Chapter 11:

Rory's Divine Judgment

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

“Damn, I'm thirsty.” The little girl looked around the room for a glass of water to quench her thirst. “There isn't any here, and I don't want to have to leave this comfortable bed. Damn it! If only the stupid dog one were here.”

Rory threw the sheets up and got out of bed. Unlike Kurone, who was still wearing the same clothes as when he was run over, the maids who flattered Rory so much had given her a dress to sleep in.

The dress she wore — made at astonishing speed by the pair of maids — was a bit greenish and thin, reminiscent of those worn by hospital patients. Perfect for sleeping, but not for running, as it reached all the way to the floor.

“Where are those maids?”

“Damn. How can they call themselves good maids if they are not there when their master most needs their help?”

Reluctantly, the little girl left the room in search of a glass of water, not even bothering to put on her boots beside the bed.

“Water. Water. Water. Water,” she repeated as she walked down the vast, narrow corridor lit only by moonlight.

“Littlery, is that you?” A voice whispered from the other side of one of the doors in the corridor.

“Yes, I want some water.”

“W-what?! What about the thea you drank earlier?” the distressed voice shouted from the other side.

‘What an annoying voice, you have a cock stuck in your throat?’ thought Rory, clenching her eyes.

“That drug didn't serve to quench my thirst, you guys should fire whoever made that.”

“A-ahhhh! B-but I did it!” The door opened and a girl with tears in her eyes jumped into the hallway.

That was Elsie, the black-haired maid from the pair of maids who had so fawned over Rory.

“Oh, it's you, make yourself useful and get me a glass of water,” Rory ordered, pointing towards the end of the corridor.

“The kichen is the ocher way! There's only one window at the end of the hall!”

“Then why don't you throw yourself out of it? It's the least you can do after serving me that awful tea.”

As always, the loli's tone of voice was cold and indifferent, her face showed no facial expression whatsoever, and her words were sharp enough to cut the heart of the most sensitive.

“Pardon me for the thea, Littlery! I'm going to get a glash of water rich now and throw myself out the window!”

“Hey, hold on. First get me some water, and then jump out the window. And stop that annoying way of talking.”

Yesh… wait, I… I mean… I mean, you've had your tea, so why are you still awake?”

“If you want to make someone sleep, milk is the best option.”


Despite her confused expression at the word ‘milk’, Elsie was not understanding how Rory could be there. ‘Why is she still up even after drinking her tea, and how did she manage to get out of bed?’ As the maid reflected, Rory noticed her expression change, and she was sweating profusely.

“Hey, what…”

‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!’ The scream, coming from somewhere outside the mansion, interrupted Rory's sentence and startled the maid — she grabbed the little girl.

“Let go of me!” A strike with her open hand was enough to make Elsie let go and grab her own head, at the spot where she had been struck. “That was a scream from the stupid dog.”

Rory started walking, looking for her incompetent companion.

“Wait, Littlery! You must noth go!” Elsie tried to stop her, but the loli managed to dodge her embrace, causing her to fall hard to the ground.

“Get out of my way, annoying maid.” The childish feet stomped and left marks on the maid's face. The girl was treated like some kind of package thrown in the middle of the street.

Pleashe don't go!” Elsie held the little girl's delicate ankle.

“Let go of me.”

“I won't!”

“Let go or I'll kill you.”

“If you go, he'll arrest her too!”

Even though she was kicked several times in a row, the maid didn't let go of the delicate ankle. The little girl gave up trying to get Elsie to loosen her ankle and simply started walking, dragging the maid along.

‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!’ Another scream — shorter and louder than the last one — was enough to make Rory realize where her companion was.

“It must be in some kind of basement!”

“As expected of Littlory, so smarth!”

“Quiet!” A kick made the maid shut up again.

Rory saw something similar to a basement entrance when she arrived at the mansion, her photographic memory was very useful in these moments.

“This is a problem.”

Two maids and the butler, Edgar, were still awake, probably they were responsible for the security of the mansion during the night.

