Chapter 4:

Sensing Spiritual Qi Part 2

Legend Of Yuki: The Wrath Of The Tailed Asura

Yuki’s tail flopped up and down as she lay there on the ground. She could feel the earth around her. Everything was starting to become clearer as she took in all the sounds, and every motion and began to feel a new essence within the air. At first, it was only a little bit, but then gradually, Yuki could see white strands floating around her.

Even with her eyes closed, she could sense these white strands in the air. They were floating around her in abundance. They were even trying to enter her body, but because there seemed to be some kind of invisible barrier, they could not enter. It was not just white strands she could see but also some black strands. While not as many as the white strands, they still floated in the air silently.

“Is this spiritual qi?” Yuki thought to herself. She wondered what would happen if she tried to beckon them over, but she did not dare do so. Since there were two kinds floating around, she did not know which was which. As an ignorant person, it would not be smart for her to suddenly do this.

Yuki slowly opened her eyes to see that it was already dark. It was not strange for her to be out at night, even if she was only five, especially in her own yard. She slowly sat up to hear the door of her house open. She looked over to see her father walk outside with a small plate of food. He walked over to Yuki with a smile on his face and asked: “How was it?”

“I am not sure. I could see two different strands floating around me, white and black….” Yuki replied with pursed lips.

“So you were able to sense both, huh?” Akihito sighed. He noticed he had been doing that a lot lately. But this was because he felt bad for his daughter. She was truly a genius. To be able to go as far as to sense demonic qi was beyond his expectations. After closing his eyes and clenching his fists, he opened them again and said: “Never take in the black strands. The white strands are the ones you want as that is spiritual qi.”

Yuki nodded her head but still asked: “What are the black strands then?”

“They are….. They are what is called demonic qi. We do not cultivate in demonic arts. So ignore them.” Akihito did not wish to go into detail, and Yuki understood what demonic qi was from the novels she had read before. While it might be different since this was real life, she still preferred to think of it in this way. This way, it will always be a reminder to her….

“Then how do I take in the spiritual qi?” Yuki asked.

“Read more of the cultivation method, and you will see. The reason you have the sword technique is also to help with this. You see, when you first start cultivating, you have no way to directly take in spiritual qi since your meridians have not been opened yet. But if you are able to work your body to its limit and break through those limits, your meridians will start to crack open and will let spiritual qi seep into your body. So if you truly wish to cultivate, you will need to work very hard.” Akihito explained.

Yuki nodded her head and came to an understanding. She took the plate from her father and chatted with him while she ate. When she was done, she picked up the cultivation method and began reading it over. The next part actually explained all about the different kinds of spiritual qi’s in the air and what she should be looking for when she sensed it. She continued reading to understand what the first part of her cultivation would be like. And as her father said, it basically required her to really push her body to the limits and then break through those limits.

Seeing his daughter put down the cultivation method and then pick up her sword and stand up, Akihito couldn’t help but ask: “Do you not plan to sleep?”

Yuki shook her head. “Father, it says to push your body past its limits. If I really want to push my body to the limits, not sleeping and working on my sword technique is the best way. But do not worry, once I do this until I exhaust myself, I will sleep.”

“Alright. Father will also stay up with you and give you pointers.” Akihito smiled as he stood up as well. “Let me grab my sword.”

Yuki wanted to stop him because he had to wake up early and work, but before she could, he had already run into the house. Not long later, he came back out with a sword in his hand and a smile on his face. “Let’s get started!”

“But Father, you have work in the morning….” Yuki mumbled. Akihito only smiled and ruffled her hair. “If my five year old child can do it, so can I!”

Yuki had no words as she nodded her head and began reading the sword technique. “This…”

Akihito chuckled as he said: “Each copper rank sword technique will always have the basic sword swing as its introduction. This is to help build up strength and also to help push you past your limits, so you begin taking in some spiritual qi.”

Since her father had said so, Yuki could only bear with it. She also knew that she would not begin learning some crazy amazing technique at the beginning. After all, she also had no idea about anything concerning swords. Everything was new to her, but her determination to grow stronger was making her push forward. She did not want to be seen as weak but as firm and strong. Yuki put her sword technique on the ground and held her sword out in front of her. Her arms shook slightly since the sword was kind of heavy for her, but she held them firm and raised it above her head. With a loud shout, she slashed down with her sword. “Yah!”