Chapter 1:

A villain needs no fancy name.

People hates me, so I became a loner

"Ewww... he's gross" I'm accustomed to hearing that phrase blurt out by girls.

"Yeah... he really is. hahaha" and that cringy laugh at the end? It made my ears tingle.

Girls, if you're so gross about myself or hated me, please don't spread such things, it's making me popular that I even got the title 'Mr. Gross'.

Oh no this is a bad memory. Past is past, never need to discuss.

"Spem, aren't you going to the party?" Tetri ask, my classmate.

"No, I'll just going to end up getting swallowed by the crowd. I'm also allergic to perfume. Bye." I answered curtly like I have prepared for this question, bought my bag and proceeded to walk out of my classroom, But...

"It's a requirement they say. Plus this one gives a higher grade" Tetri remarked.

"I'm accustomed to getting low grades my dear tetri; It's part of my daily school life." I turned to him and then I repeated, "Bye tetri. See you on monday".


As always as usual, I went straight to my favorite place, my home, but something changed my course. It's about 19:00 or so. I was walking up the bridge when my eyes caught this girl standing right at the edge with her naked feet. Beneath this bridge is a shallow ocean. If, hypothetically, she jumped off from here, she would've died from hypothermia and not because of the height.

One thing that intrigues me is that she dresses like one from my school, but I can't tell if she's anything beautiful or not.

A wave of wind passed by flying every single strand of her hair. It was more of like a fateful encounter you found in a romantic drama, but I'm a realist, I don't believe in such fate. Director, what line am I going to say next? I demand a caption!

Unfortunately, there was no pantsu shot.

'Is she going to commit suicide?' That was the thought that first came to my mind.

I stopped at her right and then declared myself, "Ahem! I'm not going to help you you know."

Slowly, she turned her head.

I saw a what it seems to be a very cold face that what would someone in despair for a long period of time would have, but then our eyes met, which rose our eyebrows in suprised. She even uttered a partial magic word from my tragic past.

"Mr. Gr-"


Then a second wave of air passed by losing her balance.

I was ready to catch her like one heck of a princess, but she just casually went down on her own, "Hmp".

Cursed you!

To my suprise, she climbed the edge again with her shaking feet and
this time, she spreads her arms like a bird getting freed and then slowly, while she's getting pulled down by gravity, I dash towards her at full speed and pulled her out off this predicament.

Then I muttered, "If you're going to die, please, pick a method where you die painlessly."

This may sound darker, but I shall proceed.

Commiting suicide is okay. Those who say it is not have not tasted the cruelty of this world. They are the ones who act cool by spouting what they thought is right. They didn't give it much a thought so they wouldn't understand why people commits suicide. From my knowledge, they do this to end their pain and suffering not life.

"Stop holding me! You pervert!" She pushed me in anger of trespassing to her private space as she tried to let go off my grip.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how a 3D girl react. Writers, please use this as an example.

To be honest, those words kind of hurted me. Alas, my poor dignity.

"Oh, (sorry). I'm Spem and you are?" I casually asked.



I was like a statue for a moment there and my brain was like: 'Error, Error. Spem.exe is not responding.'

My brain shutdowns for 3 seconds, took 5 seconds to complete a reboot and 2 seconds to grasp the situation.

"Ouch!!" Immediately, I feeled the hell in my face. Why? I should've been able to dodge that attack because I play osu!.

I was at a complete lost of thought about the feeling of the intense hell in my face that made me shed a tear. Never have cried for so long until this time.

But I remembered something I need to say.

"Ouch!, Anyway, your choice for how you die is painful. You could've picked neck dislocation, electrocution, IV injection or guillotine" I replied from her slap counting the methods on my finger.

"You seemed very knowledgeable about your stuff." She replied.

"Oh, (you can actually talk!), I'm actually an expert in this kind of thing" I replied bragging about it holding my best posture at hiding my tears.

"Spem, there's need to pity me. I'm going to head home" She replied with coldness in her voice while she averted my dead fish eyes and proceeded to walk from the path I came.

"And your naked feet?" I questioned.

"There's no need to pity me more..."

I did nothing and she did nothing.

We parted our way across and the solitary wolf came knowing no thing.
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