“You'd better go back to your room, Littlery! If you like, I can sleep wich you until morning…” The sudden ‘bam’ shut the maid up and did some damage. “Heh…? Ahhhhhhh!”

“I didn't hit any vital spots, they should be fine.”

Rory's accuracy was perfect. Within seconds, all the shots hit the legs and arms of the employees — now writhing in pain on the floor.

“It's that way.”

“That's it!” Even seeing what happened to her co-workers, the maid was still clinging to Rory's ankle….

“Argh!” She continued clinging as they walked down the stairs to the living room.

“Urgh!” She didn't let go, even when the little girl walked over the rough carpet at the entrance of the mansion.

“Ergh!” She stood firm as her dress was torn by the branches and stones in the garden.

“You are a very persistent worm.”

“Thank you!”

“It wasn't a compliment, so be quiet, pervert.”

The entrance to the basement was outside the mansion. There were two small doors, under a type of rose bush that grew stuck to the wall of the mansion. Sounds of whipping and screaming echoed from inside that basement.

“So this is it.”

Rory and the parasite clinging to her foot approached the old wooden doors, covered by the moss. There seemed to be no torches at the entrance, but a light radiated from inside.

“Argh!” Going down the stairs was another session of pain for Elsie, who remained clinging to Rory until the very end, all that protected her from feeling more pain was her breasts equipped with a sturdy brassiere — it was left on display after the thin dress ripped in the garden.

The basement floor was completely dirt. It resembled the style of torture rooms in old prisons. After the stairs was a wall with five iron doors. The useless young man was at one of them.

“I found you.”

The first room was a warehouse with some boxed fruits and vegetables.

The screaming and whipping sounds ceased soon after Rory entered the basement, this made the little girl's search more difficult.

“I found you?”

The second room was dark, but it didn't look like Kurone was imprisoned there.

The third had some suspicious boxes that exuded a strange odor.

The fourth was filled with an abundance of women's clothes, but they didn't seem to be the maids', considering the size that seemed to be the same as Rory's clothes.

Finally, she prepared to open the last door…

“That's the one for shure!! Cof! Cof…!” Elsie coughed up the excess dirt that had entered her throat through all the orifices in her face.

A pale blue light shrouded Rory, and the rifle materialized again in her hand. She should be prepared to face whoever kidnapped her companion. Incompetent or not, he was essential to the mission given by Cecily — and to her personal goals.

“I found you.”

What you found when you opened the door was…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” The scream this time was Elsie's, even though she had resisted everything up to that point. She let go of Rory's ankle and put her hands to her eyes.

“Am I in the way?” Rory said in her coldest tone yet.

In the room was Kurone…

Only in his underwear, suspended in the air, chained by his arms. On top of the young man's back was Brain — in leather underwear and the black whip. The maid paced back and forth, occasionally lashing the young man's bare back as he moaned — perhaps from pain or pleasure?

Below the two was a cluster of candles in which the flames almost touched Kurone's belly.

“R-Rory! Help me…”

‘Clap!’ The whiplash made Kurone interrupt his plea for help.


The delinquent loli closed the door and started walking hurriedly away, stopped in front of the stairs leading to the basement exit, and turned toward that door that stank of lust.

“Li-Littlery!” Elsie, her face still slightly flushed, called out to the little girl, who began to chant a spell.

The loli's eyes became brighter and brighter, lighting up the whole basement, her white hair began to float, and her lips moved to finish chanting her spell…

“[Divine Judgment].”

In the same instant, a flash illuminated the entire basement as a yellow sphere materialized in front of Rory. It expanded more and more, until it touched the ceiling.

The touch with the roof had the same effect as when a needle jabs a balloon. The energy from the sphere was released, and the whole basement exploded, taking part of the mansion's wall and some of the plants that were around it.

Along with the plants that were swept away by Rory's magic, the two half-naked people were also blown away, falling somewhere in the sea of bushes on the other side of the mansion.

The intense explosion could be observed even from Grain village, which was below the hill.