Chapter 10:


Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

‘Debuff magic.’ This was the specialty of the Soul Za family next to illusion magic, the marquis specifically mastered the ‘drowsiness’ type spell.

There were a few conditions for this debuff, which caused extreme drowsiness, to work.

First: the target had to be somewhat or completely tired.

Second: the target had to be in close proximity to the user.

The spell could also be imbued on objects or food — such as the bed in Kurone and Rory's room and the tea that the young man had drunk.

This was the explanation Edward gave to the chained prisoner.

“Now that I have provided you with the relevant information, it is your turn… Tell me, Mr. Nakano, it was the Marquise Sophiette who sent you to invade my lands, wasn't it?”

The nobleman was questioning Kurone in the room illuminated by the flames of the torches. Kurone, in turn, looked confused at the marquis' incomprehensible question.

‘Sophiette.’ It was the first time he had heard that name, but Edward was sure that he had been sent by this person, who, judging by the name, was probably a rival noblewoman.

“I don't know…”

‘Clap!’ The black whip whizzed beside the young man's cheek, making a small crack in the wall behind the boy.

“Please don't lie,” Brain said with an angelic smile.

Were they all like this? Kurone was perplexed to realize how far away the gentle maid was. That whip was quite long, and apparently, this was not Brain's first time in an interrogation.

“Keep calm, Brain, we don't want to scare him…” the marquis scolded the servant girl's precision.

“Sorry, hihi, it's been a while since I've used this toy, I got a little excited and caused the marquis some trouble.”

The whip in the maid's hands, as well as the gag, were more like sex toys than a torture weapon!

“As you can see, Mr. Nakano, I won't be able to control my faithful servant girl for long, if you are not willing to tell the truth, I will unfortunately have to commission Brain to interrogate you in her own way.”

The expression ‘dug his own grave’ flashed through the young man's mind.

Cold sweat ran down his spine as he realized yet another mistake he had made. When he arrived at the mansion, and even when he was in the carriage, Kurone questioned all the employees. Of course, he only wanted to learn more about this world, however, this ended up raising suspicions.

A stranger questioning all the servants, but not even asking the marquis any relevant questions. Someone like this certainly had ulterior motives!

“If it was not that disgusting woman who hired you, then who was it? The Marquis Guller? I don't think so…”

“I'm serious, Edward! I don't know any of these people you are talking about! In fact, you were the first nobleman we met after we arrived in this world.”

The whip hissed beside the young man's face, making the hole in the wall deeper and deeper — and making Kurone shut up.

“‘First nobleman’? Mr. Nakano, if I'm not mistaken, you said that you and your kind companion were freelance adventurers who did missions for other nobles, right?” Edward asked, still in his unusually calm tone.

“So, if you lied about the attack on your village and about being self-employed, I can assume that, in fact, you have a secret you want to keep, and your goal from the beginning was to get to me, am I right?”

“But if it is true that you are a freelance adventurer, then nothing is stopping you from carrying out a mission for that damned Sophiette. She sent you to invade my lands with the aim of capturing me, right?”

Kurone now found himself in a dead end. His reasoning was hampered by his heartbeat, his trembling limbs were starting to go numb, and his throat was still bothered by the hot tea he drank too quickly.

Who the hell was this Sophiette that Edward twisted his face just by pronouncing her name?

“I'm getting impatient, Mr. Nakano, just tell me who hired you…” The marquis frowned, showing his irritation. At any moment, that serene face could disappear.

“Seriously, I don't know any Sophiette!”


“Ahhhhhhhhh!” The whip grazed his forehead. Just the tip was enough to make the blood flow.

“I am a nobleman who values the safety of my people and my land, so I will not let it pass that some foreigners have been sent with a mission to invade my lands.” Edward glared at Kurone. “This is your last chance, Mr. Nakano, tell me who sent you, and I will set you free. I swear I will pay the same amount he or she promised you.”

Kurone chose silence. He had no credibility whatsoever to ask people to trust his words when he claimed that he didn't know any other nobleman, because of the lie he had told at dinner.

At that point, claiming to have been reincarnated from modern Japan would only raise more suspicion and the marquis would probably think that this was another lie.

What would he do then?

He didn't know what would happen if he said he was sent by a nobleman to invade Edward's land. First of all, he didn't know the name of any nobleman in this world except for ‘Sophiette’ and ‘Guller’.

To say that he had been sent by ‘Sophiette’ could lead to even more trouble, both for him and for this person.

‘I am really at a dead end and now further and further away from my main goal…’

“I admire your devotion to your work, keeping your contractor anonymous... I am really sorry, Mr. Nakano…” Edward turned and went towards the door. “It's up to you, Brain.”


Brain licked her lips as she heard her master's words. Now, she could interrogate Kurone in her own way, and she certainly wouldn't be limited to just that frightening whip.

Kurone ignored the maid undressing and turned his attention to the whip in her hand. He was never fond of this kind of practice, in fact, he hated to feel pain. Despair took over his entire frail body as soon as he saw those drops of blood dripping from his forehead — and still dripping slowly.

‘Will I pass out at the first lash?’ He just wanted his consciousness to shut down before the intense torture session began, however, in addition to desperation, excitement also overwhelmed him.

‘But, if she is taking off her clothes it is because she is also going to use her body to get the truth out of me.’

‘How can I get so excited at times like these...?’

He was given no powerful abilities when he came to this world, the delinquent loli didn't like him, he was arrested on his first day, ‘drugged’ by sleep magic, and now he was in danger of arousing dubious fetishes regarding pain. What the hell kind of otherworldly adventure was this?


“I promise it will be fun~~” said Brain.