: I see Fernando Valedelo being smashed to pieces, begging for mer-

Mi gets up and walks out. Ni dashes to catch up.


Mi walks away. Ni follows her.

NI: Hey! Where are you going?

MI: To find Kobai. Dad said to stay together.

NI: Maybe she went back to Mayla & Tyson.

MI: True. Do you have a cellphone on you?

NI: I thought only Mayla was allowed to have one?

MI: Right. Maybe there’s a payphone that still exist around here.

Kobai snaps a handcuff on Mi’s right arm.

MI: Ko- what-

Kobai pulls Mi.

MI (CONT’D): What are you- Where are you taking me? Hello? What’s going on? HELLO?

Ni follows.


Mayla & Tyson still sit in the spot.

TYSON: So has Kobai always been that weird?

MAYLA: Kobai thinks a lot differently from all of us.

TYSON: Smart ones are hard to understand.

MAYLA: Not just that.

MI (O.S.): Hey, let me go.

Tyson & Mayla sees Kobai dragging Mi to them.

MI (CONT’D): What are you doing? Where did you get these handcuffs? Hello, are you even listening to me?

Kobai handcuffs Mi to Tyson. Mayla & Ni react in shock.

Tyson fiddles with the handcuffs.

MI: What’s the meaning of this?

TYSON: Where did you get these?

KOBAI: Silence. You two shall be bonded to each other until you ride the Ferris wheel.

Mayla & Ni don’t understand.

TYSON: Right. And you think these will make us do as you say?

MI: Where did you even get them?

KOBAI: Swiped them off a cop.

Mayla & Ni are shocked.



KOBAI: I have made my proposition clear: you two shall be bonded to each other until you ride the Ferris wheel.


KOBAI: Quite simple: the peculiar behavior between you two tonight.

MAYLA (to Ni): Does she even know?

NI (to Mayla): Not really.

KOBAI: Once you two have rode the wheel, I shall have procured the key to release you two.

MI: You didn’t even take the key!

KOBAI: In the vain attempt you would try to swipe the key from my person. Also, the cop is undercover, so finding him will be a challenge. You shall be free once the ride is over.

MI: Afraid we can’t do that.

KOBAI: I see. If you shall not comply

Kobai holds the stuffed penguin with a gun pointed at it.

KOBAI (CONT’D): Then I shall take this hostage till you two fully comply.


TYSON: Okay, Kobai, just put the gun down.

MI: Scared for the toy?

TYSON: We are in a crowded place. Do you realize how much of a panic that would cause?

Kobai clicks the gun.

MI: Okay okay. We’re going. We’re going.

Mi & Tyson walk off.

Kobai aims the gun to the side. Water shoots out.

KOBAI: That should solve the problem.

NI: Where did you get the water gun?

KOBAI: Took it from a rodeo clown’s dressing room. I plan on returning it.

MAYLA: Kobai, we need to talk about what you’re doing.

KOBAI: Did you not pay attention to what I said? Those two shall be bonded to each other until they ride the Ferris wheel.

NI: Okay, better question: why?

KOBAI: In most romance movies, there is a Ferris wheel in which the romantic pair converse on.

NI: And...

KOBAI: A perfect make-up location: two people alone on a slow-moving ride with little means of interrupting and time to talk.

MAYLA: That’s… actually smart. I guess… You were lying about the key, right?

KOBAI: Negative. Me & Ni shall relocate the officer in question & return this prop to the dressing room.

NI: Or we could enjoy the fair some more in case those two need more time.

KOBAI: I have already-

NI (picks up penguin): Okay, siscateers, let’s enjoy merriment. Ha-HA. (beat) And let’s go see if we can put this guy in the van.

MAYLA (to herself): Yep. “Mothering capabilities.”


A small little sick bay for those who got sick or injured in the fair, mostly kids who didn’t listen.

Sadie sports a new arm brace on her right arm.

A kid with a metal leg walks in supported by his dad. His leg is loose.

Sadie looks at her arm. She imagines that idea of her with a metal arm.


A colorfully lit Ferris wheel with open seats.

Mi & Tyson, trying to hide their handcuffs, wait to ride the wheel. The silence between the two is unnerving.

TYSON: Every rode on one before?

MI: No.

