Chapter 1:

1: The Boy that Met the Clouds

Mageborn: The Cloudwalkers

His life did a 180 when he met her.

It was at the start of a new semester in a little town in Maine, little did he know that being early, was the start of his path in the crossroads of destiny. If only he didn't decide to take the shortcut by the lake none of the crazy things would've happened. Yet, he didn't knew, like normal people do, but he knew he was far from being 'normal'. If only he didn't took the advice from a bird brain that day.

-A few hours ago-

Marc was fixing himself in front of his mirror. His short, shaggy brown hair was messy despite his efforts to keep it down and side swept. Resigning it to its fate, he pulled down a brown sweater and fixed his black glasses. While tying his boots, a familiar knock made him look up.

"Going early today kid?" His father, Joel Hawthorne asked. He had bright blond hair, with white streaks playing from his bangs. Though he and his son had different facial features and hair color, he had the same eye color as his son, turquoise, like an oasis spring in the desert. But his son has a deeper shade than him.

"I have a lot to set-up by the theater dad. Plus... The exam results are coming out." Marc said in response, the boy was in obvious distress. His eyes were spiraling as if they were inside a power wash.

"You did your best Marc, there's no need to be very worried." Joel ruffles his son's head for reassurance.

"But..." He still wasn't convinced. "What if I didn't made the cut? What if something went wrong and... and..."

 Until Joel chuckles. He notes how adorable his son was when he was this nervous of all the small details.

"Son, have I ever told you about the story of my childhood?" Joel asked the young man and he sighs along.

"Yeah... A lot actually. How Grandpa said that you were always carefree yet still manage to get top marks. Are we really sure you didn't bribe the teachers or anything?" Marc snarked but Joel grabs him and begins to ruffle his son's already unkempt hair even further.

"Little rascal, you sure did inherit my snark and my wits that's for sure. But you're too nervous." Joel notes as Marc was trying to fix the damage his dad has done to his head. "Loosen up a bit. You might get more white streaks than I do."

"I guess I really am just nervous." Marc said as he looks at his watch.

6:41 AM. He was running late for the first bus.

"Oh shoot!" Marc said in alarm as he picks his bag from the floor and bolts for the kitchen to grab his food and zooms towards the door. "Bye dad! See you later!"

"Hang on! You forgot to take these!" Joel brought up his medicine, it looked a lot like a Pill from Eastern medicine. It didn't have any taste, but Marc knows how effective they were. It was what prevents his unusual disease. He skipped it once because he was curious on what will happen, and during that day, his body froze up, and something was wrong, he could suddenly hear voices and that's not all, he could hear the voices of 'plants'. Weird but he knew he was just tired and was being too imaginative.

But he pocketed the pill inside his shirt pocket and ran towards the door.

"I'll take it once I get in the bus, see you later Dad!"

Rushing out of the front porch in a speed of a fan set on three, Marc bolts towards the clearing, but...

'You're going to be late if you take that route.'

Marc skids to a halt. He looked above and saw the hawk looking at him with her beady black eyes.

One thing about Marc was... If he doesn't take the pill, he could hear them. The voices of Animals, especially those who belong to the Aves Family. He told his father that once and he just dismissed it as a fleet of fancy, but his expression says otherwise. But Marc still heard them.

When he was in fourth grade, a flock of sparrows told him that it was going to be stormy on that day, so he stayed at home. Preventing him from being stranded by the bust stop for almost half a day.

Then on his fifth grade, a crow, gave him his missing pen when the bullies hid it when it was an examination week.

Now a hawk was calling out to him. And judging by the time, he is running late.

"Can you help me out?" Marc asked and the Falcon led the way.

He kept his pace steady, but he had a sinking feeling that he was heading towards something that would otherwise make his day, or break his sanity.

Unfortunately for Marc, it was the latter.

The falcon has led him to the lakeside, it wasn't as clear as it was during spring or summer, but the winter winds made it spooky to look at. The white, morning mist was giving the lake an eerie sight, and the black branches jutting out of the mist were equally so.

"H-hang on... This isn't the way to the bus stop." He slowly realized.

Marc was getting the shivers now, the falcon was now nesting on the mist, wait... Marc removed his glasses and wipes them clean. Did the Falcon just rest on the mist?

He looked a bit closer and notices the creature.

Elegant wings that is taller than his house, black nails and an ebony horn, and it's breath was warm, like spring came over quickly. The creature also smelled like the earth after a fresh rain, and once it opened its eyes, the golden hue told him what it was.

"A d-d-d... Why is there a d-d-d?" Marc stuttered as he fell to his butt, the dragon rose to its full height and let out a quiet breath, and stared down at the boy.

The dragon transformed with a dazzling blaze of warm light. The morning haze evaporated, clearing out the eerie vibe that the the lake initially gave off. When the light died, resting by the newly revived pasture and a bundle of azaleas, was a young girl. Marc knew that it was the same dragon since, her head adorned the black horns, and her body had sky blue scales.

To Marc's point of view, she was breathtaking. And once she opened her eyes, she revealed that she retained her golden, dragon-like eyes.

"A-are you ok?" The young boy asked as he approached her pensively.

"-ngry..." She muttered weakly.

"I-I'm sorry?" Marc asked again and she nearly dislocated his arm when she pulled him near her face.

"Food... Hungry... NOW!" She said in three separate sentences that made the poor boy sweat bullets. So he rummaged his bag and fished out a cheese spread toast and and an apple. But once he gave it to the girl, it only took a second for her to inhale what he offered. Napkin, seeds, and container included.

"You have my gratitude... But... Do you perhaps have something more... Strong?" She asked.

"Strong? Like what exactly?" Marc asked in a concerned tone.

'She means she wants booze.' The falcon lands besides them,  and his eyes widened in surprise.

"I'm sorry but I'm just a kid!" Marc said in surprise and the dragon girl's eyes widened. "I can't buy you wine or any kind of that drink."

"You can understand her?" The dragon girl asked and Marc nods.

"I-I do... Well sometimes, but this isn't the first time I've conversed with animals." He admitted. "You probably think I'm weird right?"

But the dragon girl rose to her feet and gave him a dignified and royal look.

"You'll do well as my temporary entourage. Now, aberrant, take me to your progenitor." She said. But the boy stared at her dimly, as if his brain was set on loading.

"I'm sorry what?" Marc asked after a brief pause.

'She means she wants to meet your father. And please exercise caution around her, she isn't used to anyone who lacks etiquette.' The falcon said as she now rests on the young boy's shoulder.

"W-why do you wish to see my dad, milady?" Marc asked, good thing he had training when it comes to appeasing old nobility during drama class. And the dragon girl laughs a bit.

"Good, an aberrant that has basic etiquette, and if my eyes don't deceive me, then your progenitor must be him." She said. "But where are my manners, my name is Silva. And you are?"

"Marc Hawthorne, milady." Marc said as Silva helps him stand up.

"Good, now, take me to your father, Marc Hawthorne." She said, but unbeknownst to him, the dragon girl was feeling apprehensive. If the man is him. Then she doesn't know if she should hold back... or kill him on the spot.