Chapter 8:

Chapter Six (Mikyu)

ヒドンライス (Hidden Lies)

Blowing a puff of smoke, the stillness of the night air was calming. This was all going as planned for Chizaki. It pissed me off, but I could not deny that I was impressed with her. When I came back to my hometown I was hoping to live out my life in peace, however, it seems the life of an idol would continue to creep up on me. Maybe this was my curse, maybe I was just meant to be an idol. Taking one last inhale of sweet nicotine, I put out the cigarette into the nearby ashtray. As I was about to head back inside I noticed a girl walking up the pathway. Even though it was pretty dark outside I could make out my own sister from yards away.
“You know, smoking causes cancer, right?”
“So does drinking water,” I replied.
My twin sister did not seem to change at all since I last saw her. She looked exactly like me apart from her hair that was naturally blond. While we both styled our hair with cute pigtails our dress styles were on completely different levels. She had a more Gothic-Lolita style with a simple black tee-shirt that was over top a long white sleeved tee-shirt. Her skirt, however, was the biggest thing that stood out. It was a black short frilly skirt with trimmed-lace and more chains and zippers then a skirt should have. Her outfit was complete with a pair of knee-high black and white stripped socks, and black combat boots.
“How have you been Mikku?” I asked opening the door.
That was the only remark she made as she stepped into the apartment, slowly untying and removing her boots once she got into the genkan. Without much left to say after her statement she proceeded to sit down on the floor sitting up against my couch. Mikku had some odd habits but her ability to have normal conversations was, to say the least, abominable.
“People mistook you for me I take it?”
That was the only guess I could come to. Seeing as how most fans of mine only knew about my older works, back when I still had blond hair. Only hardcore fans saw my last tour knew that my hair was dyed blue. It was meant to appeal to younger girls and as much as I did not want to do it… what choice did I have?
“Yeah, it bugs me that people are so convoluted and stupid that they cannot see that we are both clearly different.”
“That may not be far from the truth, but remember that not everyone has time to think about things as we do.”
She merely shrugged and looked around the room. I knew she was looking for any kind of computer. Mikku was always more in-tune with computers and technology than people.
“Back bedroom,” I said pointing to the door.
Like lightning she jumped up and headed for my bedroom. She was already on my Vrch Iinux desktop while I used my Scientific Iinux desktop. Apparently, there was something important she wanted to tell me. We would always talk to each other through our own custom built email server. The two of us found it easier to communicate through text then standard conversation. Of course, I later went on to learn how to communicate seeing as how idols had to know how to handle interviews and the like. However, I missed this… just typing out what was on my mind and being able to process the words on the screen. It was like a puzzle. Maybe it was not normal to do things like this but the two of us were not normal to begin with.
Within a few minutes Mikku sent me a message.
[So, mom is in the hospital again.]
[sigh I figured it was something like that.]
[How long will she be in there for?]
[A day or two, maybe?]
[Do you want to stay with me tonight?]
[Sure, free food is always nice.]
Before I could reply back my phone started to vibrate. It was Reira asking how I was doing.
So many emoticons…
“Who was that?”
“It was a friend from school. I invited her over.”
“Yes, I have friends, you know?”
“I was not aware that you had any?”
“I can tell you don’t have any friends.”
“Of course, because I do not need them.”
Mikku was always like that. She never liked dealing with people aside from mom and me. It was not that she was shy but more like… she would come off as brash and hostile. People generally do not like it, usually seeing it as being pretentious. It did not help that she would speak her mind, sometimes even to random strangers. Of course, after some time she stopped talking to people unless it was completely necessary. As I looked on my screen I noticed another message.
[What is your friend like?]
[Why do you wish to know?]
[It is good to know my enemy.]
Oh, right… Mikku was always protective of me. Growing up, the two of us were always protective of each other. Others would probably think we were in some relationship but the two of us never dated each other. Honestly, the two of us would have been fine with dating each other. It made logical sense to date someone that knew you well and that you could trust. Of course, most normal people would find it odd. However, neither of us wanted to date a carbon copy of ourselves. If I was to date someone I would probably date…
There was a knock at my door. Mikku followed behind me as I made my way to the door. Opening the door I figured it would be Reira, standing there with a smile, however, I was greeted by a young man in a plain white collared shirt and slacks with standard dress shoes. His black hair was trimmed nicely and clean shaved face giving him the appearance of about late twenties or so, maybe.
“Hello, I am Jin Bayaro from the Nakashiya Church of God—”
“Worshiping a fictional deity is for unintelligent, puerile people,” Mikku said quickly shutting the door.
