Chapter 13:

Loli Ex Machina

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

‘Clack!’ The sickening sound resounded as the tip of the sword pierced the hard flesh. The daggers held went to the ground, next to his fat and greenish body.

The guard leaned on his long sword, using it as an aid to stand, but there was no respite. Even after defeating ten of those monsters, another orc, this time with a club, attacked him from behind.

‘Crash!’ The club wielded by the orc flew through the air along with his muscular arm. Blood splattered on the guard's face. He was saved by one of the adventurers — a young blond-haired swordsman.

“Tha-thank you!”

Without time to respond, the swordsman jumped toward two other orcs, approaching from the left. With each wave, it seemed that the monsters became bigger and stronger.

The young man broke the green monster's skull with the hilt of his short sword — producing a ‘crash’.

Propelling himself into the air, the swordsman used the belly of the orc that broke the skull as a springboard and jumped towards the second monster, tearing its belly apart. The flesh was not easy to pierce, but even the adventurer's capenary sword was enough.

‘How long is this going to last?’ the young man thought amidst gasping breaths. He wiped the blood from his sword in a grotesque manner. The time for rest lasted only a few seconds. Three more orcs appeared, chasing a little girl from the village.

“[Hell’s Flame]!” someone on the other side of the alley shouted, and in the same instant, the orcs chasing the little girl were reduced to nothing more than ashes — only their swords and a bit of their feet on the ground remained.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” the little girl screamed in fright at the scene. Her pursuers were burned to ashes, that was too much for a girl of apparently ten.

Looking to the side, the swordsman could see his companion approaching. She was a girl in a black cloak, a long dark dress, and a giant hat; typical witch attire.

“Be more careful, Ana! You could have hurt the girl!” the swordsman scolded his companion.


“Behind you!”

An arrow whizzed past the witch and hit the monster that was getting ready to attack.

The shot was accurate! The arrow hit the orc's forehead and went straight through, hitting the wall of what used to be a pharmacy.

The witch dodged the huge, collapsing body of the orc with one jump. If she stayed there, she would be crushed by the creature's corpse.

With a nod, the witch thanked her hooded companion on top of one of the houses. That archer had saved her from having her skull split open by a wooden club.

“I'll take the girl, cover me!” The swordsman, who had the girl in his arms, shouted as he ran through the wreckage in front of him.

“[Shield]!” A yellowish shield glowed on the young man's body.

The village became chaos. The attack started two hours ago. Not all the villagers were able to take refuge in the guild hall, and it was up to the adventurers to rescue these people.

The guards no longer had the strength to continue, there was only one way in and out of the village: the main gate — it served as a bridge across the lake that surrounded the village.

Luckily, the adventurers managed to find a gap so that the leader of the guards, Orcus, could cross the gate on horseback and go towards the marquis' house to ask for help.

“Where is the help?” One of the adventurers, who helped the guard escape, shouted.

Almost an hour has passed since then and no one has appeared to help them.

Another ten… fifteen… twenty… thirty minutes has passed by… and nothing.

With each passing minute, the monsters reduced the village to a pile of rubble, and the people became lifeless bodies. The fire spread, and buildings collapsed.

The adventurers and guards were already at their limits. The worn weapons could hardly cut through the hard flesh of the orcs any longer. The arrows were running out. Wizards, healers, sorcerers, and witches had used up all their mana.

“It was over! We're going to die, we're going to die, we're going to die, we're going to die, we're going to die…” the rogue screamed non-stop in despair, pulling at his hair and scratching his arms.

“Oh, great goddess, please have mercy on us.” The priestess held the golden medal, with a carved star, tightly as she said her prayers.

Some adventurers used the houses as strategic points, but three adventurers and a guard were actually using them as a hiding place. They didn't have the courage to face the orcs, they hid in the house as soon as the invasion began.

A rogue, a priestess, an archer and a guard. These were the cowards who watched the battle, inside a house in pieces.

The will to fight vanished for good when they saw the death of one of the residents in front of them — his body still lay in front of the house, his skull crushed.

“I can't stand it any longer!” the rogue shouted and ran towards the door.

“No!” The guard and the archer tried to stop him, but it was in vain. He lived up to his Class of Rogue. The thin body managed to dodge the other two and jumped toward the door.

With a leap, the adventurer jumped from the door to the ground, ran, over the body of the villager, and tried to go towards the village gate… But a ‘crack’ made him stop.

Everyone looked on in terror from inside the house at the scene of his companion being attacked.

