Chapter 1:

I Met a Weirdo on The Elevator

Guardians of Tomorrow

  It was just another ordinary day for me. The usual working and hating every minute of it. I can't help but dislike my position in society. I wonder how others live their lives, probably better than mine. One with troubles, but not headaches, I think.

  Humanity, always finding ways to do something more simple. They say strong men create easy times, but don't easy times create weak men? It's a contradicting saying, but we roll with it.

  I know it comes rich from a kid complaining about his position. I have it all. Luxury, wealth, and everything a kid can dream. It's just I never asked for this being the only heir to this is what makes me hate this the most.

  If you already hate me for what I just said, my name is Aera. Just so you can attach a name to this "spoiled" brat. Currently, fourteen years of age, working from four to eleven for a tech company. Nothing too serious, or I'm just lying.

  I am the CEO of the greatest tech company ever in the 29th century. As you would expect, I barely have time for anything but managing this company.

  It's been like this most of my life father always brought me in to the point I was called to court for failing to attend class. So, he did the most logical thing any father in the 29th century would switch me to homeschooling, even then, I still struggle to keep up with my studies.

  Getting up from his seat, Aera says, "Well, that's it for today. Tomorrow, I can continue, I still got geometry to do."

  Walking out of his office, he would to the elevator, thinking about what he should have for dinner tonight, thinking, "I should get myself an assistant, someone that can take the load off me. Oh yeah, today is the day, huh? I've been busy, I failed to notice."

  "The anniversary of father's death, five years ago," Aera said thinking he was in private as he looks, at the statue of his father, near the elevator.

  Soon the elevator will open, and a figure from the shadows, appears walking to the elevator. It was a girl, but she was in civilian clothes. Not questioning it, he goes inside with her.

  She looks at him before clicking the button to the first floor, and he thinks, 'First floor? What could she be doing down there?'

  The two stood there in awkward silence as the elevator played. Humming to it, feeling the music, even beginning to snap his fingers, catching the attention of the girl.

  "Oh, sorry! I didn't mean it like that -" Aera apologized, as suddenly a loud explosion is heard, catching the two off guard.

  Speaking her first words, as Aera panics thinking the elevator broke down, she says, "Just another day of work, except this one, is a bit strong."

  'Strong? What is she talking about?'

  Turning to him, she would say, "Listen, human, I noticed something weird about you. For some coincidence, you can see me, which surprises me. All I can say, for your safety, don't take a step out of this elevator, do I make myself clear?"

  'See her? What is she talking about? All this work, maybe I am losing it.'

  At a snap of her fingers, she suddenly changes clothing, stunning Aera, as she says again, "Do not step outside, this is not something your kind can handle, especially a human of your generation. I know I shouldn't tell you this, but I will make sure you stay here. Out there, is an S-Rank world breacher, and for no reason should you interfere, or I won't hear the end of it, by them."

  'She said a lot just now. What is she even saying, though?'

  In seconds, they reach the first floor, and the first thing heard are cackles of laughter, following up with more explosions.

  Stepping out, she turns to him, "Go back up, and don't come down until everything is safe, got it?"

  "Yeah, that sounds simple, huh? But how will I know from up there!?"

  "Figure it out, and stay out of my way."

  Walking to the chaos, she summons her weapon, reaching the one wreaking havoc, saying, "S-Rank criminal, a demon, and responsible for the following crimes."

  "Illegal entrance of worlds, destruction of the foreign world, and the worse of all murdering a fellow Singularity."

  "I am Emilena Gewerger, third of the twelve singularities. It's been so long since I was summoned, for such tasks congratulations, on doing so. Now, I will take care of what the Ninth failed to do."

  Showing himself, he laughs, saying, "I enjoyed that encounter of ours, tasting that energy of his was marvelous. I have to admit he stood no chance against me."

  Gripping onto her blade, she comments, "I know that is why I am here now."

  "Oh? Would you like to know what kind of person this warrior was?"

  Looking down, she replies, "You wouldn't know."

  "I wouldn't? Is that what you think? I know him better than you ever will, you see everybody shows who they truly are in their last minutes." The demon said, continuing, "The warrior was nothing but a coward who begged for mercy from the enemy. Although, I was ripping him apart, limb for limb."

  Not wanting to hear more of this, she dashes at him, decapitating him half, saying, "No more! I won't hear one more word out of you!"

  He cackles in laughter as his torso floats mid-air, grinning as he regenerates his lower half instantly. At the speed of light, he's seen right behind her, catching her off-guard, as he delivers a powerful kick to her neck, the force so powerful she crashes into three cars on the lower floor.

  "I'm in your head, aren't I? If you want, I can keep describing that night to you, I remember everything. Every scream, every cry, and every breath he took!" The demon said, continuing, "Oh, by the way, when you attacked me, I noticed something, tears flowing down your face. Tell me did you know this person?"

  Forming a blade from his demonic energy, as he approaches her, "This is the end you never stood a chance."

  Not being able to say a word, she turns to him, not willing to show her back to him, as she cries, thinking, "D-Damn, I thought I could do it, but I failed. Now, the others will have to put themselves at risk because of me."

  "Crying again? Those tears won't you spare you, not even from the gruesome you got coming!" He exclaimed, but suddenly his traps, as suddenly, someone stands between her, shielding her.

  Scared to the bone, shaking, Aera says, "You won't do anything to her, I won't let you!"

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