Well… she was not wrong. Believing that a magic man in the sky watching over billions of people was no different than believing in fairies. It was childish but even still it was a bit mean of her to do that.
Oh well… now I have to deal with my sister’s non-stop whining about how useless religious people are.
This time it was Reira greeting me with a cute smile. She was dressed causal with a simple white tee-shirt and black shorts with a pink pair of sneakers.
“Hey sis, come out here.”
Mikku came out but stopped at the door frame. Her stare was fixed on Reira with and expressionless look almost like Chizaki.
(Wow, you two look exactly the same.)
After showing me what she wrote, Reira sat down on the couch while my sis made her way over to her. She jumped onto the couch hugging her knees to her chest and continued to stare deeply into Reira’s eyes. It was clear that Reira was confused as to what Mikku was doing. She looked at me as if to say, what is your sister doing?
“Don’t worry, Mikku is just really protective of me.”
Mikku continued to stare as if she was trying to suck out Reira’s soul.
“She seems okay,” she said as she got off the couch.
“That means she likes you.”
Mikku headed back into my bedroom without saying a word. I sat down next to Reira as I stared blankly at the wall. This day was stressful, to say the least. It seems that Reira picked up on it as she asked me what was wrong. All I could do was sigh. Even if I was famous in the idol world I never got used to it. Fans always wanting autographs, news and media interviews. It was always so stressful, and now this… starting a club that I did not want anything to do with. I suppose I could have just denied Chizaki but I guess I just could not stand the thought of a school closing just because I did not help out.
The problem with an idol club was trying to get a group of amateurs together and get them up to a level that was at least presentable for a crowd. Getting to that level in a little over a month or so was a lot of work. The only question was where would I find two more members? Before I got lost in my thoughts I felt a finger poking my arm. Reira was worried about me, it showed on her face.
“I am fine, it is just stressful.”
(Anything I can do to help?)
“No, its okay. I just need to figure out what to do with this idol club.”
(What exactly are you trying to figure out?)
“Well, we need two more members. Granted, I am pretty sure I could just form the club with just us two.”
(That could be fun.)
“You think doing anything with me is fun.”
With that one second of silence I realized what I had just said.
“…Wait, that sounded really dirty.”
She smiled coyly. I hope I was not blushing from that.
“Changing the subject, the goal of the idol club is to play at the school festival and attract students.”
(Why does that sound like a plot from an anime?)
“Because everything to you sounds like an anime?”
Reira gently pushed my arm as I just smiled. Time passed as the two of discussed what to do about this new idol club. However, the sad conclusion was… neither of us knew anyone that would be good candidates for the club.
(Don’t you have any friends?)
“I could ask the same of you.”
Maybe she thought that because I was an idol and looked cute that I would have many friends but the sad truth was I did not have friends like most people my age. Other idols pretended to be friends with me but that was about it. Idol groups were like rival street gangs. Only instead of battling for territory with guns and other weapons, it was more like fighting with dancing and cuteness. Still, a lot of idols did seem nice on the outside, however, it was just a fake mask they wore until the cameras were off. Part of me felt bad because I did not want Reira to throw away a dream simply due to the dark reality of it. I wanted her to be happy. She was my friend… my one and only true friend.
It was getting so late that the two of us forgot what time it was. Reira decided to grab me a koke from my fridge as she returned, however, she managed to trip. The end result was the two of us in a compromising position. Her face was buried into my chest as she was laying on top of me. Reira looked me in the eyes but it was clear that the two of us were beyond embarrassed. Part of me was afraid that memories would trigger, back to that dark day and send me into a state of shock. However, I seemed perfectly fine. With her it was different. I felt safe, relaxed, and calm… like nothing could hurt me. The way she was on top of me also made me feel some other pleasures. It was that feeling again. If Reira was to kiss me right now, what would I feel? As we stared into each other’s eyes time seemed to stand still until a sudden flash of light returned us to the real world.
Mikku stood there with a camera in her hand and an evil grin on her face.
“Now I wonder what your fans would say sis.”
Reira quickly got off and sat at the end of the couch with her face as red as a cherry.
“M-Mikku! I-It wasn—”
“Oh please, I know she tripped but it looked so romantic with her on top of you like that.”
“I-I said—”
“Relax, I do not care what you two do. Have sex for all I care… actually, do that. I can write a light novel about it and publish it under a cool pseudonym like Aria Kozuki.”
“G-Go away Mikku!”
She merely smiled as she walked back into my bedroom. What was she thinking? I looked over to Reira who was still blushing. Without speaking, Reira and I sat in silence for a few minutes.