When the rogue tried to enter an alley, a club received him with a direct hit to the skull. This was the orcs' style, to kill men with a direct hit to the head, a single, fatal attack.

“Blergh!” The priestess vomited when she saw her companion on the ground. His lean body, with a muscular abdomen exposed, was intact, except for his head — which had become red chunks of flesh scattered on the floor.

Trembling endlessly, the woman tried to hold on to the golden medal she was holding, but ended up dropping it on the wooden floor.

The sound of falling metal caught the attention of the orc with the bloody club.

“He saw us!” shouted the guard.

The priestess looked terrified at the monster approaching the house.

Quickly, the archer closed the window gap they were using to watch the outside and locked the door.

“Shhhhh!” The archer put his fingers to his lips, calling for silence from both of them. “Help me,” he whispered, as he dragged the table to the door.

With the help of the guard, they managed to reinforce the door, using some objects such as chairs, barrels and jugs.

While the two reinforced the door, the priestess remained on the floor. The sound of approaching footsteps completely paralyzed her. The monster was getting closer and closer.

The heavy footsteps passed beside the priestess, who was standing at the window. Each shrill step produced a boom as it touched the ground. The archer covered the woman's mouth so she wouldn't scream. The sounds of the orc's footsteps passed by the window and went toward the door.

Quickly, the archer drew his bow and loaded it with an arrow. The guard drew his sword from his waist. Each stood on one side of the door.

‘Boom!’ It was in vain the effort to reinforce the security of the house with tables. The orc destroyed everything in one attack.

Splinters flew through the air, some pieces of the wall were also thrown, and dust took over.

Without time for them to wipe their eyes, the monster attacked with his club, the archer had the advantage in this scenario using his ability to improve his vision. All the guard could do was run towards the priestess, open the window and jump out.

“W-Wait, he-he's still there!”

“He'll be fine!” the guard shouted, pulling the woman's arm.

This was the plan from the beginning. To carry the priestess, the only one who had no offensive power, to safety. They decided this the moment their companion was killed by the monster. They had no chance against the monster, but they wanted at least one of them to survive.

“Fuck!” cursed the guard.

They jumped out of the frying pan into the fire.

The house was surrounded by orcs. There was nowhere else to run. These monsters had a keen sense of smell for finding virgin women — their favorite prey were warriors, elves, and of course, priestesses.

With no option but to fight, the guard held tightly to his sword. Since they were surrounded, he would have to defend himself against the first one who decided to advance, but it would be a problem if they all advanced at once towards the priestess.

One of the orcs, holding an axe, advanced. The guard pulled the priestess to the side and defended himself against the axe. With a kick to the bulky belly, he managed to push the monster away.

Right behind him, another orc, a thinner one, attacked with a dagger and hit his armor, the guard brandished his sword and tried to cut the monster's hand, but the force was not enough — he only managed to make a small cut in the hard flesh.

“Urgh!” A club slammed into the guard's chest, crumpling all the metal and hurling him against the wall.

Inside the house, the archer was also beaten violently by the orc, but unlike the guard, he had no metal armor to protect him from the monstrous onslaughts.

“Ahhh!” the priestess shouted. Two salivating orcs tried to attack the young woman.

“Bastards!” the guard cursed as he tried to stand up.

Along with the swearing, drops of blood were falling from his mouth. His feet were trembling, but still he stood, swinging his sword again at the approaching monsters.

“I will send you to hell!!!”

But, seconds later, the guard was on the ground. He had managed to protect the priestess, but had taken many blows. All his armor was destroyed.

The archer, who miraculously managed to kill his opponent, was also on the ground, with no more strength to continue. This was the most that Rank E adventurers could manage. While others cut down monsters as if they were nothing, adventurers like them spent their days gathering herbs, carrying messages, and cleaning public buildings.

“It's over…” the three thought, accepting their defeat.

“Great goddess Cecily… please…” the priestess said her last prayer, seeking salvation from the deity she worshiped…

It was the end. Everything was over. Another wave was approaching. This time they would be killed for good. The one who would suffer most would be the priestess, the orcs would not kill this beautiful young woman without enjoying themselves first.

‘Bam!’ That was the sound of salvation.

The desperate prayers of the priestess were heard and a ‘Deus Ex Machina’ was approaching, or rather, a ‘Loli Ex Machina’.

The sounds ceased, and together, the lifeless bodies of the orcs fell one after the other.

The cavalry arrived. It was a carriage running at an absurd speed as it fired at the monsters.