Chapter 9:

Chapter 7 (Reira)

ヒドンライス (Hidden Lies)

As I made my way home I smiled to myself at the events that took place between us. Everything went according to plan. I kissed Mikyu Haruna, and what’s even better is she seemed to be completely okay with it. There was no way this night could be better then it already was. After walking for a bit, I had finally made it to my apartment. Stepping inside I headed for the comfort of my bed once I was done changing into more comfortable clothes. Laying down I drifted off into a deep and happy sleep with my only hope being that the next day would be even better.
The next day I awoke feeling refreshed and quite happy. I was so over filled with joy that I managed to mess up my eyeliner a bit. Once I fixed it up — along with my hair which was pretty messy — I put on my school uniform and headed out to meet with Mikyu like always. She was somehow always early no matter how quickly I got ready. We greeted each other and made our way to school like always, however, she seemed a bit different. It was easy to tell by the look on her face that she was overjoyed as I was with what happened last night.
Part of me wanted to hold hands with her as we made our way past the school gate. Of course, I couldn’t do that… what would she think? Would she even like it? Maybe she would just pull away.
Both of us turned around at the overly cute voice coming from behind us.
“Damn, this is bad,” Mikyu whispered under her breath.
This girl clearly didn’t understand personal space. With her pink hair tied into two pigtails like Mikyu I wondered who this girl was. She couldn’t have been a fan as no one at school knew Mikyu’s real name.
“Tali would you kindly let go of me?” Mikyu asked.
She let go of Mikyu and stood there with a cute smile on here face. Looking at her, she was definitely an odd one. Pink eyes, with a pink hoodie and black super short skirt made her standout among, well, everyone. She was like a little ball of cuteness. I noticed that she was wearing a simple pair of pink flip-flops with perfectly trimmed and black painted toenails.
“So how are things Mikyu? Its been to long.”
Mikyu just sighed.
“Everything was fine until you announced to the whole school who I was.”
Tali looked shocked and sad.
“Oh no! I am sorry, please forgive.”
Tears suddenly formed from her eyes like a fountain. Mikyu merely told her it was fine before finally introducing me to the girl.
“Reira, this is my friend, Taiukyugamegumi Endo.”
“Yuppers! But you can just call me Tali,” she said striking a cute idol pose.
“The two of us were on tour once in the United Kingdom,” Mikyu said with a tone as if she regretted it.
“I had so much fun with you Mikyu. Our time there was so romantic.”
Mikyu looked away blushing slightly.
“Don’t say weird things like that Tali…”
Now I wondered what happened between the two of them. Did they kiss… or maybe they did other stuff with each other.
“Tali, I would love to stay and chat but we need to get inside for school.”
However, before we could go anywhere a large swarm of girls surrounded Mikyu and Tali.
“Like oh my gosh, are you really Mikyu? I am a huge fan!”
“Tali! I love you!”
Girls continued to gather around like a mob of angry villagers. I tried to make my way through the astronomical crowd but failed as girls continued pushing and shoving. Tali seemed pretty used to all the attention and looked quite at home. Mikyu on the other hand was a bit uneasy about all the attention, however she was able to fake it, fooling all the girls here, aside from me. Everyone seemed amazed that an idol like Mikyu was hiding at our school this whole time.
Even after the bell rung for homeroom to start, none of the students left. It wasn’t until the president and vice president showed up that some of the girls surrounding Mikyu and Tali dispersed. After looking over both Mikyu and Tali, Chizaki looked around at the now little crowd that remained. She had that same expressionless tone when she finally spoke.
“I believe it is time for everyone to head to their homeroom,” she said with a monotone voice. The rest of the girls made their way into the school building leaving Mikyu, Tali and me the only ones left outside.
“Mikyu, Reira, I would like to see both of you in the student council office presently, if you please.”
Her eyes then stared blankly into Tali’s eyes.
“You should leave, unless you have business here.”
Without much else to say Tali left. Chizaki and Emira were already making their way inside the school building. Mikyu just sighed and made her way inside while I followed behind her. The only question on my mind was what did Chizaki want with us.
Inside the student council room Chizaki paced back and forth. It was hard for me to tell if she was mad or upset. Emira was making a cup of tea as Mikyu and I stood there. Chizaki finally stopped and sat down at her desk. She looked as if she was thinking hard about something.
“I lied to you Mikyu.”
Mikyu had a confused look on her face. I did as well, what did Chizaki lie about?
“About what?”
“I lied about the school not having enough students. There was no need for you to start an idol club.”
Mikyu had a look of annoyance on her face. I was a bit shocked myself that Chizaki would lie about something like that too. She was the student council president, shouldn’t she up hold morals?
“Why would you lie about something like that?”
“Simple, I wanted you to open up and be your true self.”
Mikyu didn’t have anything to say as silence filled the room. Only the sound of Emira putting a cup of tea down in front of Chizaki was heard. She took a sip of her tea before speaking once more.
“Mikyu when you first came to apply for this school it was obvious that you were hiding something. Recall you asked my mom and I to hide your identity, which we did.”
“I remember…”
“Come in,” Chizaki said putting down her cup.
The door opened up and standing there was a shock for not only me but Mikyu and Chizaki as well. Tali stood there at the door. I noticed that she was barefoot so it was my lucky day, although I still wondered why she was here. Tali just had a large smile on her face.
“Why are you still here?” Chizaki asked.
Tali merely ran up to Mikyu and wrapped her arms around her.
“I just want to be with Mikyu. Hehe.”
Chizaki did not say another word. The only thing she did was open up her laptop and typed for a few seconds.
“What is your name?”
“Taiukyugamegumi Endo, but you can just call—”
“I do not care.”
Chizaki was pretty rude to cut her off like that but she continued typing.
“There. I have added you to the student body. You start tomorrow.”
Mikyu and I were both shocked by this. What was Chizaki thinking?
“Yay! I get to be with Mikyu!”
“You can’t be serious Chizaki,” Mikyu seemed completely against it.
“Kuroharu, won’t your mother be mad at you for adding a student without her approval?”
“If she never knows then it shall be fine.”
It was surprising that Chizaki was fine with completely breaking the rules like that. I wondered how Mikyu felt about this though…Bookmark here

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