Chapter 0:


Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

Three golden cylinders fell to the ground, causing a sound of metal hitting something hard. The man hit the ground after three seconds.

The little silver-haired girl blinked several times until she understood what had happened. Her crimson eyes reluctantly turned to the motionless body of her companion. He was dead.

The delinquent who until a moment ago had been shouting things like ‘let's kill this bitch’ and ‘shoot her!’ was dead…

“Haha! I told you, I told you”, the masked demon girl spoke in a sadistic tone.

Indeed, she warned: ‘Any damage you try to do to me will come back to you.’ The demon girl warned, but the reckless duo ignored the words and opened fire — the barrel of the M16A1 was still smoking.

Luminus' heart raced. The little girl turned her attention again to the masked demon girl. She gripped the black rifle tightly so as not to let her fear show. The child's body trembled.

“What, are you going to shoot? Didn't you see what just happened to your friend? Do you really want to die? A member of the Royal Family is sad because of the death of a human?”

It was annoying. She wouldn't shut her filthy mouth behind the black and white mask, that monster would have to die.

Even knowing what would happen, Luminus pointed her rifle at the demon girl. Would it die? It didn't matter, her rationality was gone the moment her partner died. All the little girl, affectionately called ‘loli’ by her partner, could think of at that moment was revenge.

The tears made it difficult to see, but she was close enough to shoot without having to aim. Of course, the demon wouldn't dodge either, she was standing still, as if challenging Luminus to shoot: ‘Will you have the courage?’, that was the impression her relaxed posture gave.


The consequences after the shot were obvious. There were two holes in the small body, however, the little girl showed a satisfied smile amidst the blood bubbles that emerged from the corner of her mouth. Only two shots hit Luminus, because the third shot from the semi-automatic rifle hit the demon's mask.

The arrogant creature probably made an expression of surprise under the mask. Because of its arrogance, it ended up with an almost five millimeter bullet lodged in its forehead.

The silver-haired little girl's body went to the ground. She fell next to the body of her friend. Ah, it was the end. The grass was wet, perhaps because she violently hit her head against the ground.

Luminus looked one last time at the sky tinged with red. An adventurer of Eragon's once spoke: ‘The sunset of the Demon Continent is the most beautiful of all!’ And he was right. Luminus wanted to enjoy the reddish sky, but a shadow stopped she. It was the masked demon girl again.

“How dare you die quietly while I suffer?”

The little girl remained silent, seeing, with her blurred vision, the mask tarnished by the rifle's bullet.

“You will not die like this!” The angry voice became sadistic again.

Luminus's eyes widened as she realized what had happened. The companion next to her was on fire.

“I’ll torture this dead body until I am satisfied, and you will die in horror, everyone wins, right?”

The little girl who had already given up on life tried to stand up again, but something plunged her body to the ground: the dagger that her companion carried in his waist, the demon had stolen from the lifeless body.


"That's it, be horrified! Remember who killed you and despair for eternity. Remember the name Azazel van…”

It was the end. For the second time, Luminus streix Astaroth died beside a loved one. The last words the demon girl spoke were almost all ignored, except one. She would engrave the name “Azazel van” on her soul and would only rest on the day she ended the life of this monster. It didn't matter anymore her mission as a member of the Royal Family. No matter how many thousands of years passed, one day she would surely avenge the death of her friend.