Chapter 3:


Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

“Lolicon Slayer? ”

“Yes! Pretty cool, isn't it?”

“If you say so…”

“So first we need to make you a little bit stronger to work as an adventurer... Abracadabra! [Body Improvement]!”

A greenish light enveloped Kurone's body — which trembled for the moment. The young man had the impression of becoming lighter.

“I-is that magic?!”

“Yep! The one I used now is a Holy Magic that can only be used by a god to improve the attributes of humans.”

“I'll be able to use magic too?” Kurone asked a little excitedly to Cecily, who was puffing out her voluptuous chest as she spoke.

Magic. Every man's dream after an interspecies harem — at least, that's how it was for the young man.

“Hmmm... perhaps the most basic of all, according to your information, you don't have much affinity with magic…”

“So how am I supposed to survive in this world, dammit?!”

Kurone shouted in a frustrated tone. The goddess who shattered his expectations.

“Oh yes! That's the best part!” Cecily jumped up from her throne and summoned a medium-sized chest in front of her. “You will take this! A weapon from your old world modified to use fire magic and mana for ammunition! Don't look like that. The good news is: you are a walking source of mana and compatible with fire magic!

What Cecily pulled out of the trunk was a black weapon twice the size of that small wooden box. An M16A2, a semi-automatic military rifle used by the army.

Kurone had this knowledge due to the time he spent drawing a manga — hentai — about war, but he had never even touched a real gun in his life, all he used as reference were images from the internet.

“Mana as ammunition? But what the ma'am... or rather, what do you mean by ‘walking mana source’? And you also mentioned ‘fire magic’, but I have little affinity with magic...

Ahh, how many questions! So, this will be a bonus I'll give you... Don't tell anyone, okay?” The goddess gave Kurone a wink and spun gracefully around the small room, making her translucent dress rise a little. The young man, who had now noticed her large body, blushed a little.

“[Advanced Fragment Shoukan]!”

A light, this time bluish, enveloped the entire small infinite hall. The intense light forced Kurone to close his eyes, or else he would get an unbearable headache. Even the fringe that covered his eyes could protect the young man from the brightness.

The intensity of the light gradually diminished and Kurone could open his eyes again.

“What were you thinking? I almost went blind!” Kurone shouted, still without fully regaining his vision, at the silhouette of Cecily that was probably in front of him.

“It's been ages since I've had a visitor, I have to show myself a little, don't you think? a-all the more so if it's a good-looking man.”

Cecily's voice trailed off as she blushed, the end, when she was red as a bell bell pepper, was almost inaudible.

“At least let me know next time... ”

The young man replied in a calmer tone, afraid of annoying Cecily — his future boss.

“Ah, you don't have to hold back, you can yell at me and curse me all you want, I'd rather do that than listen to the flattery of a kiss-ass.

‘Are you some kind of masochistic goddess?’

Now that he had recovered his vision completely, Kurone turned his attention to something standing next to the eccentric blond-haired goddess, or rather someone who had remained silent until now. A little girl was staring at Kurone without showing any expression.

The young man was stunned. The little girl next to Cecily resembled — very much — his sister, Raika, the oldest of the three, in so many ways that it was frightening.

One visible difference between them was that the little girl in front of her had long hite hair and glowing crimson-red eyes — no, for some reason, they did not glow.

The little girl's thin body was covered by a dark green shirt and long pants. Those clothes were very reminiscent of a military soldier.

“She will be your new companion from now on…” Cecily said, giving the order for the little girl to stay by Kurone's side.

“Why does a little girl go with me? And why does she look so much like my sister?”

“This ‘little girl’ is actually... Oh yes! A fragment of me. She may look weak, but she is stronger than any human you will ever meet, so don't try anything funny, okay?”

“Who's the lolicon slayer anyway?!”

“Yes, yes. Answering your second question, I did this so that you could have a souvenir from your previous world and also so that you could get along with it, since it has a familiar appearance.”

“No matter how I look at it, I still don't know how this little girl can help me?”

“A kind of pact! So you can share mana with each other. She can use this weapon in any way she wants until her mana runs out. Remember I told you that you are a ‘walking mana source’? So she has almost nothing, but in compensation, his new companion is compatible with all kinds of magic!”

“This means that…”

“You provide the mana and she takes care of the attack power, everybody wins, right?” Cecily explained as she handed the M16A2 to the little girl.

“By the way, I don't feel comfortable calling her ‘this little girl’, doesn't this little girl… oh, I mean… doesn't she have a name?

“Hmmmm… her name is... No! She doesn't have a name. You can give her a name if you want, I'm not that creative, hehe,” Cecily said with a smile, sticking out her tongue as she closed one of her eyes, pushing the responsibility to Kurone.

“Looks like I'll have to be responsible for you now... Yeah... Let's see... how about... Rory?” Kurone smiled at the girl he conveniently named ‘Rory’.

The little girl — Rory —, who until now had not uttered a single word or shown any expression, gave a smile. She opened her small mouth and spoke in a tone as cold as the temperature in the room.

“I hope you won't get in the way of my mission, you stupid dog.”

Rory narrowed her eyes at the young man, her familiar face made Kurone's heart race again, just as it had when he was brought to this room by Cecily.

“Okay, okay! Introductions made, are you ready to go?” Cecily, who was in the center of the room, caught the attention of the two who were staring at each other. “I will try to get in touch as soon as possible to send new instructions... How am I supposed to do that...? Ah, well, good luck to you!” Cecily extended her hand towards the young man and the inexpressive little girl with the military weapon at his side.

“Hey, you said something worrying!”

“I expect good news from you, great heroic lolicon slayer.”


A magic circle appeared below the pair's feet and an intense light caused their souls to disintegrate into the air of the room, becoming small glowing lights.

“I hope you make it this time, Luminus,” Ceicily said in a sad tone as they disappeared.