Chapter 5:

Interlude in the village

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

While Rory — on the outside — prepared to strike the coup de grâce at the village gate, the adventurers were getting drunk in broad daylight in the guild.

Other younger adventurers, meanwhile, were looking for some decent quests, so they could get some money to eat tonight.

“The quests are paying less and less every day... Ahhh,” commented a girl with a big pointed hat and witch's robes.

“Indeed... What will become of the adventurers of this village forgotten by the rest of the world...?” sighed the boy next to her: a blond-haired swordsman.

“L-look, how about we go and look for medicinal herbs…” suggested a shy little lady dressed as an archer.

“Ah crap! This again. I'm tired of collecting herbs, we've already done it three times this week!” protested the witch.

“My sword will rust if I don't find a mission soon that involves fighting monsters,” said the swordsman, staring at the short sword at his waist.

After a synchronized sigh, the three adventurers returned to staring at the guild's mission board.

Collect herbs. Clean Mr. Guu's bathroom. Bathe Lady Clarice's animals — the old woman was the one who needed a bath.

All missions were depressing and paid very little.

“We are under attack!” A man, dressed in knightly armor with a long sword around his waist, came panting into the guild, drawing the attention of all the adventurers present — except those who were already drunk. “I need the adventurers' help! We have no guards in the village, so I will pay well for the adventurers who are willing to help us!” he said in a single breath.

If there was still someone who did not pay attention to the guard at first, now he had at his disposal the attention of all the adventurers — and even the guild employees.

In a place where rascals and drunks make a living doing a few missions for the government, mentioning money is enough to have everyone's attention on you — especially thieves and mercenaries!