Chapter 7:

Eccentric, exquisite and probably a pervert

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

‘How did it end up like that?’

“According to the laws governing this kingdom, a trespass on the property of the nobility is a serious crime. Since it is usually caused by monsters like orcs, they are killed immediately, but since the trespassers this time were foreign humans, you will be sent to the royal capital for trial.” The guard showed the book he had in hand to his companions.

Kurone stood in his cell in silence, wondering internally how he ended up being arrested on his first day in the other world. This was not how it happened in the manga and light novels he read!

‘It's all that idiot's fault.’

The angry look turned to the little silver-haired girl — who was fast asleep.

Rory fell to the ground without explanation, just as she was about to deliver the coup de grâce to the adventurers of the village. Taking advantage of her breach, they took her weapon and tied up both the little girl and Kurone, although it was useless to disarm her, because a few seconds later, the rifle dematerialized.

“And it's because she was being so arrogant.”

Kurone leaned his head against the cold wall of the cell and slowly closed his eyes. It never occurred to him to spend his first night in this world inside a cell, guarded by guards armed to the teeth and without a decent dinner.

Tiredness slowly took over his body. The cold of the cell forced him to use an old sheet on top of the bed, and in a few seconds the young man fell asleep — no wonder, after all, he had spent the day being tossed from one side to the other by his small companion of superhuman strength.

After closing his eyes, time passed absurdly fast. The first thing he saw when he opened his eyes again was a man with an unshaven beard staring him down.

“The nobleman responsible for this land has come to see you... Hey, you're listening to me, wake up!”

Irritated with Rory — who was fast asleep — the man swung his sword through the bars, producing an insurmountable sound.

“Hold still! What a nuisance to wake me up so early. Do you want to die?

The grumpy Rory woke up staring and cursing in a tone reminiscent of a foul-mouthed teenage delinquent.

“You're awake! I thought you were dead after that.”

“Hehe, a fall like that would never kill me.”

“How can you be so arrogant considering your situation?”

The pair's conversation totally ignored the presence of the man on the other side of the bars. The unbearable sound of the sword running through the bars drew Kurone and Rory's attention again.

“Come with me, Marquis Edward has come to see the famous invaders.” Seconds before opening the cell, the guard shivered at the bloodlust coming from the messy-haired loli. “Don't try anything funny, okay? All the guards who were off duty are already here!”

“A few more guards won't make any difference to me.” Rory made the guard more cautious with the two foreigners.

How much trouble could this little girl cause in such a short time?

The cell where the pair was held was underground, reserved for dangerous criminals.

There were no other prisoners in the other cells, or if there were, they could not be seen by them, since the torches on the wall only illuminated the narrow way out of the underground and not the inside of the cells.

“This place gives me the creeps.”

“Oh yeah,” the guard responded to Kurone's comment.

Ahead, the door to the exit was already open and another guard was waiting beside it.

“Marquis Edward is in your office, Mr. Orcus!”

“Good, I'll take the two delinquents there, keep up the good work.”

Unlike the underground corridor, the surface corridor of the prison was fully illuminated by sunlight coming through the windows.

One of the doors in the corridor, the left one, was opened by the guard — probably this was the door to the office that was mentioned by the fellow.

What awaited them inside was the silhouette of a tall man with long hair tied up in a braid.

The man standing there was the marquis mentioned by the guard — Edward something-something. The nobleman appeared to be about thirty years old, slim and with golden hair. He was dressed in elegant red and yellow clothes. He was a perfect nobleman that is often found in fantasy novels.

“S-Sir Edward, those two were the delinquents who tried to invade your land.” The guard, who until recently had spoken in a crude manner, politely presented the prisoners to the nobleman in front of him as he bowed.

The nobleman, Edward, didn't seem to pay much attention to the man's words, his attention was focused entirely on the duo who had invaded his lands, more precisely on Rory — also staring at him.

“It is an immense pleasure to meet the famous gentlemen invaders, my name is Edward Soul Za, may I ask what your names would be?”

“I-I am Kurone Nakano!”

“My name is Rory, just Rory.”

“I see... So, if you permit my intrusion, you are not related at all... Ah! Sorry for the indelicacy, it's just that you have certain similarities in your faces, so…”

Edward — who spoke in an exaggeratedly far-fetched manner — tried to explain the reason for his question, which was rebutted on the spot with a cold ‘NO’ from Rory and an angry look.

It wasn't the nobleman's fault for making this mess, after all, the similar faces were due to the fact that Rory has the same face as Kurone's sister.

It was a whim of the goddess for the young man not to forget his relatives and to stand firm in difficult times. But in contrast, Rory's personality was the extreme opposite of his gentle sister. This little girl next to Kurone was sadistic and had no empathy for others; a true white-haired demon.

