Chapter 16:

Dark knight

Raifurori: My Legendary Weapon is a Loli With a Military Rifle!

The sound of trumpet blasts rang through the air, stealing the attention of even those most focused on the battle.

Near the guild building, two men in yellow on horses played their instruments incessantly. Behind them, four more approached — these with yellow flags, emblazoned with the same coat of arms that adorned their robes.

Still further behind, six soldiers in heavier armor approached holding spears, and at the end was a knight unlike any other. His armor, completely black, apparently weighed more than fifty kilos, but the muscular horse on which he was mounted was not even bothered.

The gaze of everyone in the guild turned to him — not only theirs, but also that of the five guards who were still alive on the battlefield.

Just one blow from the ‘wave boss’ was enough to eliminate half of the men. Kurone managed to survive the monster's onslaught thanks to his goddess-given body strength.

Amelia disappeared after the dust had settled and Rory was on top of the guild building, firing like a sniper, but her shots had no effect on the hard flesh of the boss.

The orc's attention, about to deliver the coup de grâce to the last guards, was also stolen by the sound of the trumpets.

The horses made way for the glorious knight in shining black armor. One of the men, from the ground, handed him a sword more than a meter long. In one leap, he got off his horse.

The dark knight held the sword as if it were nothing, and with heavy steps walked towards the monster that was watching him.

Even with the weight of his armor added to that of the sword, the man walked normally, as if he were wearing a single piece of summer clothing and holding a stick as a weapon.

The orc sniffled deeply through his runny nose, looked toward the approaching knight and at the terrified men on the ground. The monster decided to ignore the guards begging for their lives and headed towards his opponent — who he thought was more worthy.

The midday sunlight was beating down and glinting on his newly-polished armor. The knight stopped in front of the monster and pointed his huge sword. The orc did the same with his club.

Nobody dared to look away. The biggest battle to date was about to begin.

On one side, the dark knight, with his armor weighing more than fifty kilos and his one-meter long sword, with the objective of protecting the villagers in the guild building, and at the same time avenging the death of his companions.

On the other, the ‘boss’ of the wave. The giant orc with his bloody club, who took so many innocent lives. His goal? To kill the men and rape the women.

The whistling of the wind ceased. There was no other sound than the footsteps of the orcs several miles away. The silence was so great for a moment that one could hear the rapid heartbeat of both the villagers and the guards — or perhaps this was just Kurone's impression.

Without wasting any time, the orc advanced on the dark knight, beginning the decisive battle.