Chapter 4:

Demonic loli attack

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

A deserted green plain was filled with an intense bluish glow. Small particles of light began to cluster together, forming the slender body of a young man of twenty. Beside him, the small particles also formed the silhouette of a little girl almost half his size, with long hair and a childish body.

These were Kurone Nakano, a young Japanese man who ended up involved in a tragic accident, and his little companion, whom he conveniently named ‘Rory’.

Looking to the side, all that the newly-materialized Kurone could see was the green grass being swayed by the winds — or the small rabbit-like animals running around, fleeing from the strangers who had just arrived in this new world.

“So this is the other world?” the young man murmured, looking at the small animal that remained courageously where it was, devouring the green grass. When he noticed Kurone’s gaze, the pseudo-rabbit ran and disappeared into the taller grass.

“But where is civilization?” Kurone looked at his companion for an answer, but she remained silent, staring inexpressively at him with her crimson-red eyes.

“I haven't the faintest idea.”

“Ah, damn, we have barely started our mission, and we are already in trouble, that goddess could have transported us to a city…”

‘Although that would draw attention,’ Kurone cut off his own speech, thinking of the trouble he would be in.

‘Two strangers have appeared out of nowhere in the square.’

‘What are those strange clothes?’

‘Someone calls the authorities!’

Surely, those would be people's reactions to seeing a pair of strangers appearing out of nowhere in a square.

“That's it.” Rory, after exploring the plain with her eyes, pointed from where she was to a place that Kurone could not see from his position. “It's a kind of village…”

A little away from the plain was a huge wooden wall with sharp points, ready to defend the villagers from possible enemy attacks.

From above, you could see the quiet village behind the wall. One of the buildings in the village was quite extravagant and busy.

At that moment, a group of three adventurers, dressed in traditional RPG costumes, were leaving the village and heading for a nearby forest.

After the adventurers left, the wooden gate, which was on the ground, went up again, disconnecting that village from the rest of the plain, as a lake — apparently deep — surrounded the wall.

“Are we going to have trouble getting in there? Uh…? Hey, wait a minute!” the shout of Kurone made Rory, heading towards the village, stop and look back with a question mark on her face.

Kurone's clumsy feet made him roll off the top and into the foothills — his face bumped into the little girl's boots.

“Wasn't the plan to find civilization?” the delinquent loli asked, looking down at the ground, not showing the slightest intention of helping the young man up.

“You can't make the decisions alone! Pfft!” Kurone shouted as he shook the dust off his clothes and spat the grass out of his mouth.

“We shouldn't waste any time, so I thought the smart one should take the initiative.”

“You're very determined indeed.”

Kurone thought he said it in a tone of voice that only he could hear, but…

“That's right. I have to make up for the misfortune that one of us is not so intelligent and useful.” She stopped in front of the young man and answered the whisper.

“You also have super hearing!? How cheater are you!?” he shouted indignantly at his lack of skills.

“I am… the fragment of a goddess, surely I am stronger than any human in this world.” The little girl boasted again.

‘If you are as strong as you are arrogant, then we won't have a problem.’

Kurone thought, so that this time the little girl couldn't hear, but froze then as she stared at him, as if reading his thoughts.

“Why are you standing there staring at me? The village gate is in front of us,” the loli broke the silence, showing no sign of being able to read her companion's mind.

The wooden gate, which also served as a bridge, could logically only be opened from the inside, but at that moment, there was no one who could lower the gate.

This was a quiet village, and whoever was guarding the gate knew: no one would go there without prior warning. It was obvious.

“Hello!” Kurone shouted, hoping that someone would answer from the other side of the wooden gate. It was useless. “Wait a minute, what the hell are you going to do now?!”

“I'm going to destroy the gate, since no one heard us from the other side,” the little girl said as she drew her rifle, showing no hesitation in destroying the gate and being declared enemies by the locals.

“This way we'll end up dead!”

“YOU will end up dead. I'm not that weak, you stupid dog.”

Rory dodged Kurone, who was trying to snatch the rifle from her hands.

‘Where's the cute girl I thought she'd be? Even though she has the same face as my sister, that little girl is a demon!’

His attempt to try to disarm the loli was in vain.

He made a mistake in thinking that this little girl would be like his sister just by having the same face. This robed and arrogant delinquent was a true monster who showed no empathy or compassion for others — and that included Kurone himself as well.

A burst of bullets at intervals erupted the silence of the air with a ‘bam’.

A few accurate shots were enough to leave the large gate in a terrible state, the only things still keeping the gate standing were two thick chains on the other side.

“Damn, I forgot about the chains.”

Kurone, who had jumped to the ground at the moment of the shots, stepped away from Rory — the little girl was preparing to deliver the final blow to the great gate. The young man stood at a safe distance, to prevent the wooden gate from falling on his head, resulting in a ‘game over’ on his first day in another world.

It was useless to try to stop the demon. Now his priority was safety.