Chapter 12:


Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

The dusty kitchen was slowly being cleaned by the servants, among them were Edgar and the other two girls who were victims of Rory's nightly attack. It took almost four hours to heal all three, due to the effect of the rifle bullets, but it was no problem for Elsie — the maid specialized in healing magic was able to handle the job.

At the table, sitting across from the pair, was the marquis Edward Soul Za, with his usual eerily calm expression and a round pair of glasses, different from the square one he had worn the day before.

On the opposite side was the little girl responsible for dusting the whole kitchen, cracking some walls and hurting the servants, this only inside the mansion.

Outside, some masons were hired from the village, but for some reason, the messenger had not yet returned with them. All that was left where the basement used to be was a huge crater.

Next to Rory was one of the victims of both the marquis' interrogation and the little girl's fury: Kurone — with some bandages on his arms and neck.

Elsie's fatigue did not allow her to heal one more person after the three employees; in this world, lack of mana could lead to a person's death. To prevent this, the body was giving signs that it could no longer continue using magic — one of them was weakness.

Brain was also in the same situation as the young man, but with fewer bandages. Brain's body was more resistant, but even this resistant body was not unharmed by Rory's fury.

“So, Brain, what do you say? Are these two gentlemen spies?” the Marquis asked the maid next to him, and her answer would certainly decide the future of the pair.

“These two surely…”

“Mr. Edward!” A man came into the kitchen panting, sweat dripping down his fat, greasy face; the uniform and the face were very familiar to Kurone and Rory.

“Orcus, what's wrong?”

“W-we're under attack!” Orcus, the leader of the guard, shouted with a fearful expression on his face, and the next second collapsed to the ground.

Edgar tried to wake up the guard, but his first aid was in vain. Magic had no effect either.

“I can explain.”

Who entered the room was the coachwoman sent by Edward to recruit labor in the village.

“Amelia! Tell me, what's going on?”

“It's chaos outside! When I got halfway there, I met this man who was running desperately from the village…”

“What's going on?”

“The village is being attacked by orcs, Marquis!”

“No… not again…”

“The gate wasn't repaired in time. The orcs took advantage of the breach to attack the village.”

Orcs, mortal enemies of warrior girls and busty elves. Monsters who attacked women with the sole purpose of satiating their lust.

Kurone once had the opportunity to face one of these monsters, in a video game of course, and ended giving up the battle after his character was raped three times in a row by the orc. It was a traumatizing experience that made the young man give up the game and not even want to buy the sequel.


“We have to postpone our conversation, Mr. Nakano, as you can see, I'm in trouble at the moment…” Edward had an eerily calm tone for the situation.

The marquis left the kitchen, went up the stairs to the living room, and went towards his office. He spent approximately three minutes there, and then returned to the kitchen, where everyone was gathered.

The metallic sound resounded on the table, drawing Kurone and Rory's attention.

“100 gold coins,” the marquis pointed to the cloth bag on the table, “I give 100 gold coins for you and Miss Rory to help me eliminate these monsters.”

There was a minute of silence until Kurone took the bag of money and shook it, producing the sound of gold striking against another.

“We don't need your money!” The young man tossed the bag to the confused marquis.

“I want it, don't decide for me, you stupid dog.” Rory made an attempt to grab the bag.

“No, Rory. This attack is happening because of us, if we hadn't attacked the village gate, the orcs wouldn't have been able to invade.”

Even as he explained the situation, Rory did not feel the least bit guilty about her actions and intended to charge for her services. ‘Understand between the lines, dammit!’

This was a chance to clear his name and escape the suspicion of being a spy.

“This service will be an apology to the marquis!”

Rory stared at Kurone, who did not look away from her either, and in the end…

“Do what you want.”

‘At last you understand!’

Reluctantly, Rory agreed to the idea of not charging the marquis anything for the service.

“I am deeply grateful. I even feel bad for what I did to you that night. When you return, I will give you a proper apology,” Edward said shyly.