The silence between the two returns. Only the sounds of the fair break through but the tension remains.

MI: I’d burn these off, but I want to try to give these back.

TYSON: You’re really caring, you know that.

MI: What’s that supposed to mean?

TYSON: Nothing. I’m just glad that you care about other people’s property.

Mi drops what’s going on.


Shiro sits for the Caricature Artist. Calif draws with her.

THOMAS: You know, most girls would paint their father’s nails.

SHIRO: None of them care for makeup. Mayla, a little but not a lot.

THOMAS: Could’ve fool me.

Ni carrying the penguin, Kobai, & Mayla find Luegon who spots them.

LUEGON: Win a nice prize?

NI: Tyson won it. Daniel, you want it?

Daniel refuses the giant plush.

THOMAS: He doesn’t care for giant plushes. Or ones that aren’t bugs.

MAYLA: Sorry. They didn’t have giant bug ones.

SHIRO: Y’all should have waited until we left to win that.

KOBAI: Are you saying once we leave, we can’t enter the park again?

SHIRO: New deal. One-stay pass with unlimited access to rides.

NI: So we have to lug this thing around until we leave?

SHIRO: That’s why I’m here.

The Caricature Artist & Calif put their pencils downs. They unveil their masterpieces.

CARICATURE ARTIST: Done. What you think?

The Caricature Artist’s is a caricature drawing of Shiro with a police officer’s body. Mayla freaks out.

KOBAI (hand on Mayla’s mouth): Relax. It’s only a drawing.

NI: It does look a bit creepy.


CALIF: Look at mine.

Calif’s drawing shows Shiro as a heroic and dashing police officer with kids around him.

NI: Amazing.

KOBAI: Stellar work as always.

Shiro pays the artist.

SHIRO: Keep it. It might make for a display.

CARICATURE ARTIST: Kid’s got talent.

SHIRO: Tell me about it.


The wheel comes to a stop. A couple gets off. Mi & Tyson step into the seat. The FERRIS WHEEL OPERATOR secures them.

FERRIS WHEEL OPERATOR: Keep everything inside the ride at all times.

Ferris Wheel Operator leaves.

TYSON: Sounds like he’s had a night.

MI: Think he’ll trade for ours.

Ferris wheel starts up. The wheel stops to let another couple off.

TYSON: Great. We got on as soon as he started changing people.

MI: Not like it will go faster. Unless Ni were operating this.


Ni bathes in estacy as she drives her bumper car into another. Each hit only adds to her excitement. Mayla has the unfortunate pleasure of being her passenger which can be seen by her nauseated face.

Kobai, Shiro, Calif, Thomas, Luegon, Daniel, & the penguin watch from the side.

SHIRO: This is why I stayed out here.

LUEGON: Why did Mayla choose to go?

KOBAI: Her sacrifice was nether in vain.

CALIF (to Shiro): Can we go after she gets off?

SHIRO: Sure.


Mi & Tyson unwillingly ride the wheel together. They don’t even look at each other.

MI: How long does this last?

TYSON: 10 minutes at the most.

MI: How long has it been?

TYSON: Don’t know. Matter of fact, why are we on this?

MI: What, you saying you don’t know?

TYSON: What do you mean?

MI: Never mind.

Mi goes back to ignoring Tyson. Tyson gets more annoyed.


The generator makes some unusually sounds. A Fair Staffer hears the unusual sounds.

BOOM The generator shorts out. The fair goes black. The Ferris wheel shakes from the sudden stop. Mi & Tyson hold on to the seat.

Everyone else looks around at the pitch-black fair.


SHIRO: Everyone stay still and come to me. Follow my voice.

The girls huddle around Shiro.

SHIRO (calls out): Luegon.

LUEGON: Right next to you.

THOMAS: I’m okay, thanks for asking.

KOBAI: How’s Daniel?

THOMAS: Got him in my hands.

The Fair Staffer fixes the generator. Most of the lights come back on.

Mayla controls her breathing.

SHIRO: Everybody okay?

CALIF: I’m fine.

KOBAI: Same.

Ni notices something.

SHIRO: Mayla.

MAYLA: I’m okay. I’m coming down.

NI (points up): Look!

The Ferris wheel’s lights are still out.