“Forgive me if I'm rude, but why did your people invade my village?”

“Well, if you allow us to explain... actually…”

“Hah! I wanted to take this village for myself and turn it into my personal base. I also wanted to make the adventurers my slaves and use the guards to get news from the capital; these would also be useful to avoid any bureaucratic problems by providing false documents.”

Straight to the point!

Kurone tried to give an explanation to the nobleman's question, but his companion soon intervened.

Rory said, without showing any hesitation, that his intention was as horrible as possible.

There was a brief silence in the office until...

“Whaaaaaaaat?!” the three of them shouted, when they finally processed what the little girl had said.

Even Kurone himself had not expected this direct, precise and diabolical answer from his companion.

“Y-y-you... I-say, you must be very strong to have such an idea... right?”

The marquis was wiping the sweat drops coming down from his forehead as he tried to pull himself together. Even his exquisite accent was lost for a moment due to the shock.

“Of course I am, right now, if I wanted to, I would have killed all of you by now,” Rory said showing a grim expression.

“Argh!!!” Orcus shouted in astonishment, placing his hand at waist height, ready to wield his weapon at any false move by the little girl.

“You're not afraid either, missy. Know that if I wanted to, I would have had you both executed already.” Edward, with an ugly expression, tried to regain control of the conversation.

So far, the nobleman had remained calm, but it was inevitable that he would become upset when interacting with the delinquent loli.

“You can try,” the little girl responded without any hesitation to the nobleman's threat.

The office was silent again, and everyone looked at each other without saying a word — with a pained expression on their faces — except for Rory, who remained with his usual devilish calm.

This was a situation where they could end up being beheaded as soon as Edward lost his temper completely, and yet the little girl acted recklessly.

The marquis walked towards the office desk without saying a single word, leaned one of his hands on the table, and...

“HAHAHAHAHA! Hahahaha! AHHHH! Hahaha!” All air of nobility disappeared from Edward. The nobleman started laughing non-stop, holding the edge of the table with his right hand and hitting it with his left.

Kurone and Orcus looked puzzled at the nobleman, who had lost his composure and was bursting into tears from laughing so hard.

“It's been a long time... hahaha... I haven't met a person as bold as you... hahaha.... either you are very brave, or you have a screw loose... Hahaha.” He continued laughing while pointing at the little girl.

Upon realizing Rory's intention, Kurone covered her mouth so that she could not intone any spell to attack the marquis, who was laughing non-stop at her courage — or lack of sanity.

“Very well! Ahhh... Excuse me, I showed you a very shameful side for a moment. In consideration of you, I will welcome you with open arms as my guests in my humble mansion. I wish to talk a little more with you and ask questions…”

Despite saying ‘you’, Edward's full attention — which had resumed its elegant posture — was focused on Rory.

He was not to blame since, up to that moment, Kurone had remained mostly silent, showing nothing special about his personality as the little girl.

“I refuse,” Rory answered without a second thought.

‘Won't you shut the hell up?!’

For the third time, everyone was silent for a few minutes.

“You have no choice, if you refuse, I will have you executed right now on suspicion of being spies from another kingdom.” Although he was serious, this time the nobleman kept his voice soft and his eyes closed.

“Of course we will accept your proposal, Marquis Edward!” Kurone replied while again covering Rory's mouth, so that she wouldn't say anything that might irritate the nobleman. This time he decided that he would not let the girl say anything at all.

“I see that you are a sensible man, Mr. Nakano,” Edward said, closing his eyes and opening an elegant smile, looking as if he had everything under control.

Kurone smiled back, trying to hide his pained expression, as Rory kicked a delicate part of his body to get him to take his hand away from her mouth.

“Orcus, come with me.”

The marquis left the office accompanied by the guard.

Some papers had to be signed for the release of Kurone and Rory — they also had to sign. The pair ended up taking longer than expected, due to the lack of documents from that world and the fact that the young man could not read.

It was not easy to ask for the trial to be cancelled in the capital, and Rory's behavior made Edward lose his posture several times during the day.

“Ahhh... What a delay, it's almost night already.” Kurone enjoyed the sunset as he walked with Rory out of the prison. Almost a day passed during the time they were signing the endless piles of papers.

“That marquis Edward was looking at me in an obscene way. If he looks at me like that again, I will cut his head off.”

“Please don't do that or we'll be arrested again! Remember that he helped us with the documents.”

Knowing Rory, he was aware that she was certainly not joking about beheading the marquis.

A carriage in front of the prison awaited the pair.

‘With your permission, I'll go ahead to prepare the reception.’ These were Edward's last words. Even though he appeared to be someone nice, Kurone still had the impression that this carriage might lead them into some trap or throw them to die in some desert. It might just be paranoia, but for some reason, that marquis gave him the chills.