“Ahhh… No need!” Kurone replied, putting his hand on his head and massaging his hair.

Despite his fractures, he knew that the marquis only did all that to protect his people. He was even willing to pay the invaders to prevent other invaders from attacking the village. The nobleman was a responsible man, and would do anything to protect what was his — he resembled Kurone.

“If you've stopped flirting, let's get to the village,” Rory said in a cold tone, irritated by the fact that she was ignored even though she had an important role to play in the new mission.

Outside the mansion, the sun was punishing the earth early in the morning. The intense light made Kurone put his hands over his eyes so that he could see the garden. Employees came and went, back and forth, cleaning up the mess made by the little girl.

The carriage was ready for the pair to leave, but this time it was a larger carriage than the previous one. The latter had room for only four passengers, this one could comfortably seat up to eight.

“Why such a big carriage? It will take us even longer to reach the village.”

“Haha! You don't know anything at all, boy. The important thing is the coachman, not the carriage!” the coachwoman replied.

Who was in charge of transporting the two to the village was Amelia, the same coachwoman who brought them to the mansion — she was also the one who brought Orcus.

“We are in your care, Miss Amelia!” The red-haired maid, Brain, bowed to her co-worker.

Although Kurone did not condemn Edward's actions, he still felt chills at the sight or hearing of the sadistic maid's voice — which had put him through a rough patch for quite some time — even though Elsie had used the rest of her magic to heal him, he still felt the pain of the lashes on his back just looking at the girl.

“Don't worry, Amelia is the best coach in the whole kingdom.” Edgar, who suddenly appeared beside the young man, said, causing the girl to blush and hide her face in her abnormally large hat with a feather on top.

In addition to the hat, the coachwoman was wearing a blue uniform with gold cuff links. Her short brown hair and almost non-existent breasts gave her a masculine look. But one only had to look from the waist down — specifically at her thin waist and thick thighs — to discover her gender. That girl was the definition of the word ‘tomboy’.

‘Pointy shoes?’ Kurone stared at the blue shoes like the rest of the outfit — the thin beak that made a crease was quite peculiar. Kurone had seen shoes like those in a book once.

The sound of luggage being thrown into the carriage caught the young man's attention.

“By the way, why are you here?”

“Didn't the Marquis warn you? Let's help you, sir,” Edgar affirmed, putting his hand on his chest while Kurone looked sideways at the marquis, who was approaching.


“It may not look it, but we're very strong,” Edgar said in a modest tone.

“I want to have fun with an Orc…” Brain said panting as she contorted her body.

‘Usually the opposite happens,’ he thought to say, however, the maid soon pulled herself together and changed from an excited and panting expression to a maid with an angelic smile as she saw that everyone's eyes were on her.

‘So that's your true nature?’

“I am sorry, I would like to accompany them, but unfortunately I need to send a report to the capital. If the situation escalates, they will send us reinforcements,” said Edward.

“That won't be necessary.”

“That gun intrigues me…”

The arrogant loli spoke while materializing her trusty military rifle, which eventually caught the marquis' attention.

“Take off your eye…”

“So let's go for it!” The coachwoman interrupted Rory's possible rude response.

‘Clap!’ Amelia slapped the reins hard on the horses' loins and drove the carriage to the black barred gate, two maids had already left it open.

Kurone realized at that moment that his subconscious had been traumatized after the experience with the red-haired maid. The sound of the reins hitting the horses' backs made the recent memories he was trying to forget trigger again.

“Come on, you imbecile!” Rory pushed him into the carriage.

He needed to forget about it, maybe sitting by the window would help him…


But he ended up sitting next to Brain.

“Iaah!” The coachman dressed in men's clothes slapped the reins again and set the horses to run at full speed towards the village. The speed was influenced by the descent of the mountain, but there seemed to be something else influencing it, perhaps, some skill of the coachwoman?