Chapter 9:

Sadistic maid

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

Kurone thought that the mattress in his room contained some kind of strange time-jumping power. The window at the end of the hall was lit by moonlight, and it also showed that some time had passed since Edgar had walked him to his room. ‘How long did I sleep for?’

The tired body succumbed to the comfort of the mattress and fell asleep the same instant it touched the expensive comforter. Not even Kurone himself realized the moment he closed his eyes and caught up on sleep. He was then awakened by the sound of someone knocking on the door in the middle of the night. ‘I'm still asleep and this is a dream?’

In front of the young man — groggy with sleep — stood the beautiful red-haired maid he had met earlier: Brain. All the girl was wearing was a white semitransparent sweater, making her look sexier than when Kurone first met her. Her hair was illuminated by the weak moonlight that came through the window at the end of the corridor, further enhancing her beauty.

Brain’s delicate hands held a tray with two cups. The contents were a hot, steaming liquid with a pleasant aroma, reminiscent of the black tea Kurone used to drink in Japanese cafeterias. At last, inevitably, Kurone's eyes met with his weak spot, and soon shifted and focused again on the red hair reflecting the moonlight.

The young man's weak spot had always been something quite intriguing. He had a thing for thick thighs, he always tried to avoid looking down while seeing a girl across the street, if his eyes met with those parts that excited him, it would be difficult to focus again on who was in front of him.

This tare diverted his attention from the world as much as ‘Accelerated Thinking Syndrome’. How many times did he get beaten up by Miss Kanade on hot days when she was wearing a short skirt?

“May I come in?” Brain asked confused, not realizing the young man's internal struggle trying to control his carnal desires.

‘Wrinkled old woman, sweaty fat man, saggy breasts.’ That was the mantra taught by the thick-thighed psychologist.

“Y-yes!” Kurone, after regaining his senses, shouted as he pulled the door open with full force and pointed to the interior of the room. Brain entered the room, looking around for something, until her attention was directed to the small brown wooden table, where she placed the tray with the steaming cups.

“It's a little warm, so we'll have to wait a moment.”


“Have I disturbed your sleep?”

“Of course not!”

“Are you really all right?” The maid tried to approach the young man to take his temperature, but he moved away. She tried to approach him again, and each approach caused Brain's voluptuous breasts to twist and bounce up and down, causing Kurone's face to become even redder.

“T-t-the tea! Let's drink it while it's hot!” he shouted as he walked towards the small table. It was an attempt to get away from the maid, a walking temptation.

“Do you like this room?” Brain asked, handing the cup to the young man with trembling hands. In his head, Kurone could hear his own heart beating and his face burning every second, this was common for a virgin who had lived in isolation for so many years and had never had a pretty girl in his room.

Kurone swallowed at once in an audible ‘glub’. He didn't even care about the temperature of the drink. That was a mistake, the hot tea seemed to tear at his throat, but the young man was strong and resisted the urge to spit it out — it would be rude of him, considering that it was probably Brain who prepared the tea.

“You drank it all at once!” the girl shouted in a worried tone, seeing Kurone suffering because of his reckless action.

“All right… Cof! Cof!… All right!” The young man sat up in bed to ease the pain that surged through his chest. The tea made sleep, with which he had fought bravely until a few minutes ago, return with all its strength. The boy couldn't keep his eyes open, it seemed that the tea had drained all his strength, like the comfortable mattress of the bed. “I don't feel good!” he grumbled, as he fell off the bed onto the carpet.

His consciousness faded. The last thing he saw was the pretty maid pouring the contents of her cup into one of the pots on the plant next to the bed.

‘I died again?’ he thought as he opened his eyes and saw nothing but pitch in front of him. All around, darkness reigned. ‘What idiot dies after swallowing hot tea?!’ Kurone laughed at his own incompetence, or at least tried to form a smile on his face, but something stopped him.

In his attempt to get whatever it was out of his mouth, he realized that he couldn't move his left arm — let alone his right arm. His feet were in the same situation, the only organs that obeyed were his eyeballs, but they were useless due to the lack of light.

Suddenly, a torch was lit. Another light, repeating the feat of his companion, also came on. Another one. Another… another… another… and so, as in a domino effect, the whole room lit up.

“Urghhhhhhh!” Kurone tried to scream, but the gag prevented him. The handcuffs attached by chains to the wooden chair limited his movements. Chains again… his last experience gave him a sense of how strong the steel of that world was — it would take a rifle and a delinquent loli to break them. “Urghhh!”

Someone was approaching, it was the silhouette of a slender young body, which as it took shape, proved to be the beauty he had the pleasure of having a hot cup of tea with.

“Urghhhhh!” He tried to struggle and scream for help from the girl dressed in a maid's uniform.

“Don't make a noise, it won't help, and you'll only end up hurting yourself,” said the girl, without showing any indication that she would help the chained young man.

“Ohhhh, so you're awake already. I'm glad that we can finally begin our interrogation.” Those far-fetched words and a calm tone could only belong to one person… who had just entered the room was none other than the host, the man who had offered Kurone a delicious dinner: the Marquis Edward Soul Za.

As Kurone realized what was happening, he laughed at his innocence. He should have been suspicious of Edward's courtesy, he welcomed two invaders into his mansion, gave them both food and a comfortable room, and asked no questions other than to ask where they came from. The nobleman accepted a story made up by Kurone without much question — this was strange to say the least.

The gagged mouth was released by the nobleman. Was the saliva-filled thing one of those ‘ball gags’ that masochists used?

“Don't scream,” Edward whispered a useless warning in the boy's ear.


“Ahhh… you are so stubborn. If you scream again, I will have to gag you.”

“Tsc!” With no other choice, Kurone decided to remain silent, hoping that his scream would have been enough to reach for his little companion. Of course, if she hadn't also been imprisoned in another room. ‘Impossible, Rory is strong.’ The young man decided to believe that the little girl would come to rescue him.

“It's useless, I think you yourself must have realized how comfortable the bed in the room is…” Edward spoke, as if reading the young man's thoughts.

‘How can they do that?’ Edward's speech caused Kurone's last flame of hope to go out. It was not his impression, that comfortable bed had some kind of drowsiness spell, no matter how hard he tried to resist, it was hard to wake up after lying in it.

If Rory also had the same tea, she certainly wouldn't wake up anymore that night. ‘Damn it!’ Kurone screamed internally, showing a hostile expression to the marquis and the maid on his side.

“Don't blame Brain for that, she just followed my orders, like a faithful servant fulfilling her contract.”

Silence. The boy closed his eyes.

“Now that you have calmed down, we can begin the interrogation!” although said in a calm tone, Edward's words sounded frightening in Kurone's mind, and what frightened him most was the object in the maid's hands.

‘Clap!’ A test whip made a deep hole in the wall.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” The young man's eyes widened as he saw the red-haired maid holding the black whip and smiling suspiciously. Surely, that was not going to be a peaceful interrogation.