“So… uh… it is getting late…”
“Just kiss already!” Mikku yelled from the bedroom.
Mikku was starting to actually annoy me. Why was she teasing me like this?
(Do you want to try it?)
I was at a loss for words. Kissing another girl was not strange or foreign to me but how would it feel if I kissed Reira? All I could do was nod as words could not express my thoughts at this point in time. Slowly, Reira moved her lips closely to mine.
Ten centimeters… eight centimeters… five centimeters…
My heart was starting to beat faster and faster until finally her lips locked with mine. A release of emotions surged through my body. I felt something that I did not feel with the last girl I kissed. This was a different feeling, the one people call love. Her lips were sweet as we continued to kiss. It seems she was enjoying this as much as I was. I could feel her fingers interlace with mine, however, before I realized anything she had pinned my arms down leaving me helpless on the couch. With her body straddling my hips and my arms pinned down, it was hard to squirm or move at all.
Her lips continued to press against mine as I closed my eyes. This was the most relaxed I had ever felt in years. My body sank into the couch as Reira continued to kiss me only this time I could feel her tongue slowly exploring the depths of my mouth. No doubt that if her tongue could speak it would cry over the years of cigarette smoke that filled the dark abyss of my mouth. She did not seem to care though as she continued to kiss me. Her mouth slowly explored down to the left side of my neck. I was forced to bite down on my lip to keep a sudden gasp from escaping. Part of me wanted to open my eyes but at the same time I was enjoying this too much to ruin it.
I was getting turned on from all of this. So much so that I was sure my panties were wet from the excitement.
Reira’s tongue against my bellybutton forced me to let out a soft moan. I sucked in my stomach for a split second but quickly relaxed as she continued. Her tongue was warm and felt so good against my skin as it explored around my bellybutton slowly. Wait! What if my sister walked in on us like this? Reira’s tongue went a bit lower forcing me to let out a somewhat loud moan. Shit, what if she heard that? Reira left me no time to think as I felt her hands slowly work their way up to my breast. Another sensitive area, one that would have caused me to let out an even louder moan had I not bitten down on my lip as hard as possible. It was shocking, my lip was somehow not bleeding from all this.
With my body overwhelmed with emotions and sexual pleasure, I needed to rest. I was not used to feeling so much pleasure in one hour. Reira seemed to notice as she got off of me. When I opened my eyes I noticed she was going down to my feet. Of course, she had her pleasures and desires too; who was I to deny her? Her fingers slowly traced the tops of my bare feet as she gently caressed my left foot in the palm of her hand. Feeling her tongue slowly run up the sole of my foot to my toes was somehow relaxing. It was like a massage.
“You know, I don’t think I would mind if you did that everyday.”
She smiled as her tongue explored between my toes. As she continued to explore with her tongue, a question formed in my mind… were the two of us considered a couple now? I mean, it did not matter if we were or not as I was no longer bound by the chains of being an idol and keeping up that image. However, it could have an effect on my reputation. How would the public react to Mikyu Haruna dating another girl?
“Hey, are you two done having sex now?” Mikku yelled from the other room.
Damn it Mikku…
Reira quickly let go of my foot and I tried to straighten out my clothes a bit just before Mikku walked into the room.
“I-I told you that—”
“Yeah… do not lie sis. The blushing on your face shows a lot. Oh, and it is 0130.”
Had it gotten that late? Reira told me she needed to get back home and sleep. I needed to sleep too as we still had school. After she left part of me felt sad as I was enjoying our time together. With her gone I turned to Mikku who had a big grin on her face.
“Do not even say a word.”
She just turned around with a sense of comfort knowing that I was a bit flustered after what happened. The two of us stepped into the bedroom as I sat down on my bed. Mikku turned off my computer and then proceeded to turn off the lights as I laid back on my bed. My sister slept next to me as I cuddled her to me. Even though we were sisters the two of us always slept in the same bed together. To most people, it was weird but for us it was nice. Sleeping alone gave a person time to think about things, sometimes these things were good, more often then not though it was something stressful or bad. I finally closed my eyes and tried to drift off to sleep.
“Hey sis?”
“Hm? What is it Mikku?”
“I think Rei-chan is the perfect girl for you.”
“W-Wait… where did that come from?”
“It was just an observation.”
“I told you…”
She was out like a light before I could finish my sentence. My sister was a hand full sometimes but she always meant well… usually. She was keen at observation. Maybe Reira and I were perfect for each other. Only time would tell.Bookmark here

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