Chapter 1:

Dia daoibh, a chairde.

Aya and the Cat

As you may have noticed, this novel isn’t set in Japan, or an Isekai world, but in a world close to my heart. I’ve made a conscious choice not to evoke a “true blood” LN thermology, instead kept to a narrative style that is structurally similar but deviates from the customary franchises we know and love.Bookmark here

I don’t do this deliberately, or to provoke. I cut my teeth on the Suzumyia Haurhi, Spice and Wolf, Book Girl, Toradora novels, and I hold them in high regard, alongside CLAMP, and other such mangaka.Bookmark here

But I am Irish and while I feel deeply connected to Japan, I am still, primary a Paddy and so when I write I cannot escape that paradigm. Nor do I consider it cogent to do so. Hence this story may not be suitable for those expecting a purely “Japanese-y” type story as there will be elements that reflect more of my homeland than of Japan.Bookmark here

Still think Sakura trees are massive tho’.Bookmark here

However, I owe a considerable amount of good fortune to LN media—partly due to a dislike of western fiction—and I have made every effort to present to you a story worthy of your appreciation, likes and comments. Bookmark here

Furthermore, I don’t have a plan for when I will end this story, or even how it will unfold. But I ask your patience and understanding.Bookmark here

My goal is to publish one “chapter” of varying length every week, expect where I do not, and to have the word count in or around two thousand words, expect where I do not.Bookmark here

Yes, the Republic is “Ireland” and yes, the East is technically “Japan”. Yes, it’s true all Irish people hate the British, but that’s only because we’re really like them. We’re basically red hair Tsudere(s) when you think about. Bookmark here

There are some Irish twanged jokes that you may not get, but I’ve always wondered what would happen if Ireland and Japanese Anime had a baby so let’s see how the chapters and the prose play out.Bookmark here

Oh, and, for the record, Scotland is over on the Big Island.Bookmark here

Is mise le meas,Bookmark here

Irish Robot.Bookmark here

This Novel Contains Mature Content

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